Brain Puzzle Adventure Pizza Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle Adventure Walkthrough – Level 1

The first level of Brain Puzzle takes place in a kitchen where you are tasked with finding 10 hidden objects. A list of items is featured at the bottom of your screen and you must find each one to complete the level. Without the completion of level 1, you can’t explore the second one. Therefore, completion of each level is mandatory. If you don’t know how to find hidden objects or where they are, following our Brain Puzzle Walkthrough Guide.

Brain Puzzle Walkthrough – Pizza

As mentioned above, each level comes with at least 10 items to discover. We are not only here to reveal their locations, but also bring solutions to all puzzles to your table.

  • Head to a cupboard and bring the coffee jug close to a cup kept on the table to fill it. Once done, you can collect a cup.
  • Tap on the bucket available in the cupboard to reveal a banana.
  • Keep your eye on the table to catch a bug as it tries to cross the table.
  • Open the cupboard by merely tapping on it and collect a green fruit from there. You can also collect the second green fruit from inside the oven. The third green fruit is right behind the coffee cup.
  • Drag the orange bottle from the cupboard and take it close to the glass kept on the table to turn it into orange juice.
  • A Flower is available on the pot kept on the stove.
  • Collect a knife from the second section of the cupboard and to find three horizontal lines you must click on the clock’s digit 3.
  • There is an olive box that you must drag to the pizza. Next to that, bring the pizza to the oven and close it to find the final item.

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