Hidden Escape Lost Temple Walkthrough


Hidden Escape Lost Temple (also known as Hidden Escape: Temple Mystery and Escape Room Games) is a Puzzle and Single-player Adventure video game. The plot revolves around two characters Liam and Le who embark on an epic adventure to find Scepter. If you are one of those players who are a crazy fan of Adventure, Puzzle, and Mysteries video games, then Hidden Escape Lost Temple is designed for you. Like other Hidden Object games, your goal is to find objects and add them to your inventory to use later, then struggle to solve a mystery using your detective skills. If you don’t love finding hidden objects, but love to see what will happen next with characters in the plot, then we are here to help you with our Hidden Escape: Temple Mystery Walkthrough.

As I told you above, the game is a perfect blend of Puzzle, Mystery, and Adventure, taking place in a lost temple where you may discover lots of deadly locations. Solving tricky puzzles is your primary goal when navigating stunningly illustrated backgrounds. During the game, you are responsible for searching and finding hidden objects, clues to solve mysteries and escape the room. A cast of two characters awaits you as they need your help to find a gem. A well-written storyline may keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Therefore, embark on a journey to quench your thirst for mysteries and suspense.

A Sealed Temple

You are going to explore a temple that is sealed with magic, but fortunately, the male character has a crude map and a key to enter the temple. When both characters are navigating the scenes, you must help them find hidden objects and defend the scepter from falling into evil’s hands. There are over 120 inventories to gather and the game features spectacular graphics. Hidden Object: Temple Mystery and Escape Game Rooms are available free to play on Android, but you need an internet connection to play the game.

Moreover, the game introduces up to 6 playable levels; each one is full of mysteries and hidden objects that you must collect to unlock the next one. Besides, the most prominent features are the following: Unique Storyline, Adventure Journey, Six Unique Puzzles, Intuitive Mini-games, Daily Rewards, Hint System, Thrilling puzzles to Solve, and more.

Hint System

Like many other Hidden object games, Hidden Escape Lost Temple features a hint system that helps you whenever you feel difficult to find any hidden object. You can’t use the hint system if you don’t have any stars (in-game currency). Each hint will cost you three stars and once you run out of stars, you have to watch video ads to earn. Furthermore, the completion of objectives will leave you stars in your vault.

Besides, you need an internet connection to play the game because without the internet, you can’t jump into action. The conversation between both characters is fruitful as they will let you know how to complete puzzles. The in-detail graphics and thrilling soundtrack won’t get you bored. Lots of mini-games are featured to play; each one has unique requirements that you must complete to go ahead.


Hidden Escape Lost Temple comes with six unique levels; each one is set in a different location. As I mentioned above that the plot revolves around two characters who reveal the forest evil but are now stuck in a jungle and need your help not only to come out, also to find a gem. You have a chance to go wild with your puzzle-solving skills when finding hidden objects for both characters.

  1. Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 1
  2. Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 2
  3. Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 3
  4. Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 4
  5. Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 5
  6. Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapter 6


Hidden Escape Lost Temple requires you to be a detective to complete all of its challenging chapters. The game introduces fabulous graphics and it comes with a well-written plot that keeps you engaged until its end. Furthermore, the soundtrack is thrilling and suits the environment. We will keep updating the article with upcoming new Hidden Escape Lost Temple Chapters. You can’t replay the previous levels, though you have an option to reset your game progress. The introduction of the hint system is great, but using one hint will cost you up to three stars. The ways to earn stars are either to watch ads or claim daily rewards continuously.

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