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Do you have ever dream of being a detective? Of course, everyone loves to be a detective, because everyone finds the investigation job quite impressive. Apart from that, you have an opportunity to use a variety of cool gadgets when investigating the case to find the murderer. Criminal Case comes with dozens of cases to solve, and each one has a unique culprit and objects to find. The game works on the same formula found in Gardenscapes and Homescapes. You have to work hard to collect stars by completing cases and using them to accomplish other cases.

Moreover, there are dozens of locations available that you can explore to complete challenging cases. Each location holds a unique case and comes with several scenes where you have to find hidden objects to find clues, analyze them, and find the culprit. Criminal Case will cast you into the role of a detective who visits different places to investigate what happened here. Furthermore, you have to invite others as your partner to help; each character has a meter displaying how many times you can use the hint system.

Criminal Case Review

Without any doubt, Criminal Case is one of the best Hidden Object and Adventure video games released for mobile platforms. Are you ready to be a detective? Because the game has covered all prominent features, you must investigate murder cases to put criminals behind bars. Now, everything depends on your puzzle-solving skills. The player with strong eyesight, a sharp mind, and quiet reflexes can easily solve all cases. The game features an energy system, and max, you can store up to 110 energy at once. Opening a new scene or playing the exit scene will deplete up to 20 energy from the bar, and upon running out of the energy, you have to wait until it gets field completely.

No doubt, players are searching for the best Criminal Case Walkthrough Guide, but on the other hand, they are also looking for a Guide – how to collect energy in Criminal Case video game. You don’t need to worry because has covered all things, including Tips and Tricks in one pack for you.

Introduction of 55 Chapters

As mentioned above, the game comes with up to fifty-five chapters. In short, you have to solve over fifty murder cases using your skills and abilities. If you’re not a master in working as a detective, then considered it a golden chance to hone your skills. Stop using the hint system, as it will slow down your speed. Explore the case properly to see what objects are available and then start reading the names and tapping on the objects to find. The game rewards you with more points if you find more objects without any delay. This is because the game introduces a multiplier system that goes up to 8x.

The fuse of Hidden Object and Adventure

Seriously, I love a fuse of Adventure, Hidden Object, and Puzzle game elements. The game guarantees to keep the gameplay fresh whenever you come back after a break. Reading the conversation going between characters may help you a lot in solving different cases. Each scene holds from 6 to 10 items that you need to discover at any cost.

Hint System

Moreover, you can use a hint to highlight the object you aren’t familiar with or feeling difficult to find it. Most importantly, you are hired to investigate crime scenes for clues. Interrogate the suspects and analyze the evidence you found from crime scenes, and put the killers into jail.

The game features dozens of characters you can select to work as your partner. Each one has a meter holding specific numbers of hints. Afterward, there’s a leaderboard containing several characters, and each one has a specific rank. You can earn points to level up and beat other detectives to achieve the first rank.


In Criminal Case, you will join the Police of Grimsborough to solve complex murder cases in the captivating hidden object and adventure game. The game forces you to work on crime scenes to find clues, interrogate suspects on behalf of clues, and analyze evidence to catch the murderer. The USA’s beautiful city is Grimsborough, and it serves as the first season of the Criminal Case video game series. The city spans six different districts, and their names are the following:

  • Industrial Area
  • Financial Center
  • Historical Center
  • University
  • Maple Heights
  • Airport

Over fifty challenging cases are there, and each one has different consequences. By default, only the industrial zone is available to solve cases and unlock as you solve cases.

Location Guide

As mentioned above, the Criminal Case’s first season is that Grimsborough comes with fifty-six challenging cases across six locations.

Industrial Area – As a detective, your career will start in the Industrial Area as it is the first location you have to explore to solve murder cases. The district is suffering from crime and gang activities, and gangsters are spreading chaos and assassinating celebrities. A war has been torn between two gangs, such as The Skulls and The Vipers. The said location holds the first 11 cases to solve, from “The Death of Rosa Wolf” to “Into the Vipers’ Nest.”

