Pawn Shop Master Walkthrough


Become a Pawn Shop Master! In this game, you will run your very own pawn shop and you are going to try to spot the hidden gems of the items to get as much value from them as you can. Do you know the Art of a Good Deal? Lets find out on this walkthrough!


In this game, your objective is to have the most famous Pawn Store in the city. One of the important skills you need to have is the bargaining skill, you need to buy low and sell high! Get your hands on whatever item that you can make a profit on!

Making the Right Choices

When you decide to buy something from a customer, you need to make sure the asking price is reasonable for it’s type and condition. If the item’s condition is bad and the asking price is too high, you can either try to lower the asking price. If the asking price cannot be lowered, reject the item. Always review the pawn items carefully and accept the offers that are profitable for your business! There are times when you are offered a profitable item but in a bad condition. In this case, you can polish that item to have a higher resell value, which it means that you will make a higher profit from that item alone!

Buying and Keeping Items

After buying an item and polishing it, keep most of your items in your shelf. Sometimes its better to patiently wait to sell to buyers later with a higher price. If its done right, you can get much more cash. The shelf can get full though, but you can buy more shelves or watch an ad to get them for free. This will be very important in your early game.


Stolen Items and Thieves

This game features a very interesting mechanic, there are times where you are being offered stolen items from a thief. There are some methods on how to handle these offers:

  • You can either call the police and claim 500$, but you can claim 2000$ if you watch an ad.
  • Wanted customers can sometimes offer you bargains which could give you a pretty nice boost in cash.

All i can say, review the offers carefully because sometimes there could be a hidden gem which would give you huge amounts of cash!

VIP Customers

When a VIP customer comes to your shop. They usually offer pretty nice items. The problem is, you need an ad in order to check what they have for sale!


Polishing is one of the most important activities that this game has to offer if you want to be on the top of your game. In order to make more money from your items, especially those in bad condition, you got to polish them. With polishing, you can turn a small loss into a profit really quickly. As i said, it doesn’t matter what type of item it is, always polish it if you want to get that extra cash!


Pawn Shop Master has about 16 item types for you to collect and sell! These are:

  • Coins
  • Cameras
  • Antique items
  • Bones
  • Statues
  • Watches
  • Figures
  • Guns
  • Jewels
  • Knives
  • Painting
  • Rings
  • Signed items
  • Gemstones
  • Classics
  • Rings


Pawn Shop Master is one of the best titles to download in the mobile store right now. One criticism i have for this game though is that there are too many ads, but overall it is a pretty decent title. Pawn Shop Master is a game for everyone, where you are a fan of word games, quiz games, puzzle games. If you are looking for simple and well developed games, this one is definitely for you!

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