Abandoned Playground Escape Walkthrough


Abandoned Playground Escape is the new addition to the escape game franchise developed by Self Defiant. You wake up all alone in this abandoned playground, looking for hints and puzzles in order to find the magic key to open the door in order to escape it, can you find it?


  • Go to the roundabout toy area. Spin the roundabout toy. (A)
  • After spinning the roundabout, a shovel will appear, take it. (B)
  • Go to the sand playground area. Use the shovel to find a key inside the sand. (C)
  • Collect the key. (D)
  • Use the shovel again on the sand mountain to find a hammer inside it. (E)

  • Go to the green locker area. Click on that specific locker. (F)
  • Use the number 6472 in order. (G)
  • Collect the green marble. (H)
  • Use the key to unlock the ball cage. (I)
  • Collect the specific basketball. (J)
  • Go to the vending machine area. Click on the button. (K)
  • Collect the red marble. (L)

  • Throw the basketball into the hoop. (M)
  • Collect the purple marble. (N)
  • Click on the scope. (O)
  • In this hint we are going to be focusing on the number of sides in each shape. The square has 4 sides, the triangle has 3 sides and the pentagon has 5 sides. (P)
  • Go to the blue bicycle area. Click on the pedal. (Q)
  • The correct way of solving the puzzle while using the geometric shape hint: 534. (R)

  • Click on the wooden bench’s hint. (S)
  • Remember the number 3674. (T)
  • Click on the second wooden bench located in the roundabout toy area. Click on the green backpack. (U)
  • Use the number 3674 in order to open the backpack. (V)
  • Take the white marble. (W)
  • Use the hammer to remove the board located on the playground’s wooden tower. Click on the safe hidden inside the board. (X)

  • Places the marbles. (Y)
  • Flip the switch. (Z)
  • The safe is now opened, collect the golden key. (A1)
  • Unlock the door located in the sports drink vending machine with your golden key. (B1)
  • Escape the Abandoned Playground. (C1)

Final Verdict

Self Defiant created a pretty fun and challenging game. Abandoned Playground Escape tests your mental skills with its logical hints and item mechanics. The art style and the game mechanics are top notch. If you are looking for challenging and skillful point and click games, this game will not disappoint!





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