Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough


Nobodies: Murder Cleaner is a Point-and-Click, Hidden Object, and Single-player Puzzle video game developed by Blyts. The beautiful romance of different genres come with outstanding gameplay that you may have never experienced before. You are neither a detective nor a cop in the game, but your duty is almost the same as a detective with a few changes. The high-quality graphics will keep you engaged for endless hours of fun while taking you through different scenes to navigate for the completion of missions.

Furthermore, the game introduces a friendly user-interface that features a briefcase at the right-top-corner of the screen. When playing the game, you can add hidden objects to your briefcase to use later. Besides that, you’re supposed to find hidden objects, because analyzing the clues and solving a mystery are your ultimate goals to complete.

There are thirteen different missions available, and each one comes with a unique plot and a series of items you have to collect. Instead of featuring you investigating the murder case, the game throws you to the scene with the task of clearing up the mess spread by a Hitman.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Review – Be a Murder Cleaner

As the name implies, the game brings a deadliest role for you to assume. You don’t have too many options, as you are limited to be a murder cleaner only. For sure, you may have played dozens of Hidden Object games as a detective I guess, but playing the game as a Murder Cleaner isn’t a cup of cake. Seriously, I found the game tough to play and praised the great work of the developers.

I started the game with nothing, except for how to play Hidden Object video games. The tutorial level helps me a lot to understand how the game works. The graphics and sound are immersive, and the game introduces different scenes for each level. You don’t need to worry regarding scoring points, because the game lacks that system.

13 Tricky Cases

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner features thirteen thrilling cases; each one tasks you with disposing of the bodies, and remove all evidence so no one can catch you. As the game starts, you find yourself on a terrace where you find a deadly and some other items you can use to dispose of the body.

The game increases the difficulty level as you reach the next scene. The first level comes with basic difficulty, which increases gradually. The plot revolves around Hitman who needs someone to clear up the mess behind him after taking out the targets.

Become a Cleaner

Many players find becoming a detective to solve murder cases bored; therefore, they want to be cleaner. Being a cleaner, your job is to clear the mess left by Hitman and remove all evidence to secure your boss. In the game, you work as a cleaner in a secret government counter-terrorist agency that tasks you with disposing of bodies, removing evidence, and leaving no clue behind you pointing toward you.

The game brings a beautiful mix of Point-and-Click, Puzzle, and Adventure game elements wherein using wit is compulsory because it is only your weapon. When playing the game, you have to make sure two times that your employers’ actions remain undiscovered. So you should help your employers take out key members of a terrorist organization on revealing experimental bioweapons across the land. During the game, you deal with three major things as follows:

  • Jump in
  • Get out
  • Leave no dead bodies and evidence behind you.

Hand-crafted Art

All levels are beautifully hand-crafted, offering you an amazing feel and brilliant scene. You explore the environment from the perspective of the protagonist, who is a cleaner. As a hitman’s companion, you should go through each level thoroughly, find evidence to remove and find a way to dispose of the dead body of the targeted person.

Leaving any clue means you will be caught soon. Keep your ears on doors and keeps on clues and evidence. Remove everything that can create difficulties for you. Playing Nobodies: Murder Cleaner isn’t as easy as you are considering; therefore, jumps in to help you by introducing Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough Guide.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough

Keep your focus on finding hidden objects and clues that you can use to hide the body so no one can find them. When playing the game, neither you’re a cop nor a detective, but work in their footsteps. Find hidden objects and add them to your inventory to use later.

The game doesn’t feature any time limit or a system that deduces finding invalid taps on the screen. If you find the game difficult to play, then follow Nobodies Murder Cleaner Walkthrough to complete each level without any hassle.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 1 (Quick Dry)

Your first mission takes place on a terrace where you have to hide a body before the arrival of security guards or police. The game doesn’t feature too much mess on the terrace; therefore, you have a chance to learn how to deal with dead bodies and items available near it.

Once you get into the scene, you find the following items: Cement Mixture Machine, a Tool Box, Water Tap, Bucket, Trolley, and more items. All of your collected items will add to your briefcase available at the top-right corner of the screen. You should tap the briefcase to open it up and select the item you need to proceed with the story in the forwarding direction.

Goal: Your ultimate goal revolves around the disposal of the body so that no one can’t possibly discover it without casualties. During missions, you can use a pager to receive hints and help as well.

