Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough


None other games require a lot of attention, sharp eyesight, and strong concentration other than Hidden Object Games. If you have all these things, then you are eligible to jump in and test your fortune while searching for hidden objects. As the name implies, Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game comes with a blend of Puzzle and Hidden Object game elements; offering you stunning graphics and engaging sound effects. Like other Puzzle games, it keeps the focus on letting you find hidden objects using the intuitive controls. In case you fail to find any object, then make use of hints to reveal where the item was strategically hidden.

Become a Pirate

Moreover, the game allows you to become a pirate. Embark on a journey for a treasure hunt and explore up to thirty exquisite worlds; each world has different environments to navigate for the completion of objectives. All levels and worlds are locked, except for the first one. Each world takes you to a new environment where you complete several levels by finding hidden objects to earn in-game coins. Although finding objects isn’t a piece of cake, you can use several helping tools to highlight where the object is to find. Though the game doesn’t feature a time limit, it won’t allow you to tap the screen randomly to find objects by chance. Therefore, we jump in to help you by introducing Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough Guide.

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Review

It seems the developer built the game keeping the difficulty in mind. Not even a single level can be achieved within one turn. So, you can imagine how it would be difficult for newbies. I love the music and the voice of the eagle which will play after a specific time when you are playing the game.

Moreover, the storyline revolves around the pirate who comes out to hunt treasure for himself and the crew. He needs your help to find hidden objects, and believe me finding objects isn’t an easy task especially when you’re familiar with the names of objects. Therefore, the Walkthrough of Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game was compiled to help you reveal all objects you need.

Graphics and Sounds

Without any doubt, developers worked hard on graphics and brought a masterpiece to your screen. The sound quality was great, and I love the voices of birds coming out from the device depending on the level you’re playing.

Furthermore, the game hasn’t limited levels to master. It comes with a wide range of worlds; each world contains two to five stages, and each stage requires you to collect up to 5 stars by playing the same level. You should keep in mind that playing the same level doesn’t mean the items you have to find will be the same. The game displays you the name 2nd time will be different compared to the first. Maybe a few items could be similar.

Earn Coins

The most important and primary currency of the game. Whenever you join the game, it will add 200 coins to your wallet. To increase the amount, you have to complete the level and link your Facebook account for 100 coins. Next to that, up to 50 coins will be detected upon using the hint feature. Although using the hint system may highlight the item, it depletes your wallet soon. Therefore, you don’t need to depend on the hint system. It would be good only when you are out of sense and didn’t figure out what to find next.

Daily Reward

Developers intend to take care of their users from every side. Therefore, they bring a feature of “Daily Reward” to the game; allowing you to claim daily rewards in form of coins to use whenever you need them.


The story follows Captain Flint, a pirate, who came to the tropical island to find the lost treasure and to steal it from other deadly pirates. The captain needs your help to find it and get rich.


The game doesn’t feature any modes, except for the word mode. The majority of players from all over the world are considered the word mode pretty tough; therefore, we jump in to help by offering Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough Guide. The game features too small objects that are tough to find; so, you can zoom in to see the scene. After finding the object, you can zoom out the scene to go back to the main page.

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough – World 1

The game has up to 12 words; each one brings a unique environment and different scenes to explore. Finding objects from each world isn’t easy, because it requires you to play the same scene two to three times if you perform well. Otherwise, you may have to play it 10 times. The completion of the stage may reward you with one to two stars if you find all said items without using hints and tapping randomly. Once you earn five stars from the first level, the next scene of world 1 will be unlocked to play. Keep in mind the next scene asks you to find as many objects as possible within 45 seconds. World 1 has two levels, such as:

  • Classic – It lets you find objects without any time pressure. You’re not allowed to tap randomly across the screen, if done your screen may be held for three seconds.
  • Time Attack – It comes with a time limit of 45 seconds that forces you to find hidden objects as much as you can to earn stars.

If you’re not familiar with the importance of stars, then let me confirm that you need stars to unlock other worlds. Upon collecting eight stars will unlock the 2nd world that comes with three levels. The great thing is that some levels come with a picture search, which means you need to find objects using their images. Therefore, keep playing and practicing to master all levels. Let’s start with level 1.


