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The perfect mix of Adventure, Exploration, Survival, and Building game elements guarantee to provide you with fun-filled gameplay. Whether you’re a survival, building, or navigation lover, Family Island – Farm Game Adventure brings all the excitement you need to fulfill your inner hunger as a gaming enthusiast. Similar to other Adventure games, it features an isometric perspective to let you explore a beautiful island where you are recently planning to build your new home from the bird’s eye view.

Live without Modern Technology

Imagine what you would do with your life without modern technology, as you find yourself on the deserted island. For sure, spending life over the deserted island won’t be an easy as it seems; and the adventure turns into a mess without having the latest gadgets in your hand. Don’t worry; lots of fun-filled activities and tricky tasks won’t getting your bored. Therefore, the game has planned something unique for you, and it takes you the first world with the Modern Stone Age family who recently survived a massive incident.

Help a Family Stranded on the Remote Island

The task isn’t easy as it seems; the island is full of wild creatures and other challenges you have to overcome to survive the family throughout the game. As the game starts, you discover a family of four members, such as Eva, Bruce, and their two kids, stranded on the remote island, seeking for your help and guidance to start building a new home from scratch. Recently, the eruption of the volcano leads all people from a beautiful village all across different locations.

Start Your Career with Limited Resources

A family has hardly survived the eruption and reached the seashore of a remote island. Upon arriving, they discover nothing but a few trees, stones, and bushes. All members are supposed to build a new home over here from scratch and find out the rest of all villagers to join them. Without the latest technology, the world might seem ancient and alien, but the daily family life and relationships are similar to today’s world.

A Blend of Farm, Adventure, and Survival

It’s a place where your favorite genres, such as Farming, Captivating Adventure, and Unexpected Twist mete here to provide you outstanding gameplay. You start the game with nothing, but a few wood pieces, stones, and other items. First of all, your goal is to build a hut for your family to live over there, secondly, arrange some food to eat, and find new technologies to make your newly created home modern. Therefore, the game gives you a chance to go wild with your creativity and start farming crops, building structures, and finding new technologies.

Build Your Farm and decorate it

You’re not limited to build huts and making food, as you are allowed to create a farm to grow crops and use decorations to make it beautiful, unlike other games. The ultimate goal is to guide the family in a better way and complete challenging quests to unlock other stuff to make their life comfortable on a newly found island.

Family Island Beginner’s Guide – Best Tips and Strategies to Survive

The most popular developer behind the most anticipated Toy Defense franchise, Melsoft Games, is back along with another eye-popping title, “Family Island – Farm Game Adventure.” This time, the creators have planned to take you on a breathtaking journey of an exotic world, comprises several tropical islands. Similar to the game’s name, it’s an adventure game in which your ultimate goal is to turn the deserted island to a luxury village. Lots of surprises await you over there, and the introduction of a captivating storyline will make you feel a strong connection with a beautiful family, which seems similar to the characters of Crood animated movie. We have added several Tips & Tricks, and the best strategies to survive, in the Family Island Beginner’s Guide.

Complete Daily Tasks and Objectives for in-game Rewards

The first rule in any survival mixed adventure game is to complete daily challenges and objectives to earn in-game money. Missing tasks will make your progress speed slower than average, and won’t add any special rewards at your disposal. To proceed through the game, you should follow the storyline properly to reveal all of its secrets and bonuses. Without any doubt, players are going to spend their lots of time navigating the rainforests on their own; however, a beautifully crafted panel will help you show the right way.

Locate Hidden Items

Most challenging tasks and objectives will assign you tasks to find out different types of items. However, some missions will be about to find out a new kind of plant or to go on an epic treasure hunt to locate some gems and other valuable items. The main problem you may face off under the thick fog while searching for the required items. Likewise, the colorful environment increases the difficulty while you are discerning and differentiating anything around you. Therefore, you should make use of tips whenever you got assigned such type of task. Making use of a magnifying glass will help you a lot in declaring the location where the item exists.

Earn Energy Points as much as possible

You would be surprised to know If you are new to this game that finding hidden items won’t be a problem for those users who decide to set on an epic adventure on the island. Contrary that, energy points will be a lot of hard to collect. Nevertheless, you suggest you use each method to obtain Energy Points at any cost because, without the in-game currency, you’re powerless and can’t progress properly.