Financial Center – The 2nd massive location on the map holds two familiar areas, such as Wall Street and Central Park. If you intend to know who the architecture of the city is, then here’s the answer to your question, “Roman Harris.” Financial Center revolves around a powerful, greedy person who aims to earn money following illegal ways. The location comes with ten cases to solve (12 to 21), and each one has different requirements and will assign you a different partner to help.

Historical Center – After completing all cases of Financial Center, the game takes you to Historical Center. The district has different historical places, including a forest and a lake. Usually, the area deals with different crimes and murders because of a contest. The cases start from 22 “To Die or Not to Die” and ends with “Dog Eat Dog.”

University – The fourth location that unlocks after the completion of all cases available in the Historical Center. Upon discovering the location, you find a serial killer involved in various murder scenes. Your ultimate goal is to stop the murderer before it’s too late. Ten different cases are available, starting from 32 to 41.

Maple Heights – The fifth district of the map is considering the most affluent area. The environment usually deals with individuals where people are greedy and pride themselves to be the world’s richest person. The area deals with Mayoral Elections as the city police investigate criminal scenes happening among the affluent and the city’s rich. There are up to 10 cases available, ranging from 52 (Blood and Glory) to 56 (It All Ends Here).

Airport – Do you know?  The Airport is the sixth location of the game that revolves around digging deep into the land’s mysteries to unveil secrets and find the killers. It also serves as the biggest district on the map with 15 cases to complete, ranging from 52 (A Brave New World) to 56 (There Will be Blood).

Criminal Case Walkthrough Guide – Tips and Tricks

Criminal Case comes with up to fifty-six challenging cases; each one sets you off on an epic investigation of a crime scene. Before starting the game, you’re allowed to modify your character after selecting the gender. In short, you can either control a male or a female detective to pursue your investigation career. Solving a Criminal Case isn’t a cup of cake because you have to conduct a proper investigation, but before you need to solve hidden object puzzles to find clues. Analyze the victim’s dead body and clues you found from the scenes to find the guilty person.

Moreover, during the investigation, you may find many suspects and interrogate each to advance the story. When interrogating the case, you can match the clues you found from the scene to see whether they match with the person you are interrogating or not. Apart from that, you can take the first case as a tutorial level, and most of the part the game plays itself to display you how to play. You start the game with a hidden object scene where you can find objects and clues to find the killer who is freely roaming the environment to find another target.

Criminal Case Walkthrough – The Death of Rosa Wolf

The first case involves investigating the crime scene where a woman was reported dead in the Industrial Area. Someone has slashed the throat of Rosa Wolf and left a knife as evidence for you to collect. Start investigating the crime scene by playing the hidden object game. Collect evidence, add to your inventory, send the dead body for postmortem, and interrogate two suspects.


  • Rosa Wolf


  • Matt Barry
  • Ash Bison

Firstly, you come to know that the killer is right-handed. Secondly, you reveal that the killer has used a knife to slay the throat of the woman. Apart from that, you have to complete three different scenes and play a mini-game that reveals a number 9. To complete the level, you have to conduct a proper investigation following Criminal Case Walkthrough steps.

  • At the very first, you have to explore the Roadside where you found a woman dead. After investigating the crime scene, you find the following items: Knife full of Flood, the Body of a woman, and the Victim’s Name (Rosa Wolf).
  • Afterward, you should send the victim’s body to autopsy. Usually, it takes up to 5 seconds and will reveal that the murder is right-handed.
  • As the first scene’s requirements get completed, the game will take you to the next scene (Wrecked House), where you discover the following objects, such as Blue Fabric.
  • Examining the newly found blue fabric will unveil that the killer wears a blue-colored shirt of a number 9.

Analyze all clues and collected information to reveal the person who is guilty and put him in jail. The murderer is Matt Barry.

Criminal Case Walkthrough – Corpse in a Garden

The 2nd challenging case featured in the Criminal Case video game. It takes you to the same area as the first case, Industrial Area – a district in the City known as Grimsborough. In this case, your victim is Ned Dillard, who was a mortgage broker and found dead in an abandoned home. Upon investigating the case, you come to know that someone had brutally cut his handoff. To find the hand, you have to complete the junkyard garden puzzle that takes you outside the house.