It seems the game takes you to an ancient cave where you discover dozens of objects. The game features a list containing words of objects you intend to search for to complete the level. Although finding objects isn’t easy, because it brings strange words that you may haven’t heard before. Therefore, we jump in to help you reveal challenging objects that are strategically hidden so no one can find them easily. Keep in mind to unlock the next level of World 1, you have to collect at least three stars by playing the first level. To unlock world 2, you must work hard to collect 8 stars.

  • Click on the table in your right hand and collect a dart arrow right below the cigar
  • Light-green colored crystals are shining above the egg nearby the dragon
  • If you are searching for a megaphone, then you should search below the donuts available above a massive egg continuously moving.
  • The game will ask you to find a Lamp that is available on the table near the green-colored magical bottle
  • A clock is hanging on the wall above the wheel
  • The trumpet is available behind the owl
  • Your next object is a donut available below the egg in a small cupboard
  • Are you familiar with the word Sabre? It is a sword laid close to the drum.
  • Next to that, you have to find Bracelet which is laid close to the donuts.
  • Your next objective is to find a “Can” that is available nearby a skull, which in itself is an object to find.
  • Visit the table to find a sock coming out of a drawer.
  • Exploring the table will take you close to a lamp kept above it.
  • Did you know about Wax Seal? Yeah, it’s a red-colored object sticky with the drawer.
  • The game asks you to find a wig available in the same place from where you collected Wax Seal and socks.
  • A pickaxe is available on stairs
  • You can easily find the steering wheel available next to the egg.
  • If you are confused with the word shackles, then let me confirm that the game is asking about finding the handcuff.

Time Attack

Once you collected three stars, the next scene will unlock to play. It is known as Time Attack and will put you under time pressure to find as many objects as possible. Within a limit of 45s, you should grab more items to collect stars. The more stars you have, the more worlds will unlock. Like the 2nd world requires up to 8 stars to be unlocked, and it in itself contains three levels of different settings. Therefore, we suggest you not to use hints and take too much time to find a single object.

Note: The game rewards you with a multiplier if you find an object before the bar gets depleted.

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough – World 2

As you know that game has 12 different worlds and each world promises to provide you challenging gameplay in a different environment. You may not go beyond the limits upon lacking detective skills. Therefore, we suggest you hone your Hidden Object and Puzzle-solving skills before jumping into the game. Although the game has introduced the tutorial level, it is insufficient to complete high levels. Let’s navigate the 2nd world to find different objects listed below on your screen. Unlike the first world, the game features three different levels to explore, such as:

  • Classic
  • Picture Search
  • Time Attack

Classic – The game takes you to a unique environment set in between two ancient buildings. It features dozens of objects and brings bundles of items. Within a mess, finding the targeted objects could be a headache. Therefore, go deep thoroughly in the Walkthrough of Treasure Island Game to find solutions to all problems.

Picture Search – It could be somehow pretty simple than the Word mode. The game intends to bring images of hidden objects, instead of their names. Therefore, it makes the gameplay a bit easier than average for you to discover the picture and start finding an object from untidy things.

Time Attack – The third level works following the footsteps of the previous levels found in world 1. You have limited time to find as many objects as possible, and it will reward you with stars to unlock other worlds.

Classic Level

Keep your focus on earning points and stars, because you need both to achieve your target. Be the world’s best detective, although you can’t use detective tools – but using the hint system may help you find the given object easily. Start finding objects following the image given below.

  • Firstly, the game will ask you to find a Lifebuoy that is hanging on the left wall near the cupboard
  • Secondly, find a chessboard kept above the cupboard at your left-hand side
  • Thirdly, the torchlight is hanging nearby the tree
  • If you’re looking for a tentacle, then you should search for it within the ship crack.
  • Tomahawk is available near the leopard sitting above the stairs.
  • The button is available behind the cupboard
  • To find a thread, you must head to the cupboard once again.
  • Bowling pin is laid close to the necklace hanging with the ship flagstick.
  • You can find a shovel near the skeleton and the key is also there.
  • Pineapple is placed above the box behind the lantern-type object
  • You can find the back above the skeleton near the cupboard
  • You can see the scarf between steps of the ladder
  • Crab is having fun nearby the open part of the ship
  • The diving helmet is in the bucket at your left-hand side
  • Gear is in the cupboard where you have collected a button and thread.