The game displays the number of energy points at the upper right corner. Moreover, you can speed up the levels of stamina by merely eating berries and fruits. Although these are hard to find, you could use try an alternative option, like cookies.

Upgrade Your Facilities using every opportunity

Overcoming any obstacle requires energy in Family Island. Furthermore, the stamina will permit you to gather the needed resources and use to upgrade your production units available within your village. The increment in the production of goods will take your village’s economy in a better way, where it will start to blossom like a flower.

Visit Shops to Purchase Things You Need

As mentioned above, a few items are there which hard to find; therefore, the developer has placed a shop to help you out. Visiting the shop will make your interaction with the trader, who will offer you items you are searching for at the lowest price. You are allowed to purchase both exotic and unusual things, such types of things which would take many years to develop following the natural process.


Navigate other Villages

Have you ever thought of visiting other villages or islands for resources? If yes, then go for it, as the game features other islands too and provides you with an abundance of options for navigating other lands also in the archipelago. For sure, forgotten islands could be dangerous to explore, but that’s what makes it attractive and exciting.

For sure, no one can visit other islands without any purpose; their primary intension would be valuable resources that they can’t obtain over their village. On the contras, newly unlocked islands will offer you dozens of new berries and juicy fruits. However, the completion of challenging tasks and objectives will sometimes reward you treasure boxes.

Don’t Forget to Decorate Your Village

It would help if you kept in mind that the prosperity and the survival of the family trapped on the deserted island depend on how the members of the family work. There’s a simple formula, the more energy you invest in completing daily tasks, the better your life standard will be.

Nevertheless, visiting a shop could help you with purchasing all types of accessories and decorations for your village to make it beautiful than ever. Ranging from flowers to lighthouses, the game provides you with dozens of eye-catching items. Following the given tips would help you survive the family stranded on the island.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 1

Welcome to your new home, where a beautiful family greets you. Moreover, the first level is also known as the tutorial, where you teach how to gather grass, stones, and other resources to build a shelter, grow farm, and prepare food for your family. To collect the grass, an on-screen hand will let you tap the targeted place three to four times, and one of the family members will go there to gather the hay. Once the tutorial gets finished, the game lets you repeat the same process time. Before you start playing the game, you should know about your home screen, containing a lot of items, such as a tutorial, Power Meter, Diamond Meter, Treasure Box, and more. The completion of stages will add powers to your wallet, which you use upon needing.

After gathering grass, the game assigns you a task to collect berries to feed your children who are angry after getting out of massive trouble, a giant volcano.

Note: Berries only grow once, so cut down the bush to get sticks.

Don’t forget to clear away the bushes, as it is your next goal offered by tutorial level to learn how to cut them out, and collect to use later. Once you find a lot of sticks at your disposal that has been collected, start building your house. All the objectives and tasks will have appeared on the left-hand corner below the star. The completion of goals will add up a few stars as a reward. Clicking the house will display you three different designs, and the selection of one will place that home there for you to live with your family happily.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 2

Upgrade Your House

For sure, the house you built at the very start would be level 1, and its up-gradation requires a few resources, including:

  • Ten Tuft of Grass
  • Stick
  • Stone

Once the house reaches to its next level, the production of energy will increase from 60 to 63. Solving the earlier difficulties will display you three secret cards; each one has something special for you. Now, your goal is to choose one by one to claim your rewards. The game has featured a shop, where you need to get a hearth and put it on the map. Different types of hearths are available at the shop; choosing the reliable would be an excellent option for you. Once purchase, you should decide the place where it has to keep off.

After placing the Hearth, your ultimate goal is to gather some roots and other resources to start making roots to feed your family. Keeping each member busy in some jobs would bring a massive reward for you to claim and enjoy. Wake up your inner chef, choose the recipe, and drag it to the hearth to start cooking. Some fantastic recipes will get unlocked once you reach high levels. While the roots are cooking on the hearth, you should arrange a table to sit over there, because till now, you don’t have any proper place to sit for eating food.

To get advanced through the game, you must purchase a loom from the shop, and install it to your favorite place. After placing any structure, you should make an effort to level up using the resources it requires. Likewise, the level up of Loom Foundation needs the following items:

  • Loc – 5
  • The tuft of Grass – 11
  • Stick – 6

Once you collected all of these items, your Loom will be leveled up. The next objective is to craft a string, which is only possible by using the loom you prepared recently.

