Brain Puzzle Adventure Shop Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle Adventure – Level 3

Brain Puzzle takes you to a grocery store where finding 10 hidden objects is your ultimate job. No one knows where the items are kept, only detective eyes can discover them. Therefore, you should act like a detective, although you don’t have any tools. Investigate the area deeply, interact with objects, and find those you need to complete your list. It features a star-rewarding system that grants you one to three stars depending on your performance.

Brain Puzzle Adventure Walkthrough – Shop

  • Interact with the food box trolley and drag the cabbage to the weight machine.
  • Open the refrigerator and tap on the piece of meat. Next to that, bring a box of the egg out and keep it on the table. Open the box and find missing eggs from across the area. The first egg is available above the fridge, the second is on the right side of the weight machine while the third egg available near the tin packs.

  • There is a box of bottles below the weight machine. Open the box and drag a drink to the man.
  • Find labels of vegetables from the bucket and place them forth the bucket accurately.
  • There is a rack on the left side holding cupcakes. Tap on it to reveal a bread that is available in your list of hidden objects.
  • As you discover the bread, the shopping bag appears on your screen wherein you have to put all items available on the table like meat, bread, cabbage, and eggs.
  • Tap on tissue paper rolls to get a 10% discount voucher.
  • Click on the exhaust fan to remove its cover and rotate the fan to bring it to life. Retrieve the cover of the exhaust fan and go ahead to find cash hidden behind the poster and a box available on the second section of the rack.

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