  • Search out the body to find a set of keys and add the keys to your briefcase to use later.
  • Collect the body from the terrace and a trowel available on the left side of the tower.
  • Use the key to open the red-colored toolbox and collect a parrot wrench.
  • Pick up a sack of cement and add it to your inventory to use later.
  • Collect a bucket and take it near the water tap.
  • Upon getting close, you come to know that it’s stuck. You can’t open it to get water, so find a solution to resolve the problem.
  • Did you see a trolley at the bottom of the screen? If yes, you should select a trowel from the briefcase and collect some sand from the trolley.
  • If you are stuck anywhere, tap on the pager to find instructions.
  • Select the parrot wrench to fix the water faucet to remove the hurdle, causing a disturbance in water flow.
  • Choose the bucket from the briefcase and fill it with water.
  • You should put the sack of cement into the mixture, add sand, and then put the water into the machine. Rotate the machine’s handle to turn it on and collect
  • You can combine two items of your inventory by merely dragging one onto another. Having said that you could drag the trowel onto the mix to combine.
  • Next to that, select the body from the briefcase, push him down into the column and cover it using the mix you prepared after blending three items like Cement, Sand, and Water.
  • The scene isn’t ended over here, as you are supposed to return everything you’re holding to its original place.

Note: Keep all items in their exact location from where you grabbed them.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 2 (Antwoord)

For sure, the next mission will be relatively difficult than the first one. There’s nothing, except for the hint system to use to highlight the hidden objects. Therefore, you should use the hint system whenever you find yourself in any difficulty. The 2nd mission plot is fabulous, revolving around Dr Henrik Neils, who is your next target.

According to the plot, Dr. has been working out of an underground facility, when an operative added a lethal poison to his tea early in the morning. Now, the company sends to the scene to tidy things up. The game tasks you with disposing of the body and discreet with the security guard who encounters you. Just keep in mind that leaving any tracks behind will be unbearable.

The next scene takes you to a laboratory in the underground environment. As you enter the room, you find Dr. has died, and a security guard is outside the room. The guard can come in anytime; therefore, you should tidy things up hurry, before it’s too late. Follow the steps give in the Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough to solve the mission.

  • Explore the table to collect a pipette and the lab coat from the stand near the drawer.
  • Open a small cupboard available above the drawer while choosing a pipette and fill it with a chemical in the 2nd column.
  • Discover a jar having two white rats. Fill the test tube with the liquid you collected from the cupboard and wait for the consequences.
  • Visit the 2nd room by heading to the main door and collecting a pipe and a coffee cup from there without being noticed, because a security guard is right there reading a newspaper.
  • Make coffee and offer it to the security guard to keep him busy for the next few minutes.
  • Collect the body from the main room, and visit the next room to mix the liquid you tested on the coffee rat. Wait for a while until the guard sleeps.
  • Steal the access card from the guard and open the door to the next room.
  • Upon getting into the room, you come to know that the door won’t open until the aquarium is full.
  • Select the pipe from your briefcase and rotate the handle to stop the water flow.
  • Once done, the door will open with a chance to keep the body inside the room and close the door once again so no one can detect where the Dr. is.
  • Use the pipe to continue the water flow and use the access card to open the door wherefrom you come in after putting the guard into a deep sleep.

Keep all the stuff to their exact locations where you picked them up to earn max points.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 3 (Late Checkout)

The story starts from the last night when a logistic expert Gonzalo Rodriguez of Q-100 used an alias to investigate the scene. Soon he comes to know that it was the last mistake he ever made. Your teammates are required to work speedily to catch the person in his room; therefore, you may see a huge mess surrounding you to deal with to complete the mission. You should keep in mind that the housekeeping will start making rounds after a while from now. Ensure two times there’s nothing you left for them to discover. As you enter the room, you find the said person’s body on the bed.