Once done, move to your house, and level it up using the following items you recently crafted or collected by completing the objectives:

  • Stick – 5
  • Stone – 3
  • String – 1

Upgrading the house won’t only turn its shape, but also increase the production of energy.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 3

The level third will start with two bonus cards, containing something special for you to claim. To reveal the card, you must tap them to see what they have for you to reward. In the third space, your goal is to establish a stone workshop for yourself and take it from the shop to set it up in your land. Once purchased, decide the place to keep it over there, and start building the items you need to advance through the game.

The game starts to become tricky as you reach advanced stages. Now, you have to make scrappers using the stone workshop you placed over your newly found land. It requires a few times for the completion of the process; till then, you can involve yourself and other family members doing other jobs for gems, stars, and in-game points. The completion of the first area will reveal different islands to explore. Seriously, the game isn’t as easy, as it seems. With the help of the tutorial, you can quickly achieve a few stages, when will happen when the tutorial is out of order. The game features a side-bar of each family member, along with a circle where the currently performing work will be displayed.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 4

It brings three secret cards for you to reveal, and each one introduces something unique for you to discover and include at your disposal. Linking your Facebook account to the game will reward you with 20 Rubies, you have the power to reject the proposal too. As elders of your family, you aren’t only supposed to keep yourself fully engaged in building the island beautiful, as your some responsibilities are toward kids, you must look after them, as well as assign them an easy task to complete. The gameplay is quite engaging as it will make you addicted to it. Every time, you are in thought of upgrading your home, making food for kids, and navigating new lands. No worries, because the game has featured an offline mode, which means, your character will do their job in your absence?

Out of Feed

Whenever you find yourself out of feed, make use of two rubies to purchase your favorite food to eat for power and energy to work. During the gameplay, you will face off different types of hurdles like your goat has eaten up all the grass, and there’s nothing to collect to fulfill the requirements. Therefore, you should keep your eyes all over the island to avoid facing such kind of scene. Find the empty place across the island, and start building farms to grow crops and fruits to fulfill your basic needs. Sow seeds over there, and wait until the blossom and become ready to harvest. Move on to the shop and purchase a mill to purchase right nearby your farm. Complete missing items need to level up all of the objects you placed to make your island beautiful and modern.

Keep helping each member to collect objects he/she is looking for to fulfill the tasks. The level will be completed faster once all members of the family work together. While playing the game, experience a relaxing sound effect that is enough to keep you calm down and to release your stress.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 5

Till now, you have collected a lot of equipment, and your goat is no more alone because her companion has just reached to help her out in tricky tasks. Similar to previous levels, level 5 starts with three bonus cards containing something special for you to reveal. Your day will begin by sowing seeds in the empty land from an isometric perspective, and wait for a while until the crops get to reap. In the fifth stage, there are your following jobs:

  • Grow Crops
  • Collect Animal Feed
  • Place Totem of Friendship (Quest)
  • Collect Ropes
  • Gather Roots
  • Break and Pick up Stones
  • Level up Your House

The totem of friendship will add up a bonus after every 12 hours. In previous stages, you have built stone storage, which requires an upgrade to enhance the storage; therefore, you should fulfill the requirements by collecting the following items to complete the tasks:

  • Stick – 15
  • Stone – 5
  • Log – 5

Moreover, you must increase the capacity of food storage by leveling up using the objects you need. Once you collected the required items, a pop will appear sayings congratulation; your stone storage has been upgraded.

Note: You can speed up not only crafting but also the production of the animal resources.

After reaching level 5, you realize that you are missing a place where you have to keep the animal feed; therefore, you have to upgrade your storage. Keeping your goats well-fed, means you won’t run out of animal resources. After gathering lots of sticks and strings, you must think about building a sawmill, because you can’t keep them all the time, as they take a lot of space in the storage building.

Decide the place where you have to set up a sawmill. During the game, mostly time you spend in reaching the conversation between characters and guessing the words. The upgraded building will perform well than average. Meet the requirements to level up all of your aspects, if you don’t meet the need, the level won’t up, and you won’t grab in-game points, currency, and rubies. Some items may have surprise boxes for you to hold, containing rubies and other rewards required to speed up your production.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 6

Level six will start with the following items rewarded you via bonus cards, containing: Gold Key, Gold Pickaxe, Gold Shovel, and Gold Saw. At the very start, a person appeared and said (Hey you! AHOY THERE); meanwhile, a ship approaches to the seashore. The family greets “Ali Hapoor Ama Zon.” He introduced himself as a traveling merchant, who was selling different products nearby your island and saw smoke over there. Then, he thought to stop over here to meet a newly settled family on the deserted island. After that, one of two kids appears and starts asking a question like he didn’t afraid of sea monsters and pirates. A short conversation begins between the captain and a small girl, which will last for more than 2 minutes.