Note: Keep in mind that all available items are hidden objects, and the game can ask you to find anything. Therefore, we highlighted all objects with the image possible the game asks you to find.

Picture Level

After heading to Picture Level, you come to know that the game features images instead of words. Therefore, you should remember the image and start finding the targeted object from a mess. The scene is the same as the first level of world 2, but the game is displaying your images rather than their names. So, you have a chance to find objects easily to earn more stars and use them to unlock other words. During the game, you can earn stars and points six-time fasters by finding objects within the time limit or before the bard ends.

Time Attack Level

You may find the Time Attack level in each world, and it puts your hidden object skills to test and see how much you are master in solving puzzles. Similar to the previous stages, you’re supposed to find objects within a limited time. As the time ends, the game will stop and show you the result according to your performance. If you perform well during the duration, then the game will reward you with points and stars; otherwise, you won’t be rewarded with anything.

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough – World 3

Each level starts with a tip that could be helpful if you read. The next world takes you to a kitchen where you find dozens of wine drums and many other objects. Hone your hidden object skills to start discovering the hidden items for in-game rewards. If you run out of hints, then you can watch video ads to earn up to 100 coins that reward you with 2 hints. Using each hint will detect 50 coins; therefore, you should use coins carefully, because if you aren’t connected to the Internet, then coins won’t be rewarded to you, except for the daily bonus. Similar to the previous two words, it comes with three levels; except for the two, the third level is different. Their names are the following:

  • Classic
  • Silhouettes
  • Time Attack

Although each level takes place in the same scene, the game features the same objects to let you find hidden items, but the list game offers may be different.

Classic Level

The level is difficult compared to the previous two worlds. It seems developers have created the world keeping the difficulty in mind; therefore, the level contains lots of mess and small hidden objects which are difficult to find. The game suggests you pinch with your finger to zoom in and detect the small items to advance. Follow the steps mentioned in Treasure Island Walkthrough to unlock other worlds.

  • Your first item may be a brush to find, and it is available nearby the buffalo.
  • The game features a table amidst the room containing lots of stuff, including a fish bait on aside.
  • In case you are searching circular saw, then we suggest you search out the roof where you discover the item you are looking for to complete the list.
  • Binoculars are available on the round table nearby sweets.
  • You don’t need to search thoroughly in the scene for onion, because it is available at the bottom of your screen near the ice cube.
  • Finding a cat may be a problem for you because the developer has set it in an unexpected place. See toward the roof to find a window where you find a cat sitting in it.
  • Did you see the jar and medicine? The game has three shelves fixed on the wall above the table. You can find the jar on the first shelf, while the medicine is available on the 2nd.
  • Explore the environment to find the wicker basket. Visit the table once again and head to the place nearby the red grapes where you find a wicker basket.
  • The trophy and ring are available on the cups available at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you are searching for an ice cube, then you should visit the place around the cups.
  • Feather is also available at the bottom of the screen on your right-hand side.
  • The clock is laid above the drums, where you can also grab a disc if the game asks you to collect.
  • A toolbox is available under the table, while the grapes are on the table.
  • Don’t miss to collect a key hidden beautifully in the handle of the cup on your left side.
  • There’s a stand holding a hood for you to collect.
  • Rat is moving above the shield near the buffalo which is itself an object to find.
  • Bow and arrow are available nearby the paper bag.

You can find accordion at the end of the drums, and the game features a baseball glove below the buffalo.


