Hotel of Mask: Escape Room Game Day 3 Walkthrough

Hotel of Mash Escape Room Game Walkthrough Guide – Day 3

Wake up and turn on the lamp; you would be surprised to see that the door is closed with three lockers this time. The game replaces the cupboard with a sofa holding a yellow cloth. You must remove the cloth to discover a mini-game and start to play. Completing the game may grant you a key that you can use to unlock the first lock.

  • Head to the table and collect a needle from the first drawer.
  • There is a bucket near the table that you need to slide to reveal a painting.
  • Click on the first locker to discover the words and keep them in mind to open a briefcase kept on the table.
  • Interact with the briefcase and complete the words by adding missing letters.

  • Near the briefcase, head to the wall where you must solve a puzzle by completing the painting of a key torn into several random pieces.
  • Collect the key and add it to your inventory.
  • Insert the needle into the first locker and play a mini-game to open it. Bring all moving items to red signs and open them.
  • Use the key to open the third door and escape your bedroom.

Leaving the room may once again start the discussion with a joker holding a baseball bat. He will give you two options whether to choose “Otherwise, What will happen” or “I Know.” I suggest you go with the 2nd option and continue the discussion.

Enter Room 004

Once the discussion ends, you must get into room 004, and the debate will start between you and the man sitting at the table. Keep talking with the man may unlock an achievement. Tap on the stack of gold coins near the plant to discover a badge.

  • Tap on the cupboard behind the man to collect the Radio Adjustment Diagram and Wooden Handle.
  • Now, you must tap on the plant and use the wooden handle to cover the hole. Below the Gold Tree, it seems like a slot machine. Adjust all reels to gold coin and tap on the button available on the right side.
  • Next to that, bring the wooden handle out from the tree and adjust it to the machine that now works like a slot machine handle. Pull the handle to start the game and see what it shows.
  • Collect all copper coins and head to the table. Place all coins strategically to unlock the secret box holding a key for you to grab.
  • Collect the key and move to the next room 005.

Enter Room 005

Use the key to unlock the door and get into it. It seems like you are in any mechanical room where a man welcomes you. As the discussion starts, you come to know that the person has trapped over here for three days because he can’t find the key. At the end of the chat, he gives you a blank tape.

  • It would help if you moved back to Room 002, where a tape recorder is kept on the fridge.
  • Insert the blank audio cassette into the recorder and tune the setting to play it.
  • You have collected a paper already available in your inventory. But rotate the button to bring the needles to the following numbers: (Red: 30, Blue: 90, Yellow: 60). After that, you must collect the content tape and add it to your inventory.

Enter Room 004

Get into room 004 and keep the tape on the weight machine. Your goal is to balance both sides of the weight machine, but it seems the old cassette doesn’t have enough weight; therefore, move to the tree and set the $ sign on all three reels. Hit the handle and collect USD cash. Leave the room and get into room 005.

Enter Room 005

Here, interact with an NPC sitting over there to buy an Unlocker using USD. Bring the unlocker to Room 004 and try to bypass the locker. After unlocking the vault, collect a book from inside it.

  • Hit the cupboard inside the locker and place the badge there to open the cupboard. It will reveal a Golden Fire Tongs.

Enter Room 002

After leaving room 005, you should move back to room 002. Go close to the fireplace and use Golden Fire Tongs to collect a photo nearby it.

Enter Room 004

Bring the photo with you to room 004 and keep it on the weight machine, along with a book you collected from the locker.

Move to Room 005

Get into Room 005 to discuss with the man who has been trapped over there for three days. He gives you a diode at the end of the chat that you must take to Room 004. Insert the diode to the clock and hit the “Right” option as it appears on your screen to collect a Badge.

Go to the bedroom and sleep. 

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