Hidden Escape Lost Temple Level 1 Walkthrough


Hidden Escape Lost Temple seems easy to play, but hard to master. It comes with a beautiful blend of Adventure, Puzzle, and Hidden Object game elements, offering you thrilling gameplay to enjoy. Similar to other Hidden Object games, you explore the environment from a first-person viewpoint, and to collect an object you have to tap it first. On the right side, the game features an inventory where items will be added automatically as you find them. Your goal isn’t only to search hidden objects, utilizing them to solve a puzzle is also a part of your job; therefore, we are here with Hidden Escape Lost Temple Level 1 Walkthrough.

Hidden Escape Lost Temple Walkthrough – Level 1

At the start, the game features a tutorial to make players understand how the game works. The plot begins with Leela who is surprised after knowing that the Shadows of the Forest is real. Your first goal is to help both characters reach the Lost Temple of Sheshnaag, a land of ruins where the availability of the Scepter is a myth.

  • At the very start, the game asks you itself to collect the stones by highlighting them with a hand.
  • In the second step, collect some leaves from the left side of the statue. After that, you must get the unlit torch from the statue’s hand.
  • Now, tap on leaves from your inventory and keep them on the tray and bring a few stones to make fire.
  • Click on the torch from the inventory and light it up using the fire.
  • Select the lit torch once again to set fire on bushes available on the left side of the scene to discover a mini-game.
  • Click on the golden section and start to play a mini-game where your goal is to set the pieces in a way that blue liquid connects with only blue ruby and do the same with the red one.

  • Soon a secret door will open to take you to a new environment.


After escape the first scene, both characters are considering that they have fallen into a rabbit hole. The game offers you a beautiful scene where on the left side some stairs are available while amidst the scene beautiful waterfalls are available. If you are confused and don’t know how to complete Hidden Escape Lost Temple Level 1, then here is a guide for you.

  • Click on the stairs to discover a temple. Click on the temple’s stairs and select the lit torch from the inventory to set fire on eight pillars.
  • After the start, start tapping on the steps to reveal the footprints to get into the temple.

Old Temple

After finding footprints, the game takes you into the old temple where you discover four different rooms that are designed to worship pagan kings of fire, water, earth, and light.

First Room

  • Click on the first room to get into it for finding hidden objects and a way how to solve tricky puzzles; meanwhile, struggle to fend off evil from getting a holy stone.

  • Collect a pot piece from near the pool and add it to your inventory.
  • Behind the fountain, there is another pot piece that you must get for the completion of a puzzle.

  • Near the statue’s foot, a third pot piece is available to collect, while the fourth piece lies on the right side forth the torch.
  • On the right side, the game keeps the fifth pot piece near the pillar. Collecting all pieces may help you make a complete pot.
  • Tap on the first fountain to discover two turtles of different colors, such as Green and Blue.
  • In short, it’s a mini-game that you have to play and complete by merely bringing all turtles close to each other. Once you are done, fill the pot with water from the same fountain and take it back to your inventory.

  • Drop the water on the statue to unravel a secret box that comes out from the ground holding a mini-game that you must complete filling the water in the pool.
  • The completion of the puzzle leaves you a water stone.

Second Room

After getting the water stone, you are invited to explore the second room where you find an objective to complete.

  • Firstly, click on a paper kept amidst the room to read the requirements and then tap on a golden locker.

  • Set the buttons to open the locker and collect oil plants and sacred mantras from inside it. Discover a plate fixed with the locker’s door.
  • Afterward, head to a door where a mini-game is available to play. Rotate all of its circles to make the combination as shown in the image given below. As the door opens, collect firewood from there and add them to your inventory.

  • Pull the lever to bring a sand stove out of the land. Put the oil plant, sacred mantras, and firewood into it to make fire and get firestone.

Third Room

After getting the firestone, you should move toward the third room where you have to complete tricky puzzles by finding hidden objects.

  • Following your footsteps in the last two rooms, you must head to a map laid on the floor to see what you have to find and how to complete the puzzle.
  • In-Room 3, your goal is to make a balance between all elements on the planet Earth to attain harmony.
  • So start collecting weight pieces scattered throughout the room. You may find the first four weight pieces easily, the rest of the 2 requires you to complete challenging puzzles.
  • Click on the right wall to play a mini-game where you must guide the blue tile two times to reach the destination. The completion of the mini-game may reward you with Sequence Puzzle Piece.

  • A platform has emerged from the ground where you must add the recently collected piece of the puzzle to play another game. Draw the same shape as shown in the image to get another weight piece.
  • The last piece of the puzzle is available on the right side of the torch.

  • After collecting weight pieces, you must click on a weight machine kept near the statue along with all weight pieces and struggle to balance both sides.

  • The completion of puzzles may leave you an Earth Stone.

Fourth Room

Now, we are in Fourth Room which seems quite different from the other three rooms, although your objectives are the same.

  • Firstly, click on the clue to see your objective and a way how to complete it.

  • Here you must investigate the scene deeply to discover three mirrors.
  • Once you complete the mirror set, put it on the stands to play a mini-game.

  • After solving a tricky puzzle, your goal is to set the direction of mirrors to reflect the light to the statue and get a Light Stone.

Old Temple

Once you found all stones, go back to the old temple and head to a golden shield placed between rooms. Add all of your stones there to get The Scepter. Soon, a scroll will appear on your screen revealing that it is only the first part of the Scepter and you have to collect the rest of the 2 parts to make it invincible.

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