Brain Puzzle Adventure Morning Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle Adventure – Level 2

We are back with another Walkthrough of Brain Puzzle video game. This time, the story revolves around a character who is sleeping and your first objective is to wake him up by swiping up the window’s sheet. Like the first level, the game features 10 hidden objects for you to find. Follow the given steps in Brain Puzzle Walkthrough to learn how to complete Level 2.

Brain Puzzle Adventure Walkthrough – Morning

  • Swipe up the window to wake up your character, as opening the window in itself is a hidden object.
  • Below the window, there is a basketball that you can collect.
  • Above the wardrobe, you can discover a piggy bank that you must break to reveal lots of coins. Once it is done, collect coins and add them to the list.

  • Finding a clock may be a difficult job for newbies because firstly you have to open the purse hanging on a stand to collect a key and drag it to the drawer above the chair to discover a clock.
  • If you are looking for a stamp then you should bring a book out of the shelf as shown in the image and tap on it to find a stamp.
  • To find a mobile phone, you have to open the left drawer of the table.
  • Get the red chair to the right side and tap the sticky note on the blackboard to reveal the code. Tap on the laptop and enter the code “157” to open it.
  • Open a small cupboard of the table to reveal a water cane that you must use to give water to all plant pots and keep it on your list.
  • Drag the cat to the left side to reveal a sock one of two pieces of socks. Head to the wardrobe and opens its third drawer to discover the second piece of the sock. So help your character wearing socks on his feet, but don’t forget to tap on the blanket to keep it aside.
  • Tap on the fourth drawer of the wardrobe to discover a pet food plate and fill it with milk available below the table.

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