You have limited time until the Merchant Sails away

The traveling merchant comes with a lot of gifts for you; now you have to collect them as soon as possible before his time has come to go. Your work starts by getting a haystack from the shop and put it on the map anywhere you like or find space. The required number of resources is starting to increase, as you reach high levels. Completion of stages will leave you a chest box, and upon opening, you find two rubies and one key for you over there.

Build a Bathroom Foundation

Give a list of items to your kids, and send them to gather and bring them to you—craft tools and attempt to build a bathroom foundation, which is missing until now. Harvest your crops, collect all resources from planted units, and get advance through the game to become the master. As you start placing new buildings, the island begins to expand by revealing its new undiscoverable parts full of resources and other items. Newly found places are in ruin and need your help to get repaired. Till now, every kid knows how to use tools and repair items and structures to earn in-game points.

Throughout the game, the game keeps the navigation perspective as an isometric viewpoint, and won’t let you go outside the targeted area. To perform each task, you need power, and once you get run out of the power, the activity can’t be completed until the meter gets filled. Keep building your island by placing structures, revealing new parts, and taking care of your people.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 7

Instead of three cards similar to previous stages, the introduction of level 7 appears with five bonus cards, and tapping on each one will reveal the following objects for you, such as:

  • Corn
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Eggs
  • Bird Feed
  • Feathers

Similar to previous levels, it started with a delicious breakfast – but first, a lengthy discussion has started between brother and sister regarding four-corner clover. As the level starts, you must follow the instruction and begin completing the quests, objectives, and tasks. Firstly, sow seeds to grow crops, upgrade your house, and other structures to increase your productivity, and expand your island by revealing new areas.

The island will start to display its valuable resources as you unlocking its secret places covered with white-colored smoke. Using your in-game points, you have a chance to unlock new recipes to eat, while some recipes required the specific level to be get unlocked. Visit the shop to see what you have opened, and purchase items to place over your land to make it even more beautiful, unlike others.

Ali Hapoor Ama Zon brings a piece of excellent news for you

You are busy making your place beautiful along with your family; then you listen a voice of Al Hapoor Ama Zon calling your and Eva names, saying that he saw a campfire smoke nearby your island. After hearing that, all family gets happy that they may be from their tribe. Next to that, Bruce asks Eva to stock up on energy and salt; they are going scouting. Ali says you don’t worry, you can quickly get the salt right in the chests available on the island, while to embark on the adventure you should tap the map. Clicking on the map will start your journey toward the Sun Island. There are other islands are also available, such as:

  • Nearby Island – Level 7 Required
  • Sun Island – 17 Level Required
  • Lilac Island – 17 Level Required
  • Bouncy Island – 19 Level Required
  • Red Island – 23 Level Required
  • Forest Island – 25 Level Required

Upon reaching over there via a raft, you find nothing, but a few bushes, trees, stones, etc. Your little angle said have you carry out an ax along with you before embarking on a journey. The first objective is to clear away the bushes. Once done, you find a treasure chest. The 2nd task is to clear away the cave-in.

After making a path that leads you inside the cave, you come to know that there are only old huts, and it seems no one has lived over here in a long time. Finding nothing, the family set up on a journey back to their home island, where lots of tasks are pending in queue to bet get completing, including the harvest of corn, journeying another island, upgrading the buildings, collecting animal food, and more.

Your ultimate goal leads you to a nearby island, where you must destroy the old huts to find treasure boxes. For sure, the old huts won’t welcome you whenever you place a hit on huts using your ax. The destruction of the shed and a tree will grant you another treasure box. Reaching back to your home, you find the capacity of storage gets completed full, and it requires a level up to enhance the storage. Using the collecting resources, try to improve the storage capacity and earn further points. Visit the shop to see what you have unlocked until completion of level 7.

