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Escape Alcatraz, offered by App Holdings, welcomes you to the world’s strongest prison from where no one has escaped and lived to share the tale. It serves as a follow-up to “Escape the Titanic”, offering a brand-new adventure to embark on, and for sure it will take you to the midst of true-life escape that hasn’t been solved so far. You assume the role of a prisoner who intends to escape the world’s best prison at any cost using his wits and other resources, but the task isn’t as easy as it seems.

While playing the game, you should craft and assemble necessary tools, shape your plan to a high-stake prison break. Get ready to help the character who wants to be the first guy who breaks the highly secured prison. Before taking action, you should be careful as a lot of security guards are surrounding you, keeping their eyes on you to note down your every activity.

Up to 50 Mind-twisting Levels will Puzzle You

Without a doubt, the game brings high-quality graphics and sets a lot of deadly traps for you to reveal while struggling for your freedom. Make choices at the right time and hit the screen carefully whether you are moving ahead to the next room or collecting required items. Similar to other games, the game starts with basic difficulty and leads you to the advanced where the completion of the puzzle would be tough than your expectation.

In the game, you don’t have anything to lose, but your freedom, so are you smart enough to solve every puzzle to make your freedom possible. The ultimate objective is quite simple, and maybe you have done in other hidden object games like finding mentioned objects, add them to your inventory, and use when needed. Avoid being caught red-handed by a security guard, and your character always calms down to show you are planning nothing.

Addition of Integrated Hint System

Whenever you stuck anywhere and didn’t find any clue to reveal what to do next, then a hint system is one of the most prominent features that help you in solving the puzzle. Many hidden object games come with an integrated hint system, some of them are free but limited to numbers, while some lets you complete the stages to have a few hints at your disposal to use whenever you need.

Is it Free-to-Play?

Players love to play freebie; therefore, you may have seen a huge number of downloads on every free game if they worth playing. Back to Escape Alcatraz, which isn’t absolutely free as the only first chapter you can enjoy for free. Don’t need to worry as there’s an option to unlock the full version of Escape Alcatraz too. In case you intend to play the game at once, then you should go with a one-time purchase to access the full time, as it worth your time and assure you to provide you with the fun-filled gameplay full of tricky puzzles and problems to solve to make a successful escape at any cost.

Prominent Features:

  • Up to 50 Tricky Puzzles to Solve
  • Integrated Hint System
  • Hidden Tools
  • Hint System
  • No Wi-Fi Needed
  • Smooth Controls
  • User-friendly Interface

Escape Alcatraz Walkthrough from Level 1 to 50

To make you understand that what is actually going on, the game features beautifully crafted scenes of prison, rooms, and criminals. The storyline takes place on the day 185 when your character though that 20 years would be a long time and maybe longer as it seems, looking through these bars. Therefore, he should struggle to get out of here. When you’re thinking of escaping, a guard appears and says, “Get a move on, convict.” Upon hitting the screen, you find yourself standing in line with human standing for food. At that time, you need to grab a sheet of items required for your escape from a convict’s hand. To get out of the cell, you required the following items:

  1. Spoon
  2. Money
  3. Drill Air Vent
  4. Motor
  5. Drill Bit
  6. Power Cord

Next to that, when you are out of the cage, you have to assure the guard you are sleeping and to do that, you required the following object to make your fake head:

  1. Paint Brushes
  2. Soap
  3. Toilet Paper
  4. Hair
  5. Build a Craft to Cross the Bay
  6. Glue
  7. Rain Coat (14)
  8. Scissors

The game features an inventory where you can add all of your collected items to use later when you need it. During the game, one of your friends (Frank) gives you the list by saying that it’s a ticket out of here, and further discussion will happen between them at breakfast.

Note: You should keep in mind that it won’t be easy to get all items mentioned on the list of Frank, but you should try everything to get out of jail.

After tapping the screen, the game leads you to the next screen where you are having breakfast with Frank, and a security guard is watching all of the prisoners. When the guard watching you, try to complete your breakfast and don’t let him catch you red-handed while collecting the required items. During the meal, you can easily grab the spoon when the guard is on another side. After having a spoon, move to the next scene to complete a tricky puzzle. Your ultimate goal is to get all these cells fully ready for restocking within the time limit. You should follow the pattern printed on the paper, as mentioned in the image, and try to follow the steps to make them happen on the board. The completion of the puzzle will lead you to the next scene where the game puts your balance skills to test.