Furthermore, you would be surprised to know that the killer, after committing the crime, turned into the victim’s bodyguard, named Dennis Brown. The case isn’t easy as you are considering because it involves you interrogating up to five suspects; each one belongs to a unique profession and isn’t cooperative during the investigation. During interrogation, the killer said that he had nothing against the victim; however, the police have no evidence that he tried to chop down the victim.


  • Ned Dillard


  • Tony Marconi
  • Dave Simmons
  • Joe Stem
  • Dennis Brown
  • Mario Sanchez

The murderer uses the saw to kill the victim. If you find any difficulties during the investigation, you can read our Criminal Case Walkthrough Guide to solve the mystery of the murder. Follow the given steps to find the killer, but first, you should know that the 2nd case includes four different scenes to complete, and each one comes with a unique list of items to find.

Corpse in a Garden – Chapter 1

  • You start investigating the case from Junkyard Garden, where you find the following item: Hand.
  • Your next scene takes place in the dirty toilet, where you discover the Victim’s Body, Clothes, Saw, Identity, and Liquid Bottle.
  • Send the body for an autopsy, and it will take up to 25 minutes.
  • Afterward, analyze the liquid you collected from a dirty toilet that will reveal a barcode and brings a new suspect to the scene for interrogation.
  • Visit the mini-market to complete your interrogation with Joe Stem.
  • Find the trash bag and use the star to examine the victim’s cloth.
  • You will discover a golden toot during the case, and upon analyzing, you come to know that one tooth of the killer is missing.
  • Next to that, you should interrogate the rest of the suspects.


The 2nd case comes with two Chapters; each one reveals unique suspects and evidence to collect. Your partner will be new in every scene, who decides how many hints you can use during the game whenever you get stuck anywhere.

Corpse in a Garden – Chapter 2

As mentioned above, the game has two chapters, and each one holds unique clues you need to complete the case. Find the objects given below to solve the case.

  • Investigate the crime scene (Dirty Toilet) to find a clue (Tie Clip)
  • You can use the Tie Clip to grab the fingerprint of your killer, but you need at least three hours to complete the process.
  • Visit the Junkyard Garden once again to discover the Pile of Leaves, and upon analyzing, you discover a Business Card of someone.
  • For sure, the business card holds a phone number that you can use to catch the person the card belongs to for investigation.
  • Talking with the person will bring a new suspect to the game to make the case a bit more complicated.


It serves as the only case that comes with three chapters to complete, including an additional investigation that leaves you one or two stars after concluding.

Criminal Case Walkthrough – The Grim Butcher

Being a detective, investigating tricky cases is fun. Sometimes, it leads you to a difficult situation that only a real hero can deal with to escape the worst situation. The Grim Butcher is a third case available in the Criminal Case video game. It invites you to investigate a deadly murder case in Grimsborough, revolving around the Industrial area.

The plot starts with a character named Raoul Colletti, who reports that a team has found a dead body of a boy hanging upside in the meat butchery market. Afterward, the team that found the dead body was informed by the victim’s mother that her daughter’s heart was sold to her. The completion of the investigation will reveal the killer named Trish Colletti.

During interrogation, Raoul denied Trish as the police already collected lots of evidence that proves Trish’s involvement in the murder case. Afterward, a statement by Trish reveals that one day she caught Jennifer slept with her boyfriend red-handed. She planned to kidnap Jennifer to torture her badly and butcher her up, similar to an animal without anyone’s appearance.


  • Jennifer Carter


  • Raoul Colletti
  • One-tooth Sam
  • Raphael Soza
  • Trish Colletti
  • Vanessa Carter

Crime Scenes

  • Warehouse
  • Jennifer’s Backpack
  • Homeless Camp
  • Shack
  • Vanessa’s Kitchen
  • Breakfast Table

As you start the investigation and solve hidden object scenes, you come to know that the size of killer feet is almost 10, and the blood type is O+. More information includes the following aspects like the killer is a smoker and loves to wear yellow-colored clothes.

Like the 2nd case, The Grim Butcher spans three chapters; each one comes with unique objectives to complete that help you catch the guilty person. You are supposed to follow the steps given in the Guide of Criminal Case Walkthrough to reveal all secrets and know who the killer is.