Finding objects in time will boost your points and stars as well. The game features a new level, known as Silhouettes, but keeps the environment the same as the previous levels. At this level, you have to find objects by watching their shadowy images. Items and the environment are almost the same, but the hidden objects may be different to give you a unique gameplay experience. All images that will display in the bar are colorless, which means you see now the image shadows and guess what kind of object it will be by making an idea.

  • The first image you see on the bar is of buffalo and the 2nd image is of glasses
  • The third image is about a trampoline and the fourth image is of a hood hanging on the stand
  • Next images are the following such as cat, gun, and jar.
  • Move ahead and try to find the magical lamp, cap, and lighter.
  • Paper bags and cards will also available in the list you have to complete by finding objects.

Time Attack Level

In only 45 seconds you have to complete the level for one or two stars. The number of stars depends on the time and speed you use to complete the scene. Seriously, Time Attack mode is one of the best ways to earn in-game coins, points, and up to 5 stars. The game won’t change the list and any objects; everything will remain the same as you found in the previous level. The thing that changes is time. Now, you have to complete the scene within a time limit of 45 seconds. As time runs out, the game will stop and takes you to a leaderboard where you discover how better you have performed.

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Walkthrough – World 4

The game chooses the kitchen set for the next scene. Upon getting into the scene, you will discover a mess as you found in the previous setting. Your ultimate goal is the same as the previous levels related to finding hidden objects in exchange for scores and points. Your performance and timing do matter; therefore, you should find all objects in time to earn max stars within a single play. Using each hint will detect fifty coins from your wallet, and to add coins you have to complete levels to watch video ads. Don’t be confused whenever finding items, because it’s fun to play and won’t make you frustrated.

Developers tried their best to make the environment realistic. Although graphics don’t seem too much closer to real life, the continuously moving objects make you realize a bit of reality. Moreover, the kitchen has a lot of stuff spread across the floor, on shelves, and around the machine. Herbs are hanging with a rope, the same thing is happening with garlic. Therefore, you should need sharp eyesight to catch these objects whenever you start finding objects. Make your focus on the screen and pinch with your two fingers to zoom in and detect the small object. The 4th world has four different levels as the following:

  • Classic
  • Scrambled Words
  • Time Attack
  • And more

We start with the classic level and then move to the next stages to see what they are offering.

Classic Level

As the level starts, you find yourself standing in a mess. Untie items and objects spread across the scene to make you puzzle. Avoid being confused, play confidently, and start finding objects to earn points. For more points, you can watch ads. The game doesn’t feature any freemium model, it has an only free mode. The requirement of unlocking high worlds will be increased as you cross level 4. You should keep in mind that earning stars isn’t a cup of tea. You are supposed to play all available levels to earn stars. Each level can only reward you with five stars. The fifth world needs 50 stars to be unlocked. Therefore, you should master all levels to keep playing the game.

  • At the start, you have to find a belt tied with the pipe of the oven above the bread
  • Your next object to search for is garlic. You should watch on the roof where only three things are hanging, such as herbs, garlic, and a chain.
  • Have you seen a meat grinder? It’s like a machine that butcher and other people use to blend the meat. On your right-hand side, there’s a shelf where both chef’s cap and the meat grinder are available.
  • Tap on the shelf available at your left side holding a magnifying glass behind the book.
  • If you are looking for a tray, then you should see on the right side of the bread kept in the oven.
  • Explore the floor to search for the duck available near the oven
  • The game adds the name of the book in the list to find. You already know the location where the book is available. If you forgot, then visit the shelf of your left hand where you have collected a magnifying glass.
  • Only a chef could understand the importance of a frying pan. Become the best detective and search the environment to find a frying pan available on the floor next to the elephant.
  • Are you feeling hungry? The game brings a piece of cake laid close to the oven.
  • After finding the cake, the game may ask you to search for a pistol hanging out near the window.
  • The waffle maker is also available on the floor.
  • You can find the towel from the oven and the game hides the fish piece near the floor on the oven tray.
  • There’s a pot on the stove, and the elephant is available behind it.
  • The game may ask you to search for the chef’s cap available on the right top corner of the screen
  • A hangover is available near the door and the game keeps lemons near the tub.
  • Herbs and boiled meat are hanging on the roof, and at the same place, you can discover a saw.
  • You can find the jug on the oven, and behind it, there’s a brush.
  • Red-colored gloves are hanging on the rope near the windows on your left side
  • The most important object to find is a domino. The game will ask you to find the said object, and because of its dark color – you may confuse where it is. Search a table at the bottom of your screen holding a domino.

