Manor Matters Walkthrough

Polish your Hidden Object skills, because we are back along with Manor Matters Walkthrough to entertain you. No one can be enough smart to complete the hidden object and Puzzle games within a single turn; therefore, they need someone’s help to complete the challenges found in advanced stages. Manor Matters takes you to a beautiful mansion containing a lot of rooms, and each one brings something special for you to discover. A list of items will be provided to you to discover items by navigating the scene, and if you stuck anywhere, making use of the hint system would be in your favor.


The game welcomes you to an old abandoned manor, known as Castlewood. Rumors regarding the manor of being haunted are floating across the city. At a critical situation, someone is invited you to investigate the case and find the answers to the following questions, such as:

  • Why is the manor abandoned?
  • What’re the dark secrets hidden behind the tapestry?
  • Is the manor haunted?

Moreover, the entire storyline revolves around these three given questions, and it is offering similar gameplay to Gardenscapes and Homescapes. We said the similar gameplay based on three items, such as Renovate, Design, and Investigation. For those players, who have ever dream to be a detective and solve plenty of cases using their skills, considered their dreams come true, as the game added a detective element. As a detective, your ultimate goal is to inspect and renovate rooms, find ancient artifacts from across the land, and reveal the dark secrets of thrilling locations with the help of Carl, your beautiful assistance. Get ready to jump in, because the game left the door open for you to come in and start your investigation.

Review – Be a Detective

Hidden Object games are specially designed to puzzle the players and force them to find the said items within a limited time; otherwise, you will be failed. Similarly, Manor Matters comes with not only beautiful art design, and relaxing music, but mind games and tricky puzzles also.

The reason for having approximately similar gameplay to Homescapes and Gardenscapes is the company behind the development of Manor Matter, Playrix. At below the screen, the game gives you a list of items that you need to find in the said room, unlike other games released by the company. Navigate the environment from an isometric perspective, and use one-finger control to find the objects.

Star-based Rewarding System

The game introduces a series of challenging levels, and each completed scene will reward you with stars, which you can use to complete tasks. If you don’t have any idea about tasks, then let us confirm that it is a list of objects surrounding you, and must be repaired to make the manor beautiful.

Other types of activities are there, and upon completion will progress the storyline and solve many mysteries of Castlewood. Keep in mind that challenging mysteries get discovered and solved by merely completing objectives, so earn as many stars as possible to help your character.


A ruined manor that once a beautiful place awaits you with dozens of challenging puzzles and other obstacles to challenge. As mentioned above, you take on the role of a detective, who gets invited by someone to come and navigate the manor to find out the truth behind the scenes. The manor contains numerous rooms, halls, and other places to visit, and each one has something special for you to figure out. At the start, you are welcomed by someone who asks you to do a hurry before the train leaves both of you. In the next scene, some parts of the storyline will get revealed as follows.

After getting on the train, the person who receives you start introducing himself by telling the name, Carl. In short, Carl is a personal assistant of Mr. Christopher Bruke, who went missing during one of his expeditions many years ago. For many years, Carl has been finding the heir of Mr. Christopher Bruke, and finally, he found you. Upon revealing the secret, you are the new owner of Castlewood Manor, and Carl is excited to take you over there. After the introduction, the game asks your name via a pop-up, and you can choose the name of your choice. Once done, let’s go inside to discover what Mr. Christopher Bruke has left for you there.

Manor Matters Walkthrough – Day 1

Upon reaching ahead of the front porch, Carl lets you know that all the manor is yours, and together we will retrieve it and solve the dark mysteries using the detective skills. The game features a board that appears whenever there are some tasks for you to complete. Your first goal is to find a key to open the front porch. You have to look around, as remember where Mr. Bruke always hides the key. Before finding a key, you need to locate the given items, such as:

  • Cage
  • Cat
  • Umbrella
  • Binoculars

The introduction of the hint system is useful, because it will help you in that situation when you stuck, and no one will be there to assist you. Unfortunately, you can use the hint system for a limited time; therefore, think twice before using it. Once you find the object, simply tap on it to collect and add it to your inventory. Complete the list given below, and move to the next level. Zoom-in feature is available, and to zoom in the screen the game requires you to pinch open the screen with two fingers. After the completion of the first level, the game introduces you to a Clipboard where you find a to-do list.

