Escape Game: Spy Agent Chapter 1 Walkthrough


The first chapter in Hidden Escape Secret Agent Adventure Mission video game is “Secret Intelligence Service.” It takes place in a secret headquarter where the game begins with an Agent, named Falcon. At the start, you should read the conversation between Falcon and SIS Chief to learn what your goals are and how to solve the mystery. As the discussion ends, collect a screwdriver and move toward the main door where you may discover a circuit locked using screws.

Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough Chapter 1

As mentioned above, you have to collect a screwdriver and add it to your inventory to use later. Explore the environment from a first-person viewpoint to discover a circuit board that you can crack to get into the SIS Headquarter. To learn how to solve the mystery, follow our introduced Escape Game: Spy Agent Chapter 1 Walkthrough Guide.

  • Collect a screwdriver from the floor and tap on a door panel.
  • Select a tool from your inventory and open all screws to reveal the circuit inside the cover.
  • Once the game displays you a circuit, your goal is to connect the wire correctly to open the door.

Hint: You must watch the plant pot to discover a clue. Keep the balloons and their borders colors in mind when solving the mystery of the circuit.

Once the door gets opened, the game will take you in where SIS Chief welcomes you. Don’t forget to claim daily rewards that may grant you free hints. You can use free hints to highlight the objects you feel difficult to find.

  • Explore the room to discover a blue-colored file 4 that you must add to your inventory.
  • Open the briefcase kept on the table to play mini-games where you must turn all white squares into blue following a specific pattern as given images.

How to Complete Draw Line Puzzles?

To open a briefcase, you have to solve four draw line puzzles without breaking the connection of your finger with the screen. Therefore, you should reach the line to the end without taking any break. We have solved the said puzzles for you and here are the images below.

  • Open the briefcase by solving a puzzle and collect File 1.

Get into the Room of Your Right Side

After opening the briefcase, you should go into the office available on the right side to find the rest of the files.

  • There is a pink file 2 on the table near the Computer that you must collect and add to your inventory.
  • Open the drawer to collect a Green File and don’t forget to remember the colors of the ice cream on the Computer Screen.
  • Click on the second drawer to bring all files out and keep files from your inventory to the drawer following the pattern and the color you found on the screen.

  • After setting all files, the game reveals a USB drive for you to collect.
  • Head to a puzzle fixed next to the door and brings all of its rings to a particular position. Once you solve the puzzle, it gives you a key that you can use to open the main door.

  • Come out from the office and head to the main door. Enter the key to open the digital locker and connect all circuits properly to open the door.

Get into the Secret Room

Now, there is only one item (USB) left in your inventory. Open the main door and get into the secret room where you must tap on the projector and insert the USB drive to see what is new there for you to reveal.

  • After watching the images, get the access card and come out from the room. Take stairs to access another door and use the access card to open it, but before leaving you to have to complete another puzzle.
  • Once you are in the room, collect a Robot Part 2 from the left side and add it to your inventory.
  • Near the table, there is a Robot Part 4 that you must collect.
  • On the right side, Robot Part 1 is available that you must add to your inventory.
  • Amidst the room, the game features only robot legs and it tasks you with completing it using the parts you have collected.
  • After completing the construction of the robot, tap on the screen and play a mini-game to solve puzzles. As prior, you have to draw a line without lifting your finger.
  • Once done, collect a Robot Part 3 (Head) and place it on the robot. The next mini-game seems like a Connect Pipe Puzzle where you must connect all pipes to recharge the robot who will open a cupboard holding secret documents that you need to progress through the storyline.

Escape Game: Spy Agent Walkthrough Chapter 1 has been completed, click here to read our next guide.

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