The Grim Butcher – Chapter 1

  • Start your investigation from the warehouse to discover the victim’s body, a print of shoes, and a garbage can. You will also reveal the victim’s name and bring a new suspect to the case for interrogation.
  • To unveil more information, you should send the victim’s body to the forensic lab for an autopsy. The process usually takes up to six hours, but in return will let you know that the killer wears a shoe of 10 sizes.
  • Earn star by completing the objectives and examine Garbage Can you discovered nearby the body, revealing Bloody Cleaver.
  • In the next scene, you find yourself talking to Raoul Colletti and then Trish Colletti.

Furthermore, as you move to the next chapter, the game rewards you with 2 stars.

The Grim Butcher – Chapter 2

As Chapter 2 starts, the game gives you the option of interrogating Vanessa Carter to know whether the suspect is a smoker or not.

  • Visit the Kitchen of Vanessa to find a clue (Torn Page)
  • Exploring the victim’s backpack will reveal a mobile phone that holds valuable information.
  • The game will reveal a bloodstained rag as you start investigating Shack. Using the magnifying glass, you find the blood type, which is 0+.

The Grim Butcher – Chapter 3

The third chapter will make several corrections regarding the feet sizes of suspects. In the third chapter, you may talk to Vanessa to investigate Breakfast Table. Keep finding clues and pursuing your investigation to catch the killer, who is Trish Colletti.

Criminal Case Walkthrough – The Dockyard Killer

I have completed the first three cases and feeling proud to be a detective. Similarly, I intend to see all those guys as the world’s best detectives who aims to be a spy. Let’s talk about “The Dockyard Killer” – a tricky case that comes at number 4 in the Criminal Case video game. It takes place in the same environment where the first three cases are set in the Industrial Area, a district of Grimsborough.


The scene starts with a driver named James Smith, who found someone’s dead body in the dock. After reaching, both you and your partner will bring the body out of the dock. The victim has died because of a stomach-wound and was killed by Bulldog, a gangster.

After investigating the scene, you come to know that the victim purchased drugs from the killer. The drug had cost the victim $2,000. After conversing with the drug dealer, the victim demanded to owe him the money back and started to lose patience. In return, the drug dealer brought a knife out and stabbed the victim in the stomach using a knife.


  • Dan Broke


  • Sally Stone
  • Gloria Roach
  • James Smith
  • Bulldog
  • Bart Williams

Many secrets will be revealed as you complete your interrogation, like the murderer loves to wear a skull badge and is a lefty. Moreover, a tattoo has been drawn on the neck, and the color of the hair is red. Like the 2nd case, the 3rd case comes with six locations to explore; each has various hidden objects to find when trying to solve the puzzle. The names of the locations are the following:

  • A Container
  • The Docks
  • Bed
  • Living Room
  • Backstreet
  • Garbage Bin

The Dockyard Killer – Chapter 1

The scene begins from the Docks, where you find the following clues like Dan’s Wallet, Victim’s Body, a damaged Badge, and the first suspect.

  • Following your footsteps in previous cases, send the body for an autopsy that takes up to eighteen hours to complete the process. Once the process is done, the reports will confirm that the killer is a lefty and has red hairs.
  • Now, you should use a star to examine the broken badge you found from the spot, and it requires up to 30 minutes to get finalized will reveal the skull badge.
  • Afterward, you need to examine the Wallet of Dane to unveil the address and ask the building supervisor regarding the victim to collect some information.
  • Move into the victim’s room to investigate the living Room that may bring you Sally’s Bag.

The Dockyard Killer – Chapter 2

Finding hidden objects may help you update suspects’ profiles, and you come to know that Gloria is right-handed. Soon, you find a container, and upon investigating, you discover a Cigarette Butt. Now, you will conduct the following experiments.

  • Analyze the Cigarette Butt, and it will take only 2 minutes.
  • Collect and analyze the fingerprint to find the guilty person.
  • Next to that, you should know about James Smith while examining Drug Package.
  • Talk to Bulldog about the victim and analyze both the Bloody Poster and Blood.
  • Visit the Bulldog once again to talk about the blood discovered in the Alley.

Unlock chapter 3 and attempt to solve the case.

