It’s a Shore Thing Walkthrough


It’s a Shore Thing is another point and click adventure game created by Carmel Games. You play as Eddie, who went for a fun and relaxing day at the beach but forgot to bring his watermelon. Help Eddie find a watermelon in this fun quest!


  • Collect the hook. (A)
  • Go to the lifeguard location. Click on the box. (B)
  • Collect the key. (C)
  • Use the key to open the box. You are going to collect a scissor. (D)

  • Use the scissor to cut the rope. (E)
  • Go to the food store location. (F)
  • Talk to the man with the green shirt. (G)
  • Go to the pier on the right. Combine the hook and the rope. (I)
  • Use the combination to collect a treasure under the hole. (I)

  • Talk to the man on the Metal Detector Rentals. He will give you a metal detector. (J)
  • Go to the food store location. Use the metal detector to collect a key in the sand. (K)
  • Go to the ice cream store. Give the man his key in order to unlock the ice cream fridge. He will give you some melted ice cream. (L)
  • Talk to the food store employee. Give him your melted ice cream in order for him to give you some vinegar. (M)

  • The woman in the pier area was stung by jellyfish, give her some vinegar to heal her jellyfish sting. After you help. she’ll give you some flip flops. (N)
  • Go to the lifeguard area. Help the lifeguard by giving him the flip flops in order for him to walk. He is going to give you a mystery box for you to solve. (O)
  • Click on the mystery box on your items list. In order to unlock it you will need to solve a puzzle, the image shows the correct way to solve the puzzle, click the middle button on the circle and you are going to collect the sunglasses. (P)
  • Go to the food store area. Give the sunglasses to the man with the green shirt in order for him to give you some watermelon. (Q)
  • Open the cooler with the key the man just gave you to get the watermelon. (R)
  • Hooray! You helped Eddie find a watermelon!


It’s a Shore Thing is a really engaging adventure puzzle game. Eddie’s quest for watermelon got way more interesting than it seemed in the beginning during my experience. The creative item usage and the impressive art style created a fun and immersive experience. If you are looking for engaging and fun point and click games, this game is definitely for you!




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