Find a Key

Upon clicking, the clipboard will display you a set of tasks you have to complete to earn stars which are required to complete the day. The completion of the first goal needs three stars that you have already earned by completing the first level.

No worries, just click on the green-colored button to complete the task, and move to the next one. The key will reveal right into a pot laid next to the door. As you move forward to pick up the key, you see a shadow of someone standing right behind the window with a red-colored eye watching you.

Light a Fire

The game isn’t easy as it seems, and your next goal is to light a fire. You need a lot of stars to complete the given tasks; therefore visiting different places to navigate the scenes is helpful. This time, you have to complete the puzzle in a location, known as Front Porch, and the completion of the puzzle will reward you with three stars and 10 gold coins, as well as required 10 points to be get unlocked. Finding objectives will reward you with stars that you use to light a fire.

Place a chair

You need to stars to place a chair; therefore, the game takes you to a new environment of the office, where you have to find given items to earn 3 stars and complete a task to place a chair. Once done, three different options are given to you, and choosing your favorite one would place the item of your choice instantly.

Lay a Rug

Before laying a rug, you need three stars that only possible in completing a puzzle of finding items. The difficulty level will start to increase gradually as you reach advanced stages. Boost your item finding skills to become the master. After completing the task will end up your first day, and represents you a new task of starting a new day.

The first day includes four challenging puzzles, and each one is set in different locations to complete. Finding items isn’t an easy task as you are considering, because it requires not only sharp eyes but the mind too. The completion of the first day will reward you with the following items, such as 300 Coins, One Hint, and Max Power.

Manor Matters Walkthrough – Day 2

The 2nd day starts with Carl who is taking a nap and suddenly wakes up because of an unknown sound. Upon chasing, he reaches near widow, whose mirror has been broken due to fast wind. Suddenly, a chandelier nearly crushed Carl, and he hardly managed to jump out of the way. In the morning, Carl decided to call the renovate company to get help in cleaning all the dirt and make his mansion beautiful, but he found his mobile battery dead. After that, he comes to know that there’s no electricity due to the massive storm that came last night, and he reaches a phone which doesn’t need any electricity.

Install the Phone

Firstly, you have to set up a phone to do calls, different people, for help. The 2nd day comprises approximately 10 challenging tasks that you have to complete at any cost and to complete each one, you need stars that only rewarded you by the game upon the completion of the puzzle.

The manor has different locations to explore and find objects to complete the puzzle. Once your phone gets set up, do a call to renovate the company and hire a person to help you in renovating the manor to make it beautiful. The first puzzle that you need to complete is the one given below. To complete the puzzle, you have to find five given objects listed below on your screen.

  • Click on Apples laid on the table, and tap on a tennis racket to grab
  • Pick up a football right after the train, and don’t forget to hold a stick next to it as shown in the image
  • On the rail, you can see a road cone, and near the tree, there’s a skateboard
  • Find a dog sitting near a bag and collect to complete the puzzle

Tidy Up

As you know, the mansion is in bad condition and you must work hard to restore the manor to its former condition. Tasks will be displaying you after a while, but the main objective is to collect stars by completing puzzles, without gathering too many stars, you can’t go so far.

Introduction of Darts

The game features a new component, known as Darts, which lets you gather three random items at once, and the first try will be free as it won’t charge anything.

Study Room

Your next task will lead you to a study room, where your goal is to find approximately 5 given items, and their names will be mentioned below your screen. To find the said items, follow the image displaying where the items are available to catch.

  • Collect a Globe available on the table
  • Don’t forget to pick up a jug from the table’s corner
  • You find a newspaper from a sofa and a car model from the floor
  • A train engine is available below the table, and a musical instrument you can easily find on a chair right before the table

Town Share

Keep in mind that you have a limited time of 2-minute for the completion of each task, and once the time runs out, you will lose the game and will need to start again using 10 powers available in your meter. Your next puzzle takes place in a beautiful environment, known as Town Share, where you find a train, a set of chairs and tables, balloons, and more. Follow the given steps to complete the puzzle, such as:

  • Collect two apples from a table, and a tennis racket from a chair
  • Grab a traffic cone next to the scooty, a guitar, and a football near the train
  • There’s a bicycle right before the building to grab and add to your inventory
  • Don’t forget to pick up a skateboard right before a tree

Find a Photograph

Once your telephone gets ready, do calls to the restorer and renovate the company to hire workers and start renovating the manor. You need a lot of stars to complete puzzles; therefore, make your focus on gathering stars by completing puzzles. Your next scene takes you nearby the front porch of the manor, and you must have to gather the following items, such as Football, Lizard, Bucket, Statue, Cage, and Camera.

