Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 3 Walkthrough


The third room of Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 seems similar to the first one, but it comes with different items and puzzles to solve. This time, the game has featured a basin near the main door and a mirror above it. Some clothes are hanged on the left wall, while the fan has been kept on a small table. Finding the solution of the third level wouldn’t easy for everyone; therefore, we jump in to help. Follow the given steps to see how to investigate the third room to find hidden objects and escape.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Walkthrough – Level 3

As mentioned above, the third level is a bit difficult compared to the first two stages; therefore, you should improve your detective skills because finding hidden objects is challenging.

  • Head to a patient trolley which is kept upside down on the ground, to collect a handle.
  • Tap on the patient bed and pick up a pillow to reveal a knife that you must add to your inventory.
  • Collect a shirt hanging on the wall and bring it to the basin.
  • Fix the tap and let the water run. Watch the shirt and bring it close to the fan to dry it, don’t forget to turn the fan on.
  • Once four signs have started to display, select the knife from your inventory and cut a piece out of the wall from above the patient bed.
  • Set all signs on the locker to open a secret box.
  • Collect a gem from there and add it to a mini-game fixed on the right side of the main door.
  • Complete the mini-game and escape the third room.

Escape Game 50 Rooms 3 Level 3 is done, follow the link for the solution of the fourth level.

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