Visit the Nearby Island to Set up Dynamite

Now, you must visit back to the newly found island nearby to your island to find resources over there. Upon reaching, the game assigns you a task of setting up dynamite to blast the locked places. Once done, the game rewards you with a lot of prizes and in-game currency. Purchase tools you require to go advance through the game and expand the island to see additional hidden items. Use your mighty ax to clear away stones, bushes, and other hurdles to become the master. The final goal is to dismiss the foundation to move to the next chapter.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 8

The level 8th starts with two mysterious cards, and it takes you to a nearby island where you successfully make a path to visit the 2nd part of the island where you find a treasure box and many other valuable resources. Some stones require a specific amount of power at that time you don’t have, so visiting Home Island to see how everything is going on would be a perfect choice.

Now, your goal is to set a lighthouse to find out the remaining members of your tribe who may be surrounding your home island. You would be surprised to know that the lighthouse has seven different parts, and approaching the last part requires a lot of time. Once place, start building the first part of the lighthouse using the following items, such as:

  • Stone – 12
  • Stick – 30
  • String – 10

The next morning start with a call of breakfast to everyone, as the food is ready. As usual, start planting seeds to the soil, collect all rewards and products, and back to work like clearing away bushes, stones, and other items. This time, your aim should be focused on upgrading the lighthouse, as it is the last hope of finding other people of the tribe.

Build a Topiary Foundation

Using your construction skills, you must build a topiary foundation, and the resources you need are the following:

  • Seashell – 10
  • The tuft of Grass – 15
  • Stick – 15

If you don’t have any required resources, you can complete the task using forty-five rubies. Once all of your daily jobs are completed, visit the nearby island to hunt something more by revealing other parts of the map. Use your ax to hit the stones, and clear away them to find ruined hunts and more. Back to your island, where dinner awaits you, along with a structure that needs to be level up. Level up all of your units to increase productivity so you could find out your companions.

Build a Storehouse

Use your powerful tools to build a storehouse where you can keep all of your everyday items and devices, but before you must find out a place where you can set up that. After a specific time, level up your storage house to increase the capacity, and make your island more beautiful than ever using extraordinary items. Harvest crops and sell at the market at a fair price or in exchange for valuable items. Keep visiting the nearby islands to find treasure cheats and to reveal secrets of that place by unraveling the hidden places.

Family Island: Farm Game Adventure Walkthrough Level 9

Level 9 starts with three mysterious cards, rewarding you three epic items, such as Clay, Amber, and Claw. The unlocked level starts with suspense, and both elder characters are talking about that someone is hidden behind the rocks, and when they saw, there’s a shadow. Upon reaching, they discover it’s a chicken. Similar to the previous level, the ultimate goal is to level up the house using the resources you collect like Boards, Wattle, and Scraper.

During the game, you can change the position of any object to create a perfect village on a beautiful island. You would be surprised to see your creativity; when you reached there on the island, it was just a deserted place, now it turned into a beautiful village where everyone could live happily. Level up the lighthouse, and equip it with the latest technology, so you find all people easily or give them away to see you.

Note: The more level your house has, the more energy you claim

In the game, you have a chance to show off your creative skills, as well as building and surviving. All members of your family are dependent on you and are expecting something better than their older home. Don’t disappoint them, as each member is ready to help you out in any way to make their home comfortable. Level 9 brings an older man, who makes his appearance to guide you on your journey because he possesses unique powers.

The player visits the nearby island to clear the fire pit to examine it. Upon touching, you realize that it is cold as your friends left a long time ago. Next to that, the older man told you that an island is a place of unusual flowering trees, and he needs the petals to summon spirits. And he requested to you grab some pieces for him. As the game advances, the player starts to chop trees and makes a path to further part of the islands. The game seems easy to play but hard to master.

The problem will appear when you run out of specific items and needs to struggle to collect them. Therefore, we suggest you keep all of your units and buildings up-to-date and invest materials to increase productivity. Improve the capacity of your storage house, and collect all items timely, as well as harvest crops to sell in the market at a reasonable price.


First of all, the game releases with a beautiful combination of Survival, Adventure, and Building game elements that engage lots of players toward its juicy gameplay, offering beautiful art-work and a fabulous setting. Secondly, you’re limited to only one island, as there are many others also to unlock and explore, and they are more beautiful than the first one you are working on to build your village. The addition of relaxing sound effects will release your stress and keeps you coming back to play the game again and again. Thirdly, the game brings a beautiful cast of characters performing exquisite stunts to make you happy all the time.

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