Escape Room Game Confusion 2 Walkthrough


Escape Room Game Confusion 2 is the second game of the franchise developed by 5n Games. The mechanics are the same as the first game, you interact with objects and solve puzzles in order to escape. This time, you are in a desert, can you escape?


  • Click on the chest. (A)
  • Click on the puzzle. (B)
  • The correct way to solve the puzzle. (C)
  • Collect the blue gem and the lever. (D)
  • Click on the object on the sand pyramid. (E)
  • Use the lever to open what’s inside. Collect the axe head and the rope. (F)

  • Click on the fence. (G)
  • Collect the axe handle. (H)
  • Use the axe head and handle to build an axe. (I)
  • Collect the wood planks. (J)
  • Collect the bucket. (K)
  • Click on the tree. Use the axe to cut the tree. Collect the web. (L)
  • After collecting the web, click on the puddle next to the tree. Use the web to find a chisel. (M)
  • Click on the car. Use the chisel to remove one headlight. Collect the note. (N)
  • Read the note, it is a hint for the next puzzle. (O)

  • Click on the chest. (P)
  • Use the code VCPS from the note to open it. (Q)
  • Collect the hammer and nails. (R)
  • Use the wood planks, hammer and nails to create a bridge from a wood plank. (S)
  • Use the wooden bridge to go to the other side in order to read the sign. Click on the sign: 1624. Collect the wood stick next to the heap of grass. (T)

  • Click on the third chest. Use the numbers 1624 in order to open it. (U)
  • Collect the wood piece and the knife from the chest. (V)
  • Use the wood stick on the wood piece to create fire. (W)
  • Collect the heap of grass. (X)
  • After that contain the fire with the heap of grass. (Y)
  • Click on the hole (Z)
  • Place the heap of grass that is on fire there in order for the rat to appear. Collect the rat. (A1)

  • Give the rat to the eagle. He will reward you with a shovel. (B1)
  • Collect the shovel. (C1)
  • Click on the sand mountain and use the shovel to find a secret treasure. Click on the treasure. (D1)
  • Open the treasure. Collect the yellow gem. (E1)
  • Click on the cactus on the right of the sand mountain. Use the knife to cut a piece of the cactus. (G1)
  • Collect the ruby gem. (H1)
  • Attach a rope to the bucket. (J1)

  • Go to the well. Use the bucket to collect a chisel. (K1)
  • Click on the columns. (L1)
  • Use the hammer and chisel to find a red gem in one of the columns. (M1)
  • Click on the statue. (N1)
  • Place the ruby gem on the statue to collect the green gem. (O1)
  • Click on the final treasure chest. Place all the four gems you have to open it. (P1)
  • Collect the handle. (Q1)


  • Use the handle on the mechanism and rotate it. After that, remove the small rock that is holding the big one. Now the gigantic rock will destroy the ship.
  • Game Completed.


Escape Room Game Confusion 2 offers the same qualities as the first game. The engaging puzzles, the interesting objects and the creative art style will appear in this game too. If you have played the first game, i highly recommend you to play the second game too, you are not going to be disappointed!








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