  • Firstly, you should collect the body bedspread from the bed and add it to your briefcase.
  • Close the main door to collect a “don’t disturb sign.
  • Open the door and come out to add the tag of Housekeeping on the next door, while adding the “don’t disturb sign” on the door of the person who has died.
  • You should take the stairs to reach the roof and head to the CCTV circuit where you can collect a plier.
  • Now, back to the main room and select the plier while tapping on the TV to collect a splitter.
  • Go to the roof and open the circuit. Select the splitter from your briefcase and connect it with the wires of the fifth and sixth numbers.
  • Collect a bed frame and go outside the room to grab keys from the food trolley.
  • Use the keys to open the door opposite the trolley in the lobby to put the keys back before leaving.
  • Once you’re in, collect fuses and handle from the shelf.
  • Visit the roof to place the bed frame near the wall to use it as stairs.
  • Add the handle between the pipes of the two water tanks.
  • Collect the body from the room and go to the small room available opposite the food trolley.
  • Above the treasure box, you may discover a window. You’ve to open its cover, keep the dead body over there, and close it.
  • Come out of the room and visit the office having two doors following the path food trolley.
  • Upon heading to the circuit after getting into the room, you find fuses from the switch missing.
  • Add fuses you collected from the small to the switch and turn it on to start the machine.
  • Remove the fuses once the machine stopped, and visit the roof once again to collect the plier and splitter from the circuit.
  • Don’t forget to collect the bed frame from the roof.

Keep the fuses and handle to the room, and lock it using the keys. Afterwards, keep the keys on the trolley, and get into the room where you must add the splitter to the TV and fix the bed frame once again. Did you keep the plier to the circuit?

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 4 (Picket Fence)

The next mission’s plot is outstanding, revolving around the infrared satellites that observed a huge heat signature while going through Montreal. The team was confirmed that the Chief of Q-100 is operating a reactor out of the suburban home. Your ultimate goal is to investigate the case thoroughly and leave all of them nothing to talk about. After having instruction from your organization, hit the pager’s next button to get into the level.

  • Clicking the next button will take you to a fully furnished, beautiful room.
  • Get into the kitchen and open the refrigerator to collect an empty bottle and a dead body from the floor.
  • From the shelf, you can collect rubber gloves and bleach.
  • There’s a calendar on the refrigerator’s door with having a circle on the 6th date written Jenny’s b’day. It could be a clue so you should keep it in mind.
  • Back to the main room and visit the red-colored sofa where three cushions are available. You may discover a box above the sofa. Upon opening, you discover a locker that required four-digit codes to get opened.
  • Enter the code (6684) to open the box and collect a safe key from it.
  • Revisit the kitchen, select the key from your briefcase and open the door available in the front wall to bring yourself out of the house.
  • As you leave the door, you find yourself standing ahead of a beautiful swimming pool. From here, you will gather a sack of cement, and don’t forget to pick up a bucket of paint from the garage.
  • Plier is kept on the table, and you can grab it. Collect keys from the board available on the right side of the vehicle.
  • Slide the cupboard available in the garage to find a piece of wire supplying the electricity to the room. Cut the wire and keep it in your briefcase to use later. When you cut it, the room falls into the dark environment that suits you.
  • Back to the main room, select the key from your inventory and open the door of your right side near the lamp.
  • Get into the room and start collecting objects like Pickaxe. Open the circuit box available on the left side of the blue-colored water tank and connect the cable with the circuit you collected from the garage. Before insulating, you should wear gloves as they are available in your inventory to use.
  • Once done, leave the room and go to the swimming pool to fill the empty bottle with water.
  • Putting the water into the generator-type object won’t work, but surprisingly it works. Soon, all the water in the swimming goes away.
  • You should then select the pickaxe and start digging the swimming pool to make some space for the dead body.
  • Put the body into the hole you made using the pickaxe into the swimming pool. Now, open your inventory to water into the sack of cement. Following the orders will help you get a wet cement that you can use to fill the gap to cover the body.
  • Now, you need to paint the targeted area so no one can detect what’s going on here.

Fill the swimming pool with water once again, and keep all stuff in the exact locations you grabbed them. Keep reading Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough for further solutions.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 5 (Bolt Bucket)

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough brings you close to a solution of Mission 5. In the scene, you will get informed that the chief propagandist of Q-100 named Sophia Vasquez has been on an epic mission in the United States for a few months from now. Your agency traced her location with a positive vocal match in Salt Lake City and taken her out. We recommend you to get creative to properly deal with the body and clues left by your agency surrounding it.