The Dockyard Killer – Chapter 3

You are almost close to catching the murderer.  Till now, we have collected several clues enough to recognize the killer. A few investigations are required to pursue like you have to investigate the Garbage Bin once again and then move to the knife.

Note: You can do additional investigation to make your case stronger than ever. Usually, additional investigation may charge up to 2 stars and reward you with stars to unlock other scenes.

Criminal Case Walkthrough – A Russian Case

The case is about Anton Levin, who was found dead in a restaurant. The Chief King send you, along with another detective, to collect the dead body of Anton Levin, who was the head of the Russian Mafia. As you reach the restaurant, you found the victim sitting dead with strange wounds on the head. The team started to explore six different scenes to collect clues by investigating the crime scenes. The person who killed Anton Levin is Mikhail Levin.

At the very start, Mikhail was angry upon finding his father’s relationship with his girlfriend named Eva Coleman. The anger has turned into madness when he found that his girlfriend is pregnant. Afterward, his anger leads Mikhail Levin to beat Anton until death using a meat tenderizer. Upon finding him guilty, Judges orders him to spend 23 years in prison.


  • Anton Levin


  • Eva Coleman
  • Tony Marconi
  • Mikhail
  • Bart Williams
  • Dimitri Balanchine

The conclusion of your investigation would reveal that the killer will be 6 feet tall, uses hand sanitizer, wears a gold chain, and speaks in Russian. The game features six different crime scenes to investigate, and each one holds dozens of hidden objects to find and pursue the case. In each scene, your partner will be different and of your choice, although the game won’t let you select the partner at first. The available crime scenes are the following:

  • Dining Room
  • Tables
  • Living Room
  • Mikhail’s Apartment
  • Sewers
  • Sewers Conduit

Like other criminal cases, it takes you to complete three chapters to reach the end. The consequences of each chapter will be different and keep you busy updating the profile of suspects and finding hidden objects.

Note: Anthony Levin was that guy you called for interrogation in your 2nd case but found him innocent at that time.

A Russian Case – Chapter 1

At first, the game takes you to a Dining Room to start your investigation. Your goal is to find as many clues as possible to find the killer, but first, collect the victim’s body and send it for autopsy in the forensic lab. During the investigation, you will find a destroyed phone, the victim’s body, and name.

The stars are essential in the game, and you can’t complete anything without stars. If you need to interrogate any suspects, you need a star. Similarly, you should always keep your energy level full because the game will deplete up to 20 percent of your energy as you request to visit the crime scene.

  • Examine the destroyed phone for clues, and it brings a new suspect named Mikhail Levin.
  • You have to wait at least three hours when the phone is analyzing, but it worth your time and bring the main suspect, “Tony Marconi, to the scene.”
  • Afterward, interrogate Mikhail Levin and ask questions regarding the death of his father. Apart from that, visit Mikhail’s apartment to find more clues.
  • When investigating the scene, you will discover cotton pieces, and analyzing those stuff will bring a new suspect to the circle, named Eva Coleman.

Chapter one ends over here, and the game takes you to the next chapter, where you pursue the rest of the investigation.

A Russian Case – Chapter 2

As chapter 2 starts, you have to investigate Bart that will unlock a new crime scene, known as Sewers. Being a detective, you should investigate Sewers’ investigation to find Gold Watch and Wallet’s following clues.

  • Next to that, your job is to examine the wallet to find some papers and visiting cards.
  • Leave the wallet for a while to start interrogation of Tony Marconi to discuss the invoice you found.
  • To analyze the invoice, the game requires at least three hours. A new suspect will make a place to the circle where you investigate the person for evidence.
  • Interrogate Dimitri Balanchine to unlock a new crime scene, known as Tables.
  • Investigate the tables to find clues like Bloody Napkin and ledger.
  • Now, you should inquire into the dark business of Marconi to know what hand sanitizer he used.
  • You can send the found napkin to collect the blood samples.
  • Lastly, you should call Eva to reveal how her relationship with Anton was.

A Russian Case – Chapter 3

Move to the “Living Room,” where you can update profiles of all suspects based on clues you find from here. Upon investigating the Living Room, you find two clues like card and hand sanitizer. And come to know that both Eva and Mikhail use the same Hand Sanitizer.

