Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 7 Walkthrough


Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 7 comes with 50 challenging rooms and each room holds something surprising for you. Be a real detective when investigating the environment to find hidden objects and reach the end to get a key to escape. The game increases the level of difficulty gradually; therefore, you have enough time to take your detective skills to the next level. Avoid tapping the screen randomly because it won’t work, but thankfully the game didn’t feature any penalty system.

This time, the game takes you to a luxury washroom fully loaded with many items. In the 7 levels of Escape Game 50 Rooms 3, your goal is the same as the prior – find hidden objects and use them to solve tricky puzzles. The game won’t display you any list of items you have to find; therefore, you need Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 7 Guide that we are offering. Follow the steps mentioned below to escape Room 7.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Walkthrough – Level 7

  • Collect a towel from the stand and keep it in your inventory.
  • Open the drawer fixed below the mirror and collect a screwdriver.
  • To discover a knife, you must tap on the commode and remove its lid using the screwdriver available in your inventory.

  • Now, click on the basin to discover a flask that will be added to your inventory automatically.
  • Select the flash from your inventory and merge it with the toilet. Now, use the toilet to clean the mirror that contains secret numbers (8553).

  • Now, you should select a knife from your inventory and head to the gift boxes, remove their ribbons and open them to bring a digital machine out.
  • Enter the code (8553) you found on the mirror and collect a key card.
  • Use the key card to open the door and escape Room 7.

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