Enchanted Forest Escape Walkthrough


Enchanted Forest Escape is an escape point and click game created by Self Defiant. You are stuck inside this Enchanted Forest, what can you find and use in order to escape this forest?



  • The game will start on the bench location. Go to the worm location. (A)
  • Collect the golden egg hiding in the flower. (B)
  • Go to the flower location. The color of the flower shows a hint remember the order from 1 to 5.


  • Use the flower color hint to pick the gazing balls in order.
  • Collect the magic mushroom. (C)
  • Give the magic mushroom to the worm. (D)

  • After giving the mushroom to the worm, you can now go above to find new locations. Go to the house location and collect the shovel hiding on the tree. (E)
  • Go below again. Use the shovel to dig the wet dirt. (F)
  • Collect the key. (G)
  • Use the key to unlock the door in order to enter the house. (H)
  • Collect the ladders inside the house. (I)
  • Go to the next location. Place the ladder in the tree in order to reach the golden egg. Collect the egg. (J)

  • Go to the bench location. Remember the directions since they are a hint for the next puzzle we are going to solve.
  • Go to the picnic location once you went up and click on the bushes in order to find a chest hiding into them.
  • Click on the chest. (L)
  • Use the direction hint in order to find the correct way to solve the puzzle.  Collect the potion inside the chest. (M)
  • Click on the picnic table sheets. (N)

  • The colors on the 3×3 grid are a hint for the next puzzle. (O)
  • Go below again and get to the bench location again. Pour the potion into the tiny box to make it bigger. After that, click on the box. (P)
  • The correct way to solve the puzzle while using the 3×3 grid hint. (Q)
  • Take the lighter. (R)

  • Go to the picnic location. Use the lighter to lit the candle on the cake. Collect the last golden egg that was hiding the whole time in that cake. (S)
  • Now you have the 3 golden eggs, now give them to the troll in order to let you leave this forest. (T)
  • Leave the forest. (U)
  • Hooray! You escaped!

Final Verdict

Self Defiant really delivered on this one. The game has hints that are very logical which test the player’s mental skill, and that is a big positive for me. The art style is basic but pretty nice looking. The game forces you to be creative with your inventory in order to get to the next phase. If you are looking for a challenging and fun escape game, this game is definitely for you!






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