Brain Puzzle Adventure Laundry Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle Adventure – Level 4

The completion of Shop Level brings you to laundry. Lots of stuff are available there and your goal is the same – find 10 hidden objects to unlock the next scene. The game promises not to introduce the same environment two times; therefore, the title of each level is unique. It seems the character is moving around the house to find his lost things but he can’t do it alone and wants you to jump in to help. If you don’t have any idea how to find hidden items, following our Brain Puzzle Adventure Laundry may help you.

Brain Puzzle Walkthrough – Laundry

The cloth of the character is dirty and he comes into the laundry to dress up new clothes. On the floor, the object seems like an animal pop. Clean the pop from the rug first before starting to find hidden objects.

  • Open the fifth drawer and drag the cleaning tools to clear the poop from the floor.
  • Drag a kitty from the washing machine and keep it above the cupboard.
  • Drag the dirty shirt of your character and put it into the washing machine, don’t forget to put the socks also in the machine.
  • Remove the rug from the left side to reveal another sock and put it into the machine, too.
  • Open the door of boxes fixed on the front wall to collect a detergent and put it into the machine.
  • Close the machine door and wait for a while until it won’t stop. Open its door and bring the clean clothes out and dress up the man.
  • Above the drawer, there is a pant that you must drag to the man.
  • Lots of items are available above the shelves. Find a perfume and spray it on the man.
  • There is a cupboard behind the man holding lots of clothes. Bring a coat out of the cupboard and dress up to the man.
  • Open the second drawer to discover a foam that you need to use to shave the man.

The razer is available on the first section of a small cupboard fixed in a wall.

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