  • You have to examine the card to find evidence and collect a number. The time needs to analyze the mobile number is 3 hours, till then, you should talk to Mikhail about the affair with Eva.
  • Next to that, you have to investigate the newly unlocked scenes, examine the gold chain, and check the complaint record. Once you reach the end, the game displays you five suspects to choose the killer based on clues you collected and put him behind the jail’s bars.

Criminal Case Walkthrough – Good Cop Dead Cop

In case you want to be the world’s best detective, you should work to hone your skills and abilities. The detective’s only weapon is its brain. The strong brain and puzzle-solving skills will never let you give up. It is the sixth mind-bending case that takes place in the Industrial Area, a district of Grimborough. The 6th case follows a detective who worked in the Grimsborough Police Department found dead in a subway station.

Moreover, your partner is Jones, who found that Ed was linked with dodgy characters like Angel Martinez Zeus, and Freddie Whitemore. After collecting enough evidence, your team arrested Harry Landry, a fellow victim, and his partner. After admitting the crime, Harry reveals the murder happened jealously because he can’t see the person who was an inspiration to ruin his Police career.


  • Ed Dunkin


  • Freddie Whitemore
  • Ginger
  • Harry Landry
  • Angel Martinez
  • Zeus

Upon investigation of the case, you will reveal that the killer is an almost 6.3” tall male with blue eyes and blonde hair.

Are you ready to explore six different crime scenes; each one holds something unique for you to reveal and use to complete the murder case. Don’t be afraid whenever you are interrogating the suspects because it may lose your grip on the case and the person who is a guilty escape. Therefore, you should not talk with the suspect until you don’t have any evidence regarding the targeted person. The available Crime Scenes are the following:

  • Third Floor
  • Subway Platform
  • Subway Seats
  • Ed’s Desk
  • Submerged Car
  • Riverbed

Following the footsteps of previous cases, it comes with three chapters to explore. Each chapter splits into two sections, such as Investigation of Hidden Object Scenes and Interrogation of Suspects.

Good Cop Dead Cop – Chapter 1

You will start investigating the Subway Platform case, where the possibility of finding clues is high. The game will lead you through several scenes to the killer, but you should collect the following items like the Victim’s Body and Garbage Bag before. Follow the Crime Cases Walkthrough Beginner’s Guide to see how to solve murder cases without any hassle.

  • Send the body for an autopsy, and it will take up to eighteen hours and the result will reveal that the killer is 6.3” tall.
  • Next to that, you need to search the garbage bag to find any clue. Did you know? You’re going to collect a USB key from the garbage bag.
  • Afterward, talk to Angel Martinez and ask a question related to the victim’s relationship, based on a USB key.
  • Invite Harry Landry for interrogation, who is the partner of the victim.
  • Move to the third floor to investigate the crime and find a clue, Torn Page.
  • Learn about the connection of Zeus with the Victim and move to chapter 2.

Good Cop Dead Cop – Chapter 2

In the second chapter, you will know that a prostitute saw the murderer and can describe the appearance to confirm how he looks.

  • The Riverbed will become available once you unlock Chapter 2.
  • Start analyzing the gun to reveal the serial number and move to the subway seats where you find a betting ticket. You can easily grab fingerprints from it to reach the murder.
  • Keep interrogating the suspects to unveil the truth until you can’t take your hands to the murder’s neck.

Good Cop Dead Cop – Chapter 3

After unlocking the third chapter, you will investigate a submerged vehicle to collect a clue in the form of a damaged camera. After collecting enough clues, you can easily arrest the killer and put him in jail. Additional investigation may reward you with stars that you need to interrogate suspects and complete other actions.


Crime Cases is one of the most challenging Hidden Object and Adventure video game. It introduces a massive cast of characters and features up to fifty-six crime cases to solve. Aside from murder cases, the graphics and sound effects are impressive, and the game keeps you engaged until the murder case gets solved. Besides victims, the game brings several partners that help you find clues, analyze evidence, and catch the killer. If you love to be a detective, we suggest you play Criminal Scene to learn how detective works.

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