  • Upon getting into the scene, you discover that the victim has a hook on her forehead. It means you should remove that first. Collect the hook and add it to your inventory.
  • On the floor near the frame, you discover a paint spray.
  • Coming out of the scene will take you close to a vehicle and ahead of a shop.
  • Use the paint and draw something on the vehicle and select the hook from your inventory to break the mirror and get into the car.
  • As you break the mirror, the security alarm starts to ring. You should take care of that and search for the vehicle as soon as possible.
  • Open the dashboard drawer to collect coins and find a way to turn off the alarm before anyone detects you.
  • There’s a circuit on the steering’s left side; your goal is to bring it out and tap on all red buttons to turn off the alarm.
  • Get out of the vehicle and visit the main place to collect the body.
  • Open the trunk of the car, but the body into it and close it.
  • Tap on the telephone booth to use the coins you found from the car’s dashboard.
  • Make a call to the towing department by dialling the number (555-5185)
  • After two hours, your vehicle has been towed to the salvage facility.
  • As the night falls, the game takes you to the said facility where a car having a dead body was towed.
  • Collect a cable from the floor and a piece of meat from the dustbin.
  • Connect the cable with the hook and throw the meat toward the dog to get rid of it.
  • Use the hook to get into the area where your car is available.
  • Once you’re in, try to collect a fire extinguisher available near the lifter.
  • Collect a screwdriver and airbag from a ruined vehicle available on your left side.
  • Pick up an airbag from your inventory, keep it inside the container room window, and wait until the windows get torn.
  • Get into the room and collect a battery laid on the right side of the main door.
  • Next to that, the game displays some numbers, and they belong to a clock. It means whenever you find any lock, take its dial to the direction following the numbers (6, 12, 9, 12, 3, 3, and 12).
  • Open the first drawer of the table, but there’s a locker. Open the locker, as mentioned above in Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough Guide to collect a key.
  • Come out from the container and keep the battery in the lifter’s chamber to make it start.
  • Once you are done, the game involves you playing a mini-game from a top-down viewpoint. Control the lifter.
  • Keep a red-colored vehicle to a crushing chamber and leave the mini-game by taking the lifter to the exit point.

All objects you have collected and set to complete the puzzle, leave them to their places.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 6 (Cold Fury)

Another important mission is on your pager, describing that a famous Swedish Assassin named Johan Toresson has been taken over. The agency calls you to tidy things up in such a way no one can detect anything. The assassin was killed in a hunting cabin where human interference is limited. So you don’t need to rush, clean everything adequately, and escape without leaving any clue behind you. The agency gives the operation named Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Mission 6 Cold Fury. As the mission starts, you confront a massive snowfall outside the house, and it seems everything is freezing.

  • Start cleaning the place by picking up bullet shells.
  • Open the wooden house’s storeroom to collect a pickaxe and get into the house to see where the body of the assassin is laid. As you jump into the house, you discover a body on the chair.
  • Collect a machete available on the shelf below the animal head.
  • A map is available near the bottle rack, collect it.
  • Come out of the house and head to the vehicle. Open the dashboard drawer to collect a lighter and wallet. Open the pad of the car’s roof to collect keys from there.
  • Put the keys into the car and start its engine. Drive the car and reach the gas station to fill the tank. Select the machete from your inventory, remove the cover from the stack of woods, and collect a tarp.
  • Back to the home, collect the body, put it into the vehicle’s backside, and cover it using the tarp.
  • Follow the map and reach the frozen seaside where you collect an anchor. Connect the anchor with the body, use the pickaxe to dig the ice, and put the body into it.
  • Don’t forget to drop the bullet shells with the body to clean the way.

Now, you should visit all locations from where you collected stuff. Keep all stuff back to their respective locations so no one can detect you easily.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 7 (Private Collection)

The next mission is about a synthetic virus that is dangerous, as well as contagious. Q-100 requests the help of Dr Lucien Beaumont, a fabulous and brilliant epidemiologist who starts working on the project along with his talented team. According to the plot, the epidemiologist conducted his research out of a Toulouse museum, where he met with his end. As the mission starts, it takes you to a museum where you find remains of ancient creatures protected by a security guard.