  • Collect a football laid on the surface nearby a car
  • Pick up a dog, lizard, and a bucket available in the open area
  • Grab a statue to add your inventory, and find a cap on the tree
  • Cage is available nearby briefcases and picks up a camera from above the engine box of the car

Fix the Window

Because of a massive storm, the mirrors of windows has been broken; therefore, Carl called a person to repair all of these broken items, while he is cleaning and collecting the pieces of mirrors scattered throughout the floor. But to clean the room, you require stars, and the next puzzle takes you to a study room once again, where you must find hidden items to earn in-game stars.

  • Pick up a musical instrument from a sofa, and tap on a cute cat sitting on a fishing tank
  • Grab a chess game from a drawer, and collect a newspaper laid on a sofa
  • The shield is available right before the table, and the jug is available on the table
  • Flowers is available above the book to shelve and the globe map at the windows

Fix the Desk

After repairing the window, you should fix a desk in the hall, but before, a complex scene awaits you that takes place in a kitchen-like environment containing exciting things, including an armor suit, owl, and many others.

  • Firstly, you should grab a hammer from ladders, and your next objective is berries available also on ladders
  • Tap on the owl sitting on a chair, and pick up cheese from the table
  • A bucket is placed right below the table, and a horseshoe on another side
  • Water cane and a glass of wine are available on your right-hand-side

Introduction of Silhouettes Mode

The addition of the Silhouettes mode will let you discover the silhouettes of items on the list. The said mode is excited because it shows you images, instead of names. Therefore, finding the item with the given images is much easier than the name.

Fix the Wiring

It seems the day is much longer than the last day, and yes it is, because the first day has only four challenging puzzles to complete, while the 2nd day comes with up to 10 challenging scenes with increasing difficulty of the level. Your next task is to fix the wiring from where sparking is happening. Once again, the game takes you in front of the front porch, where your goal is to find objects as mentioned in an image.

  • Collect an umbrella available after a lantern, and collect a cap from the tree
  • Pick up a statue available nearby the door, and grab a lizard to add to your inventory
  • A ladies purse is available on nearby bushes, and collect three items from a car, such as Owl, Camera, and a Football

Place a Chair

After fixing the wiring, the game is ready to take you in a kitchen-like environment once again to find interesting objects available at your lists, such as Berries, Glass, Watering Cane, Wicker Bottle, and Olifant.

All items that you are supposed to find are mentioned in the given image, so don’t waste your time in finding the objects you feel hard to find, and unlock other stages to see what will happen.

Hang a Chandelier

You might know that once due to a massive storm the chandelier had fallen, and you hardly survived by managing a jump aside. Now, your goal is to fix and hang the chandelier once again in its proper place with the help of the guys you called to assist you. The game provides you with three possible options, in short three different types of chandeliers, and you are completely free to choose the design of your choice to hang it on the roof.

Hang Wallpaper

As the game progresses, the difficulty level gradually increases and every time comes with a different scene and a set of items that is hard to find in that environment full of stuff. Therefore, you must locate the items using your detective skills, and if stuck anywhere use the hint system to highlight the item.

The walls of the manor are available in rough conditions, and your goal is to repair those using wallpapers, as they make them cool; but before, you need lots of coins that can be collected only for completing tasks. This time, the game brings you to an antique shop where you have to find the following items, such as:

  • Lamp
  • Mirror
  • Gun
  • Crown
  • Faberge Egg
  • Ballet Dancer
  • Comb
  • Cigar

Roll up the Rug

You would be shocked after rolling up the rug as it contains a secret lock, and no one knows what it contains, and what would be there. With the help of the renovator, your goal is to roll up the rug and try to solve the puzzle to find out what the beneath of the locker, as the floor is in bad condition, and almost going to break from everywhere. Ask the renovator to help you in repairing the floor first; otherwise, all items you are placing on it will be wasted soon.