After finding all objects timely, the game rewards you with in-game points and stars that you can use to unlock additional content. The setting seems real, and this is because all objects are in motion continuously. You may be surprised to learn about the 2nd mode of the game, as it puzzles your mind and ready to give you a tough time.

Scrambled Words

Almost the setting is the same, and the game retains the same list of objects to find. The game isn’t intended to ask you to find all hidden objects at once, because there are many items. Therefore, it brings a list of up to 10 to 15 items, the rest of the items will be asked next time when you come. Why Scrambled Words level is challenging in Treasure Island?

The reason for its difficulty is misspelled words. Firstly, your goal is to understand and correctly spell the word and then struggle to find the hidden object. Therefore, this game mode is difficult than others. Completing the level in time will reward your stars, if you cross the set without completing the list of hidden object items, then have a chance of earning a star considered almost gone.

Treasure Island Hidden Object Mystery Game Guide – Tips and Tricks

Treasure Island Hidden Object is one of the most challenging video games released for mobile devices. The game isn’t designed for those players who considered playing puzzle-solving games a headache. Before jump into the game, you should make sure twice you have sharp eyesight, a strong brain to focus on the scene, and the best puzzle-solving skills. When playing the game, you will improve your skills in solving puzzles.

The majority of players are searching for the easiest ways to overcome all challenging levels. Firstly, you should keep in mind that there’s no shortcut, hack, or mod available to download and overcome levels. Therefore, we bring you the best Treasure Island Guide to learn how to master all levels.

How to Earn Stars?

Currently, the game has 12 different worlds, and each one has specific levels to complete. Each level in itself needs to play more than two times to collect 5-star. Collecting five stars is compulsory because leaving stars in previous levels won’t open up the door to the next world. Therefore, you should be master in classic levels, and take advantages of Time Attack Stages. The said levels may prove plus points for the best players.

Complete Levels

As mentioned above, the game has 12 worlds. Each one has its unique requirement to let you in and play its levels. Similarly, each world comes with unique modes that may give you a tough time or calm down the difficulty level for a while. Therefore, you should make your focus on making stars by earning points. Whenever you complete a level in the classic mode, the game leaves you points and once you achieve the milestone of targeted points, they turn into a star. The next world won’t open until you complete its requirements. So, keep mastering all previous levels until you complete the requirements.

Play Classic Levels Several Times

We suggest you play the classic level as many times as possible. It will help you reveal the locations of each object. In short, the classic level may introduce each object to you after completing the same level 4 to 5 times. Following the said method also helps you overcome the next upcoming modes like Picture and Time Attack.

Earn Points and Stars

You should keep in mind that the number of points and stars depends on your performance. The better you perform, the better you earn. Your performance is the key to success and all doors of other worlds. Therefore, keep making stars to unlock advanced stages where finding objects won’t be an easy task for anyone.

Why you need coins?

Similar to points and stars, coins are also a vital part of the game. It features a hint system that runs with the help you coins. In case you need help and don’t have coins in your wallet, then the game won’t let you use the system. So, at that time, you should watch video ads to earn 100 coins and use them to purchase hints. Using hints will highlight the object and draw a circle around it to let you know where the object exactly is.


Treasure Island takes you on a wonderful journey to hunt treasure. As the game starts, you find yourself standing on a fictional island that spans 12 different environments. I like the story game features and the way it puts you in the role of a pirate who embarks on an adventure to find the lost forgotten treasure. Over the course, you confront difficulties and find solutions to overcome each one. The graphics are great, and developers take you a step closer to reality. During the game, you can change the music and sound settings whenever you want by merely visiting the setting options. Overall experience with Treasure Islands Hidden Object Mystery Game was great.

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