Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 9 Walkthrough


Welcome to a beautiful bedroom of a princess. The room is fully furnished with ancient items and rare furniture. A well-dressed statue is standing next to the window and there is a beautiful mat on the floor that increases the beauty of the room. It is the Level 9 of Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 that comes with new challenges. Here you can put your puzzle-solving skills to the test or can get a chance to hone your skills of hidden objects. Follow the steps mentioned in Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 9 Walkthrough to learn how to complete puzzles.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Walkthrough – Level 9

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  • Click on the right of the bed to discover a long reach stick near the bundle of woods.
  • Now, you have to bring a key out from under the bed using the long reach stick and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the dressing table and remember the position of wigs. After that go back to the bed and head to its wardrobe where you will discover three gold coins glued with it.

  • Tap on the cupboard and open its drawer to collect feathers. Add features to a painting hanging on the right side of the cupboard and set them properly to get a key.
  • Use the key to open the second drawer of the cupboard. You will discover a necklace as the drawer gets opened.
  • Now, head to the wardrobe on the left side of the bed and rotate the coins to them according to the wigs you found on a dressing table. Open the drawers to collect bangles and keep them in your inventory.
  • Next to that, click on the dummy and equip it with a crown, necklace, and a Chinese fan to get a key to your freedom.

  • Open the door using the key from your inventory and escape.

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