Call the Restorer

The main purpose of calling Restorer is to have help from two different people as the work will be done in a shorter time than average. The only goal is to restore the manor to its former glory and find out the secrets behind the rumors regarding the haunted manor.

Fix the Floor

The next challenge takes you to a painting room, containing beautiful pieces and different objects to find. The most prominent items are the following, such as Pumpkin, Gold Bar, Cannon, Hat, and Mandolin. Missing any item won’t lead you to the end of each stage; therefore, try your best to find all items mentioned in a list, and make use of exciting features such as hint system, darts, and more.

  • Collect a gold bar available nearby the lion’s foot, and tap on the image of cannon right above the lion as the image displays
  • Pick up a mirror, and grab a cap from a chair
  • Don’t forget to hold a lantern and add it to your inventory
  • Pumpkin is available behind the ladder
  • Gather a Sweep available near the 2nd lion

 Manor Matters Walkthrough – Day 3

Starting a new day requires you to have up to 10 stars at your disposal. During the mid-night, you listen to a strange voice and chasing the footsteps, you find something terrible inside the fireplace. Upon going close to it, a blast happens and covers the screen with smoke. At early in the morning, you find Carl sleeping on a sofa, and then suddenly, his phone rings, and that’s Amelia, the restorer.

Upon awakening, new tasks started to appear on the board, and your first task of the third day is to place a guest couch and Chair next to the desk. Most of your time you spend reading the conversation happening between you and Carl. Your next puzzle takes place in the Clock Tower, where lots of items are available, and the completion of the objective will rewards you with 7 Stars, Energy Power, and 18 Gold Coins.

Welcome to Clock Tower

The game takes you to a new environment where you have to find hidden objects using one-finger control. There are up to 9 items available to find, and you won’t be confused with the names, because, the game has featured images.

Follow the given image, and start taping on items the developer placed all over the environment to make you confuse. On the third day, you’re welcome to welcome Amelia whom you called for help recently. She makes her appearance on the third day, and ready to help you.

In the game, your ultimate goal is to place a chair and a workbench for Amelia to do her work in unlocking the lock you found on 2nd day of renovation, to reveal the mystery behind the scene. Keep in mind that you’re not allowed to decide the location as it has confirmed be the default, you just choose one of three different designs the game displays you to choose from. Don’t forget to arrange some tools for Amelia as he needs the tools hardly to complete her job. Replace the Rug with the door and Restore the Parquetry is your third task to complete.

Music Room

This is the first time, when you navigate the music room containing different items to collect, such as Cap, Doll, ship, and bottle.

  • Firstly, you should pick up a bottle from Piano, and a hand fan hanging nearby the clock
  • Collect the statue, paper ship, cat, and musical instrument
  • Lastly, add all items to your inventory to complete the stage.

The next challenge is to restore the tapestry using 15 stars, and next to that, your goal will be to fix the bookcase.

Wine Cellar

The completion of the puzzle in a Wine cellar will reward you 5-star, one power, and fourteen gold coin. More than ten items are there to find, and searching for each one is a difficult process. Many players prefer to use the hint system without knowing the side effects; therefore, we have compiled Manor Matter Walkthrough for you to see and advance through the game. Follow the image, and start collecting items following the sequence of the number to complete the stage within a limited time. After that, your tasks are the following:

  • Place a Couch Set
  • Place Floor Lamps

Do you have a hunger for earning stars? If yes, the game will take you to the study room once again similar to previous scenes, where you have to find out a list of given items within 2 minutes, so you earn points, energy power, and gold-coins.

Manor Matters Walkthrough – Day 4

As mentioned above, the game takes place in a beautiful mansion containing different places to visit, but most of them are locked and you don’t have access to them to navigate. Therefore, you should explore the places unlocked by default, then move on to the next scenes to explore.

The game won’t be considered as completed until the whole mansion can’t retrieve to its former glory. The 4th day starts with the simple tasks of luring the cat out of the mansion, and Explore the Second Floor. The third task is quite interesting and is about to bathe the cat. A new zone will unlock, Library, to navigate.

