Escape Room Game Puzzle Contest 1 Walkthrough


Escape Room Game Puzzle Contest 1 is an escape game developed by 5ngames. You are hidden in this enormous village looking for objects to find, puzzles to solve. Can you escape?


  • Collect the iron bar. (A)
  • Collect the ladder. (B)
  • Collect the blue towel. (C)
  • Now we need to place the ladder in order to climb up to the lantern. (D)
  • Unwrap the ladder and place it in the lantern. (E)
  • Click on the lantern. (F)
  • Use the blue towel to wipe off the dirty spots of the lanterns. Remember the three symbols as they are a hint in order to complete the next puzzle. (G)
  • Click on the trash can. (H)
  • Use the symbols from the lantern to open the box inside the trash can. (I)

  • Collect the hint. (I)
  • Read the hint. (J)
  • Click on the door. Use the hint note in order to open it. (K)
  • Go to the zone you just unlocked. Click on the fire. (L)
  • Heat the iron bar in the fire. (M)
  • Click on the purple shirt. (N)
  • Use the heated iron bar to find out a hint in the shirt. (O)

  • Click on the trashcan. Click on the button shown on the second image in order to open the trash can. (P)
  • Collect the brush. (Q)
  • Click on the pile of clothes. (R)
  • Move the clothes in order to find bleaching powder. (S)
  • Open the bleaching powder. (T)
  • Click on the ground. (U)
  • Use the bleaching powder and the brush in order to find a hint for the next puzzle. Remember what the hint says. (V)
  • Click on the wall. (W)
  • Use the hint you found on the three circles in order to open the secret safe: Down, Up, Down. (X)
  • Collect the valve. (Y)

  • Remove the stick. (Z)
  • Place the valve for it to release water. (A1)
  • The 3 holes are actually a hint for the next puzzle. The first hole releases the shortest distance of water, the second the longest and then the third hole releases a medium distance of water. (B1)
  • Click on the trashcan. (C1)
  • Complete the puzzle. The solution is shown on the image. (D1)
  • Collect the rope. (E1)
  • Collect the bucket next to the trashcan. Combine the rope and the bucket. (F1)
  • Go to the well. Use the rope and bucket in the well to find a knife. (G1)
  • Collect the knife. (H1)

  • Collect the basket. (I1)
  • Click on the berries. (J1)
  • Put the basket and then use the knife to collect the berries into the basket. (K1)
  • Collect the metal. (L1)
  • Collect the plate. (M1)
  • Collect the bowl. (N1)
  • Go to the berries. (O1)
  • Place the orange berry with the other ones. Now we have 3 series of colors, now we have another puzzle hint. (P1)
  • Click on the barrel. (Q1)
  • Use the colors from the berries to open it. (R1)
  • Collect the crowbar. (S1)

  • Collect a rose. (T1)
  • This sack of rice will be needed for later. (U1)
  • Click on the stair tread. (V1)
  • Mix the coal with flower. (W1)
  • Place the flower and coal combination into the plate. (X1)
  • Pour the flower and coal combination into the bowl. (Y1)
  • Click on the next puzzle hint. (Z1)
  • Pour the liquid from the bowl in order to find the next hint. After that, we will see that 3 stones will have holes in them. (A2)

  • Go to the crate. Click it. Use the stone hint to open the chest. (B2)
  • Collect the deadly liquid. (C2)
  • Now, collect the sack of rice. (D2)
  • Go to the tub. (E2)
  • Place the sack of rice into the tub. (F2)
  • Open the sack of rice. (G2)

  • Click on the bowl. (H2)
  • Pour the sack of rice onto the bowl and then the deadly liquid. Now, we can see 2 black ants and three brown ants. (I2)
  • Click on the closed bucket. (J2)
  • Click the black ant symbol two times and then the brown ant symbol three times. (K2)
  • Collect the key. (L2)
  • Open the door. (M2)
  • Game Completed.


Escape Room Game Puzzle Contest 1 is a very simple escape game. It features everything you need for an escape game: a good number of puzzles, puzzle hints and objects combinations to use. If you are an escape game fan, i am very sure that this will be a game that you would love!






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