Balance All Objects

A set of towels, soaps, tissue rolls, and other items are available in your hand like a tower, and you must balance them to avoid falling. You can tilt your device to adjust the balance and keep moving to the end of the scene. Once completed, the game provides you extra items on your hand to balance, and the successful attempt will promote you to the next scene.

Keep the Red Line Moving-on

In this section, you should try your best to complete the red line by providing the right stuff to the accurate prisoner. The available objects are the following:

  • Sheets
  • Pcases
  • Toilet Paper
  • Soap

From here, you may grab two of many items, such as Soap and Toilet Paper. To complete the puzzle, keep giving the items as mentioned below to prisoners:

  1. Pcases + Soap
  2. Pcases + Tissue Paper
  3. Pcases + Soap
  4. Sheets + Soap
  5. Sheets + Soap
  6. Sheets + Soap
  7. Pcases + Tissue Paper
  8. Pcases + Soap
  9. Pcases + Tissue Paper
  10. Sheets + Soap

Now, two of the many items have been added to your list. You took another step toward your freedom.

Manage Books

This section takes you to a library where you have to arrange books in top two shelves properly to complete the puzzle, although managing books are tough as it seems; therefore, many players are searching for the proper Escape Alcatraz Walkthrough and Guide to complete the puzzle and get advanced to solve other challenging puzzles. To complete the puzzle, you need to place books following the first two alphabets in ascending order, as seen in the image below.

Moving to the next scene will take you to a room where you find a sparrow laid below a lamp, a set of books, a calendar, and a table.

  1. Tapping on the bird will reveal Eastern Towhee
  2. Click on the Calendar and find the said word (Eastern Towhee)
  3. Open the book to grab a key and add to your inventory
  4. Using the key, try to open the third drawer having a paper with written something (Page 516)
  5. After opening the main drawer of the table, you will find an ancient locker, and you should type the code as mentioned (51657) to open it and grab the keys

Find the Right Key to Open the Lock and Start playing a Mini-Game

The game requires you to open up the lock by finding the right key from a set of keys you found from the main drawer in the previous section. After finding the right key, rotate the circular object, and move to the next scene. The completion of the stage will allow you to play a mini-game, which is somehow similar to the game you played in the 2nd segment, in which you required to balance the stuff to avoid falling. Similarly, you are supposed to remove objects wisely to avoid other stuff falling. Follow the numbers mentioned in the image to complete the puzzle and add one more item to your inventory, such as Paint Bruch. Back to the library, and your level gets completed. One hour outside the prison feels like freedom.

Prison Yard – Collect Raincoats

The management of prison leaves convicts in the prison yard for an hour so they could participate in fun-filled activities like gossips, gym, and more. At that time, your ultimate goal is to collect as many raincoats as possible to fulfill your requirements of escape by hustling other guys. The next scene will take you closer to a guy who is doing exercise and requests you to put 185 weight on it. It seems like a puzzle, and you must have to place the weight on both sides of an iron stick equally. To complete the puzzle, you have to put 45K blocks on sides, then add 25KG to the left-hand-side, and grab two 10KG and One 5KG to another one to balance the weight. The completion of the puzzle will provide you a raincoat and add it to your inventory automatically.

Visit another person and attempt to play an exciting game to have his raincoat. He put a small stone under one of three cups and change their places many times to make you puzzle. Once stop, you have to guess which cup has a stone. Win three times and grab another raincoat.

A Barber Shop

In the barbershop, you will receive a warning from the barber, saying, keep your hands to yourself as he is keeping an eye on you. Scissors and hair are available in the barbershop, and you need to collect them whenever both characters on the images aren’t watching you. You find some hair from the bucket and a scissor from the drawer. Follow these steps to have both of these items:

  1. Wait for the barber and a cop to turn their faces on another side
  2. Grab some hair quickly, add to your inventory
  3. Open the drawer, when both aren’t watching, and put out a box containing a scissor
  4. Put out the scissor from the box and keep it on the table
  5. Find the perfect time to add the scissor to your inventory when both characters are busy watching something else, except you.

Pass the Security Gate with Scissor

In this scene, you will find yourself standing ahead of a security guard who forces you to pass through the security gate. If you pass that gate with the scissor, then he will easily catch you red-handed, but you must prevent yourself from detecting. Therefore, you should maneuver the objects you have to find a solution. Follow these steps to complete the puzzle:

  1. Drop the tray containing different items, laid on the table
  2. Unplug the switch of metal detector machine
  3. Cut the wire using the scissor you had collected from the barbershop

Back to your Room

Upon reaching your room, you may listen to music and some sound of “Tap” right after the toilet placed in your room. You must rotate the handle of water, flush the waste, and open the bolt of toilet’s pipe, as mentioned in the image with number 3, to obtain a pipe and add to your inventory.