  • First, you have to find out a casket, which is available near the lamp
  • Secondly, find the cactus placed on the second lamp
  • Thirsty, you should find netsuke available in the bookcase
  • Fourthly, find a duster on ladders and add it to your inventory
  • Now, you need to find gloves laid on a chair
  • Lastly, find a kitty nearby a chair

Name Your Cat

After completing the puzzle, you must name your cat using 8 stars. The task won’t end over here, as you have to arrange a soft bed for your cat. Further tasks are the following Fix the Staircases and more. For the completion of the objective, the game takes you to a town square.

More than ten items are available to find using the nude eyes. Let’s get started to find items given in the list to complete the scene and earn in-game stars and gold coins.

  • Tap on the bicycle standing near the wall, and tap on the crow from the painting of a lady
  • Pick a doctor bag from inside the train, and a lady bag from its front
  • Pipe, Racket, Football, and other items are available nearby a tree where two apples are hanging as shown in the image
  • Camera and Guitar are available on chairs and a table

Other vital tasks of the fourth day are the following, such as:

  • Fix the Floor Upstairs
  • Replace the banisters
  • Decorate the Banisters
  • Replace the Windows
  • Get the Cat Down
  • Restore the Portrait
  • Restore Two Artifacts
  • Place the Sword Back
  • Restore the Compass Rose
  • Examine the Book

To earn further stars, you should visit an antique shop once again, this time finding given items will be more difficult than other stages and scenes you played. Over 12 items are featured to be discovered, and finding most of the items are impossible as they strategically placed and can’t be seen with nude eyes; therefore, you should be smart while searching for items. You start finding items from Chess Board to Ink Pot.

  • The chessboard is available before the window, where coins are also available
  • Collect a doll and mirror that are available in the opposite direction
  • Find XX to grab and pick up a pot
  • The necklace is available on the table where you can easily a pirate ship
  • Two items could be hard to find, such as Lamp and Inkpot

Once again, the game takes you back to an antique shop where your goal isn’t only to find items but to complete the scene within 2 minutes. As the game moves toward new locations, it’s gradually becoming difficult to play.

Manor Matters Walkthrough – Day 5

The end of the fourth day will provide you with a chance to unlock a new area to explore, but it requires thirteen stars to unlock. If you’ve enough stars, you could unlock it within no time, while if you don’t have then go and solve the puzzle to earn some for yourself. Get ready to visit the antique shop to solve a thrilling puzzle like never before, as it is especially there to make your wits sharper.

On the fifth day, the restorer successfully restored and opened Delmare’s Mechanism, and it brings a book to examine, as it is your first task. The fifth day gets completed with the complete study room renovation and leaves you massive rewards to claim and add to your disposal. The challenging tasks include:

  • Unlock New Area
  • Save the Cat
  • Examine the Book
  • Clean up

Manor Matters Walkthrough Tips and Tricks

Without any doubt, everyone is searching for the easiest way which they can use to clear a hidden object scene. Many new players don’t have an idea, even they aren’t familiar with the given name too, so they could find the said items when they don’t know the items’ names. Therefore, we figured this would be a great time to help you by preparing Manor Matters Walkthrough Tips and Tricks, along with the best strategies. First of all, you need to find and gather all items listed at your screen’s bottom and ensure you have to tap each one to collect before leaving.

Furthermore, the game introduces different search modes with varied difficulty levels, such as Silhouette mode lets you search for objects matching the silhouettes available on your screen, while you have to complete the scene within a limited time in Beat the Clock Mode.

There are different useful tools you can use when stuck and didn’t find any item on the list. You have limited time for each scene to find the given items, if the time runs out, then the game will end, and you have to use more energy powers to restart the scene. The introduction of the pause button is appreciable, as it provides you with some time to have rest while can’t think properly regarding the items you have to collect.

Note: The faster you gather items in the given scenes, the massive rewards you obtain.


Manor Matters releases with the same concept of Gardenscapes and Homescapes, where you have to renovate the ruin places by playing mini-games and completing puzzles. It comes with a twist of revealing mysteries behind the scenes. Moreover, the game introduces hidden object gameplay, containing tons of challenging levels.

With beautiful art-work and superb sound effects, it could be your most favorite game. Developers did a beautiful in hiding objects strategically, and finding them won’t be going to an easy task as you are considering. The game isn’t only for entertainment, as it brings a lot of new words for you to learn. In short, it helps you improve your vocabulary well.


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