Escape Game: Spy Agent Chapter 2 Walkthrough


Escape Game: Spy Agent Chapter 2 takes you to a guest house where an old man welcomes you. The first chapter was much difficult than our expectation and took more than an hour for its completion. Now, we are here with Hidden Escape Secret Agent Adventure Mission Chapter 2 Walkthrough Guide that helps you learn how to complete puzzles and find hidden objects. In the previous chapter, lots of items were hidden beautifully that players without detective skills can’t find them easily. You should expect the same challenge and puzzles here in Chapter 2. Let’s explore the guest house together!

Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough – Chapter 2

Firstly, you need to investigate the old man to unravel the secrets behind the scene and keep in mind that you are on a secret mission to take down a dictator who is ruling over innocent people.

  • Before the receptionist, the game places a table. You have to tap on the table to discover a newspaper and play a crossword mini-game.
  • Collect a cup and add it to your inventory.


  • After solving the crossword puzzle, you must take the stairs and click on the kitchen to get into it.
  • Tap on the refrigerator and set the colors as follows: Yellow, Green, Purple, and Brown.
  • Open the fridge to collect Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Uncooked Meat. After that, open a drawer fixed in a kitchen cabinet to collect a kettle and two other objects such as Tea Bag and bun from nearby the drawer.
  • Head to a machine kept on the shelf and tap the buttons in the following order: Three, Four, Two, and One. It will give you a knife that you must add to your inventory.
  • Click on the basin and fill the kettle with water. Keep the kettle on the stove and hit the button.

  • Now, collect the kettle with hot water.
  • Select the cup from your inventory and fill it with hot water by tapping on the kettle. Put a tea bag into the cup and take it back to your inventory.
  • Click on the table near the fridge to discover a recipe and keep a knife on the tray.
  • Cut the onion using a knife and put it into the first plate. Repeat the process to cut tomatoes and Keep the uncooked meat in the oven for a while and bring it out once the time runs out.
  • Keep the cooked meat on the tray and start making a yummy burger.
  • Cut the bun into two pieces and keep it on the tray. Fill the bun with ingredients you have collected following the image and add it back to your inventory.


After making a delicious burger, you should go back to the old man and offer him the burger you made to get a bedroom key.

  • Reach the third-floor taking stairs two times and open the door using a key available in your inventory.


Open the bathroom to see whether it has something for you to offer or not. As you get into the toilet, broken mirrors may welcome you.

  • Collect 9 mirror pieces and keep them in your inventory.
  • In the next step, you must tap on the empty board holding only one mirror piece. Keep all mirrors to board to complete the mirror set that will open a box below the basin.
  • Collect a Missing Lock First Piece and add it to your inventory. Now, tap on the recently opened box to play a pipe game where you have to make connections to solve the puzzle.
  • Completion of the puzzle grants you a battery that you can use later.
  • Open the tap to run the water and reveal a clue (3 pm).

Go Back to Bedroom

  • Collecting all hidden objects from the bathroom, the game asks you to go back to the bedroom where you can use a knife to break the mirror of a painting.
  • Click on a drawer kept near the bed holding a four-digit code locker, but don’t forget to add a battery to the clock kept above the table.

Hint: Input the right code using the clock clue.

  • Enter the code (0300) to open the drawer and discover a book holding another clue.
  • Now, head to a briefcase kept forth the bed and enter the following code (3560) to open it.
  • Open the box to collect Missing Lock 2nd Piece and Photo Piece 1.

Reception Table

Leave the room and head to the receptionist’s table where once you have seen a photo gallery on the wall.

  • Select a photo from your inventory and pin it on the gallery and play a mini-game where you must tap on two photos similar to each other.
  • When the last photo remains, select a knife from your inventory and cut it to collect Missing Lock Third Piece.

After that, you need to take the stairs and head to a room available below the stairs near the kitchen. Open its locker and add all missing lock pieces to complete it.

Next to that, you should draw the same patterns you have found in different places as follows:

  • BathroomMirror
  • BedroomBox
  • ReceptionPhoto Gallery
  • BedroomScenery

The door will open as you make the right patterns following images you have seen in different places. Escape Game: Spy Agent Chapter 2 has been completed.

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