  • Get into your Room
  • Rotate in the water handle in the clockwise direction
  • Flush the remaining waste, and open the bolt of the pipe attached to the comfort
  • Now, use the pipe to open and break the damaged wall
  • Once done, you will find Frank on another side of the wall, saying to make your fake head

Make Your Fake Head

Following the instruction of Frank and the list he gave you at the very beginning, you have to make head similar to you. To do so, you need to tap the on the table as mentioned on the table, use soap to make a paste, and then mix tissues to develop a human face.

  1. Tap the Table to start building a face
  2. Firstly, tap on the soap 3 to 4 times to make a paste
  3. Add tissues to the paste of soap
  4. Tap the blend of soap and tissue to make a fake head using your creative skills
  5. Make use of makeup kit and brushes to color the head
  6. Place the hairs you stolen from the barbershop to the head you created recently and adjust them properly to look like a real by merely rotating them
  7. Make your eye laches and eyebrows too

At night time, you should keep in mind that guards petrol daily, but at that time they are a bit slower than average. Start your work when the guard crosses nearby your jail room. Your ultimate objective is to take a spoon and start eliminating the window placed below the basin.

  1. Use the Spoon and start digging the wall to eliminate the window
  2. Keep an eye to the door as the guard won’t be caught you red-handed
  3. Start swapping your finger across the window using a spoon to remove it
  4. The guard will visit your room 3 to 4 times, so you have limited time to complete your task
  5. Once done, get into the way you find after removing the window

Laundry Duty

After the removal of the window, the game leads you to a laundry where you are hired to wash dirty clothes, while on another hand, you are feeling ashamed of yourself washing clothes. Your main duty is the following:

  • Open Washer
  • Take out wet clothes and add to hamper
  • Load dirty clothes to machine
  • Add detergent
  • Close washer
  • Turn on the switch of washer

It’s good to know:

  • Don’t add clothes while washing machine is running
  • Avoid adding detergent when the washer is on
  • Don’t put hands or arms inside the machine

Poor Broken Machine – Mini-game Similar to Plumber

Upon adding too many clothes, the washer gets out of order and requires you to solve a complex puzzle to make it in running position. The puzzle would be similar to an Android video game, “Plumber.” The completion of the puzzle will reward you with a piece of wire, which will add to your inventory automatically.

Collect More Raincoats from an inmate in Prison Yard

After restoring the washer, the game takes you to the prison yard again, where you should keep continuing collecting raincoats as it required for your escape. Upon reaching, you come to know that you have to throw more rocks than your opponent to have one raincoat from an inmate. The competition will start between two parties, represented with different colors of rocks. You are blue and must throw the rocks to conquer more parts of drawing then your opponent to win a raincoat.

Fight against Convict for another Raincoat

In the prison yard, you find another inmate offering you a raincoat, but in return of an epic fight as he is a boxer and for sure won’t let you grab his raincoat easy. Upon accepting the challenge, you find yourself ahead of that guy who challenged you. The game displays you a red-colored bar that you must deplete until to zero at any cost to win. As the match start, you must tap the screen as fast as possible to hit punches on the face of your opponent to deplete the bar and win a raincoat.

Cleaning Duty

Polish your cleaning skills to get advanced through the game, because this time, you find yourself standing in a lobby containing four rooms of Clerk, Warden, and more. Your job is to spray water on the door’s mirror and use a towel to clean it until the name gets cleared. Upon cleaning the door of a clear, you come to know that once Frank said, the Clerk’s office has cash, and you must obtain to get in there.

After cleaning all rooms, you should wait for the Clerk, and once he reaches near to his office, drop the bucket available nearby him to make his loafers dirty. The clerk will leave his office open to clean his loafers.

Get into the Clerk Office for Cash

You can easily get into the Clerk office in his absence to find some cash you need for your escape. Once entered, tap on the table and open the drawer where you find the following items:

  • Bag
  • Pen
  • Diary

Upon investigating, you find that the bag is locked, and you need a passcode to open it. The passcode is “7098”, after adding, grab the zip to open the bag, containing a lot of cash. Have some cash to your inventory and move to the next scene to collect the remaining items.

