Escape Games: Spy Agent Walkthrough


Escape Games: Spy Agent (also known as Secret Agent Adventure Hidden Escape) is an Adventure and Single-player Puzzle video game released by Vincell Studios for Mobile Devices. The game mixes puzzle-solving components with Hidden Object aspects to offer you thrilling gameplay that you may haven’t experience before. Surely, you might have played lots of Hidden Object video games, but Escape Games: Spy Agent comes with extraordinary challenging levels that aren’t easy to complete. Therefore, has decided to release its complete walkthrough to help you.

If you love to be a detective or playing puzzle-solving video games, then it is designed for you. Your aim should be focused on becoming the world’s best detective if you want to win the game. The adventure is full of thrill, suspense, hidden objects, and fun as well. Embark on a journey to explore the environment from the protagonist’s eye, a detective named Falcon finds himself in a world threatened by a ruthless dictator. Presumably, there is only one hero and people have made lots of expectations from him. In the game, your wit, charm, puzzle-solving skills, and will to escape are challenged by the game itself.

Join a Secret Mission

The game sends you on an epic mission to fend off the ruthless dictator who is invading people and the environment to fulfill his unholy plans to take control over the land. The global conflict is near to start and you must solve all issues before it’s too late; therefore, join the secret mission of Agent Falcon; meanwhile, struggle to find out the agenda of Zoshea in a mysterious point-and-click adventure video game full of hidden objects and puzzles to solve.

During the game, you are supposed to play secret missions when finding clues to unravel mysteries. Completion of puzzles is almost impossible without finding clues and unlocking other chapters. The game gives you a chance to challenge yourself and explore the different environments to master. Engage yourself in brilliant story-telling gameplay that comes with 8 exciting chapters to complete.

8 Unique Chapters to Play

Escape Games: Spy Agent comes with 8 challenging chapters and there are over 80 tricky puzzles. When playing the game, your goal is to crack challenging puzzles and riddles while enjoying stunning graphics that may take you to the next-level gaming era. There are dozens of tools that you can use to craft weapons for facing off challenges. Never give up as the victory is only a few steps ahead. The support of over 10 languages is added to the game.

Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough

As mentioned above, Secret Agent Adventure Hidden Escape contains 8 challenging chapters and each one takes place in an environment that is new to you. Your ultimate goal is to interact with the environment to find out hidden objects and keep them in your inventory to use later. It works on the same pattern as other Hidden Object video games do; however, the scenes, a cast of characters, and storylines are completely different and unique. We’ve compiled an Escape Game Spy Agent Walkthrough Guide for you to learn how to complete all chapters.

  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 1 (Secret Intelligence Service)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 2 (The Guest House)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 3 (The Hideout)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 4 (Dictator’s Home)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 5 (Security Breach)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 6 (The Prison)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 7 (The Nuclear Base)
  • Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 8 (Nuclear Infiltration)


Escape Game: Spy Agent (also known as Hidden Escape Secret Agent Adventure Mission) comes with lots of fun-filled mini-games. The graphics and soundtracks are amazing and the game features those levels that aren’t easy to complete. Don’t forget to claim daily rewards and use hints whenever you need them. The difficulty level increases gradually since the completion of puzzle games isn’t easy. The game doesn’t feature any graphical cut-scenes; however, defeating the dictator is mandatory to save people who are in trouble.

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