Hidden Escape: Lost Temple Level 6 Walkthrough


In the previous walkthrough, our heroes escaped the boat successfully after completing a variety of challenging mini-games. Repairing the machine wasn’t an easy task; similarly, finding an oar was also difficult. So far, our heroes didn’t find Sceptre, but they are confident to find it soon. The only thing both heroes need is your help and detective skills.

So, hone your detective skills and jump into the game to help out characters finding the ancient item to save the world. Dr. Knight won’t give the Scepter easily to anyone; therefore, you should think out of the box and overcome all challenges and hurdles. If you get stuck anywhere during the gameplay, read our Hidden Escape: Lost Temple Level 6 Walkthrough to get help.

Hidden Escape: Lost Temple Level 6 Walkthrough

The last chapter of Hidden Escape: Lost Temple takes place in the Temple where the first level was set. Both characters were surprised after reaching there and knows that the Scepter surely would be here. Similar to previous levels, the game starts with a discussion happening between both heroes who are talking about Scepter and the way how to get it back.

As you enter the Temple, you find Dr. Knight dead and a bag kept nearby him. Both characters assume that the bag may contain Sceptre, but not fully sure because the bag is locked. Follow our Hidden Escape: Lost Temple Level 6 Walkthrough Guide to get help and find all solutions.

  • Firstly, you have to click on the bag and unlock it by merely solving a puzzle using 2 and 3 digit combinations. Once you unlock the bag, the Scepter will be yours.

  • Once again, tap on the bag to discover a roll containing a message.
  • On the left side of the Dr. Knight remain, you may discover two tiles with the following images of Crocodile and Scorpion. Keep both images in mind and select the Scepter from the inventory.
  • Place the Scepter amidst the platform wherefrom the light is coming out.
  • Next to that, the game displays a tile having several images. Tap all images in a sequence to open the secret passageway.

  • Before going through the passageway, collect an unlit lantern from the stairs and add it to your inventory.

Come Out from the Temple

  • Tap on the left side to get out from the temple, choose the lantern, and hit amidst the area to discover bugs.
  • Try to catch all bugs by merely dragging the lantern across the screen and bring it back to your inventory with all bugs.

Go into the Temple

Select the lantern once again and go into the basement where you may discover a fountain and other items on its left side.

  • Below the fountain, the game hides ancient patterns drawn using a white chalk and your ultimate objective is to solve the puzzle three times following three different images.

First Puzzle

Second Puzzle

Third Puzzle

  • Once you solve all three puzzles, an empty pot appears on the same spot that you must collect and add to your inventory.
  • Use the pot to fill the water from the fountain and add it back to the inventory.
  • Pour the water on the axe kept in the dirt on the left side and collect it from there.
  • Select the axe from the inventory and use it to break a small portion of the wall next to the exit door.

  • Investigate the tile from the place you destroyed and go back to the fountain to cut the bushes using the axe.
  • After that, click on the puzzle placed between two heads of snakes and try to play a Tetris-type mini-game with the objective of complete the screen and open a door to escape the basement.

A Secret Cave

Both characters are stuck and finding a way back to their home. The objective isn’t easy as it seems; therefore, you must unravel your detective skills to solve all puzzles or read our Walkthrough Guide to get help.

  • On the right wall, there is a mini-game that upon getting tapped may zoom in to be get solved.

  • Here your goal is to bring the same color of tiles together in a stack and collect the Shape Puzzle Pieces.

  • Now, tap on statues and try to correct them by replacing their parts.
  • After completing the statue puzzle, you may receive a Middle Circular Dial that upon tapping may add to your inventory.
  • Before leaving the area, don’t forget to watch two tiles kept on the floor.

Go back to Basement

After collecting a Middle Circular Dial, you should go back to the Basement where you have found a fountain.

  • On the exit door, place the dial and keep the Shape Puzzle Pieces on the platform amidst the room.
  • Tap the platform and try to solve a puzzle by moving and setting pieces.

  • Soon, a trapdoor to a new area opens to let you go inside and you find yourself in a trouble from where coming out is a bit difficult.

  • When playing a mini-game from a top-down viewpoint, your ultimate goal is to move across the map to interact with the platform and hit them to make a way to the scroll. The game features three different puzzles; each one requires you the completion of objectives.

  • Come out from the maze-like environment after collecting three scrolls and interact with the dial you have placed amidst the door.
  • Now, you have to discover six tiles with different animals drawn on them. The first two tiles are available near Dr. Knight, the next two tiles are available on the right side of the door in the basement, while the last two tiles are available on the floor in the secret cave.
  • Your ultimate goal is to head to the door and set the images of animals following the tiles to open the door and escape the Temple.

  • Go through the door might lead you to a strange place where you may discover six different platforms where three different scrolls are missing.

  • Select the scrolls from your inventory and keep them there, along with the Scepter amidst the platform.
  • After that, set the buttons following the images on the platform to do a massive blast.

  • Soon, you will find yourself trapped in a turn-based battle dragging you against three powerful snakes. The scenario seems like any other fighting game where two characters with health bars standing against each other.

  • The game shows you a few patterns that you must tap accurately after keeping them in mind to attack snakes and deplete their health to zero to win.

The Final Chapter of Hidden Escape: Lost Temple has been completed.

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