Music Hour

Back to your room, you find a trash bag containing a lot of socks and a music instrument hidden within it. You can use the music instrument to distract the guard easily. Still, first, you need to learn how to use it as four alphabets are placed on it, such as A, B, C, and D. Here, your ultimate goal is to play the music instrument using the touch controls, and tap the button as the beat reaches to the targeted place. Try not to miss any beat for the completion of the level. Keep playing the music, until the upcoming nodes get stopped.

Lights Out

This time you need to do the trick just to assure the guard becomes fool because of your fake head or not. Place your fake head to your bed from your inventory. Remove the window and get into it, once the guard becomes a fool and consider you are sleeping over your bed.

The window tunnel leads you out to a strange room, where you find a message, saying, “Get the Drill Fixed then head for the upper vent.” Your primary job is to fix the machine ahead of you by adjusting the gap so the remaining part perfect merge in it easily, and upon completion, it will rewards you a drill.

Furthermore, you have to play a mini-game by grabbing the wire and take it to the end following the path to have another drill.

In the next scene, you imagine in case the pipes weren’t so hot; you could easily climb to the upper vent. It means you find another puzzle to complete to make a way to climb the upper vent. You find different controls, and you must turn off each one to stop the supply of hot water via pipes. Once the pipes get cold, climb the pipe to reach the upper vent. Upon reaching, you should use the drill machine to break the vent for tomorrow once you are done with the list you have offered by Frank.

Roll Call

Upon your roll call, the guard would leave your cage saying that open the door for yourself as his shift has just ended up. And as you try to open the door, it stuck again as usual.


This segment takes place in the workshop where you find a security guard watching every inmate doing their assigned jobs. As the game advances, you receive a job of finding two sets of tables from many sets. Once found, get ready to build a table. Add all legs to the table one by one and prevent them from falling to get it completed. Once all legs get stabled, the level is considered as completed. But before, you have to collect some wooden pieces, as well as glue when the guard isn’t watching you.

Prison Yard

Once again, you find yourself in the prison yard ahead of an inmate invited you to play a dangerous game for a raincoat. The hand of the inmate is over the surface, as there is a gap between his fingers, and each one contains a number. A red-colored meter is placed above the screen, and your ultimate goal is to tap the number written below the screen within a time limit; otherwise, the level gets failed.

Find another inmate for a raincoat to complete the collection. Upon clicking on the person sitting on the stairs would invite you to play an exciting game with the given rules, such as:

  • Roll as much as you want
  • End your turn whenever you want
  • Highest score after two rounds will win
  • Get a 7 or lose all of your points

After reading the rule, throw the dices on the board and cover them using a cup. Start moving the cup using the touch controls and try to get the highest numbers, which will be added to your name. Complete your turns with the highest points and let others play their turns. The game has two different rounds, and your opponent will stop playing after having seven on both dice. The victory will add a raincoat, a letter, and more to your inventory.

Laundry Detail

Find you in the laundry again, and this time, you have to control a trolley from a side-view to collect falling undershirts while avoiding other clothes to complete the challenge. Your objective is to collect eight undershirts and tap the raincoats falling from a tunnel placed on the roof.

  • Control a Trolley
  • Collect up to 8 Undershirts
  • Tap on Raincoats to collect
  • Avoid other clothes

Music Hour

This is your last night in the case as you’re going to taste the freedom tomorrow morning. Similar to the last time when you met Frank, who is another side of the wall, a sound is coming from there; maybe this is Frank. Upon tapping the targeted place, Frank will appear again to inform you to Waste time until the lights turn out.

You are supposed to play Sodoku game that may be the thing to kill some time. After the completion of the game, you would find yourself playing with a tennis ball against Roy. Your goal is to earn the highest points than Roy by throwing the ball toward the wall and catch it again and repeat until your score gets high than Roy.

Lights Out

When the lights get off, you have to place your head on the bed to show security guards you are sleeping, remove the window, and get out of your room. After getting out, you encounter Frank, who asks you to cut the cloth into several pieces and start building a raft to escape.

You have a scissor in your inventory, use it to cut the green-colored cloth. While cutting, you should be careful as you have to cut in half. You need to cut five to six clothes in half and complete the challenge to make sure your escape successful.

After cutting the clothes, you should join them properly to build pieces for your raft by shaping them properly. When everything is done with your raft, move to the next stage where you find a pressure meter and a handle to control, as well as a tap.