  • Collect a map from the table available near the security guard.
  • Pick up coins from a fountain that covered the skeleton.
  • Visit the next room available on the right side where you discover a kid standing near a massive jar holding a crocodile. Your goal is to find the tooth and add it to your inventory to use later.
  • Visit the area of your left side where you discover four doors at once place.
  • Use the tooth you collected from a crocodile to open the circuit available between the 2nd and 3rd doors from the left side.
  • Put down the switch B1 to turn off the light and steal the access card from the security guard.
  • Open the door near the circuit and back to the security guard to return the access card.
  • Turn on the light and back to the room you opened using the access card.
  • Tap on the 2nd floor where you discover a machine having lots of chips and snacks. Put the coin into the machine and select the product D1 to collect a chocolate bar.
  • Offer the chocolate bar to the kid standing in the 2nd room in exchange for bubble gum.
  • Back to the room where the dead body is available to collect a spear and the body.
  • Visit the table near the shelves where you may discover a locker and a master card. Enter the code (185679) to open the locker and collect a key.
  • Use the master card to open the first door available on the left side. Get into the room, put the body on the hospital bed and visit the table available on the left side. Collect a book and a syringe from there.
  • An empty drum is available near the door that you have to collect.
  • Connect the pipe with the body, keep the empty drum below the bed, and fill it with blood.
  • Waste the blood in the basin and keep the drum once again in the same location. Collect a formal bottle from the cupboard available above the basin, and drop it into the drum.
  • Put the bubble gum into the victim’s mouth and head to the 2nd floor where you got a packet of the chip.
  • Bring the keys out of your inventory and open the door available a few steps ahead of the machine.
  • The game takes you to a room in ruin and tasks you with collecting a uniform, cartridges, and caveman clothes.
  • After collecting the said items, you should move to the room where you left the body. Open your inventory and fill the syringe with cartridges and fill the red color.
  • Empty the syringe in the drum to make it looks like blood.
  • Now, you should fill the body with red-colored liquid by hitting the “Insert” button of the machine.
  • Take the body back to your inventory once again. Wear the caveman clothes to the body by merely combining the body with the clothes.
  • Visit the circuit breaker and put down the D3 switch to turn off the room’s lights available between the machine and the first room you unlocked on the 2nd floor.
  • Upon reaching the room, you discover a female security guard and three human bodies.
  • Replace the 2nd dummy with the body you prepared after passing it through a different process.
  • Take the dummy to the room where you have to melt and turn it into a wax. Put the wax into the waste and start keeping objects to their exact locations.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough – Operation 8 (Flight Risk)

The plot reveals Q-100 paid off Diogo Morales for a drug cartel in Guatemala. The good news is that no other cartel members were aware of this deal, highlighted by Intel indicates. This time the agency won’t inform you what to do, because it is aware of your job. Start finding clues to remove and dispose of the body as soon as possible. The scene starts with a dead body kept on the land and a damaged tractor near it.

  • Bring the knife out of the body and keep it in your briefcase to use later.
  • Tap on your right side and break the door using the knife available on the right side. It will take you to a small private airport where you may find three planes of different colors.
  • Hit the left side of the map to take yourself to a new area to collect a grill spatula near the charcoal grill stove.
  • Use the spatula to collect smoking coal and tap the screen’s left side to explore the parking area. Put the smoking coal into the vehicle’s engine and back to the airport spot where you discover a small office door.
  • Follow the said door to get into the office where you find a chair and other stuff.
  • Collect the drug available near the coat and put it into the teacup available on the table near the PC. Collect a checklist from the board and wait for the 30 minutes in the game until the target person gets asleep.
  • When the person is near to sleep, you have to talk with him to get the code you need to open a door.
  • Once done, visit the area where you discovered a charcoal grill stove. Open the door by entering the code (636) and get into the room where you discover three wooden boxes.
  • Collect plastic packing, forklift, lug wrench, cargo 1, cargo 2, and cargo 3 using the forklift.
  • Next to that, you should load all planes with the same color of cargo.
  • Afterwards, use the pump to add fuel to the planes’ tanks one by one.
  • Once done, you should back to the scene where you discovered a dead body. Use the lug wrench to remove the tractor wheel and add it to your inventory.
  • Next to that, collect the body and cover it using the plastic packing, along with the knife.
  • Put the body into the wheel and visit the airport. Load the body to the red plane and clear the way to escape.
  • You should keep all the stuff on their exact locations back so no one can detect anyone had suspicious activity.


Nobodies: Murder Cleaner introduces thrilling gameplay that embarks you on a journey to remove all evidence, clues, as well as body. Each level is beautifully crafted to give you a tough time, unlike others. Apart from that, the game features a pager device that keeps you updated with instructions released by your agency. Although you’re not a hitman, you should clean the mess once the work is done. Like other Hidden Object games, you can use hints to highlight the object you are searching for, although the game won’t guide you properly. Therefore, you should work on your detective skills in the sense of removing clues and dispose of dead bodies. Besides that, you would love to be a murder cleaner after finding the Nobodies: Murder Cleaner Walkthrough interesting.

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