  • Rotate handle to bring the green-colored cloth.
  • Bring clothes near the gas pipe one by one to make it the

Next to that, use a screwdriver to open all screws in the next scene and find yourself controlling metal balls using the mobile sensors. Your goal is to put all-metal balls to their respective holes by merely tilting your device. Upon returning to Frank, you heard a piece of good news regarding the paddles as they were getting prepared.

Now, both characters are ready to take a breath in the fresh air because you have collected all equipment required for the escape. There are only a few hurdles remaining in your escape, and you must overcome them at any cost before escaping. Therefore, you must be ready for all upcoming problems as well as the outcome upon getting caught by the hands of guards when you are trying to escape.

Upon coming out from a vent, you find yourself trapped in a grid-based map, where two lights are moving randomly, you can see the footprint of your character. For sure, you would understand that what you need to do to take on the place. Understand the pattern of lights moving with and control your footprints to reach the 2nd corner. During the attempt, if the light catches your footprint, the game will over, and you have to try it again to reach the end. Therefore, play wisely and take each step carefully.

Reach to another Side

Upon the completion of the last game, you were on the roof, and your ultimate goal is to go down to the surface of the land using a pipe. While going down, you should be careful, because the pipe leads you to the window of the guards and they may watch you and put you behind the cage once again, in that case, all of your work will be wasted. So whenever you find a security guard standing near the window, stop until the guard leaves.

Distract Guards and Security Lights

After crossing the guard window, you find a light moving randomly on the wall to confirm no one is trying to escape. So stop your character going down whenever you find light coming toward you. As you leave the light behind you, the next challenge you face-off is a guard standing in the window. So stop until the guard leaves.

Distract the Dog

After doing so much hard works, it seems you will be caught because of a dog. You should find a way to distract the dog; otherwise, get ready to go for jail once again where you come from. Upon reaching the scene, you find yourself hidden in the bushes, and you discover a dog with a guard. Upon detecting the bushes is moving, both started to move toward that, but instantly you should tap on that to fly some birds to distract both the guard and the dog.

Disarm the Alarm and Run Fast

Finding both of you alone as the guard and the dog has gone to have some food, you should try to break the main door by unlocking the alarm system that can be only possible by completing a puzzle. You must click on the wire one by one to make them turn off and go to the next scene to complete the upcoming puzzle. Once the security door gets unlocked, you have to run as fast as possible, while trying to avoid security tower lights and stones you find along your way using your tilt controls. Your character will stop running once you reach a safe place.

Unlock the Door using the code “845760.”

Use a stone you grabbed during a run, and throw it toward the building to break the mirror as it distracts the attention of the guard, and you can easily cross another barrier to taking the last few steps toward your freedom. After that, you find a door equipped with a security lock, and you need a passcode to open it, so try to reveal the passcode. You don’t need to worry if you stuck, as the security code is “845760.”

Turn off the Exit Light

Before leaving the room, the works you have to complete is to collect a bucket and turn off the exit light as someone may not catch you against while you are escaping. Therefore, turning off light would be a great idea. After leaving the room, you find Frank awaiting you, who said that all challenges parts had been over. Now, let Frank grab paddles to sail the boat, and you have to fill the air into the raft while avoiding security light.

Final Scene

The final scene shows you sailing the boat in the sea full of sharks. Upon colliding with sharks, some leakages happened in your boat; now you must do double jobs to make your escape successful; if not so, the hungry sharks will eat you within no time. Use a bucket you collected from the breaker room to collect from the boat and throw the water to the river. Once you reach the seashores, cover up all the evidence and escape to enjoy your freedom. To remove all evidence, you can use the matchbox available next after the boat you created. Burn them all, and take a deep breath in the free air.


It was a fabulous game, offering you not only fun-filled gameplay full of challenging puzzle but a way to experience a story of an inmate using the outstanding graphics. Both the mechanics and controls are smooth, letting you complete puzzles within a few taps of your finger. Although the game has many challenging puzzles to solve, using the hint system makes it easy to complete.

Playing as a prisoner was a good experience as I started nothing and collected a lot of items till the end. Up to fifty exciting levels promise to keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. Escape Alcatraz gives you unlimited replayability and forces you to make use of your wits, as luck in this game doesn’t matter. With a well-written storyline, smooth controls, and gorgeous graphics, Escape Alcatraz is one of the best Adventure games I have played.

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