Brain Puzzle Adventure Bank Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle – Level 5

In Brain Puzzle Level 4, the character was very dirty. After dressing him up with clean clothes, the game unlocks the Brain Puzzle Level 5. It takes place in a bank where your goal is to find 10 hidden objects. As the level starts, you find the character standing in front of a receptionist. You don’t need to rush as a security camera is placed to keep an eye on thieves.

Brain Puzzle Walkthrough – Bank

Instead of thinking like a detective, your goal is to act like a thief but without being detected. Your screen may display you a table, a locker, a plant pot, and other things.

  • Search out the pockets of the man to find a mask and let him wear it.
  • Drag the glasses of the security man to the character.
  • Tap the “Opened” plate to switch it with “Closed.”
  • Click on the camera a few times to damage it.
  • There is a security locker above the receptionist table where you must tap the following button: 1, 5, and 7. Rotate the locker’s handle three times in a clockwise direction to open it.
  • Drag the purple plant pot to the hand of your character and fill it with money.
  • Tap on the brown plant pot to reveal a currency note and for the second, you should remove the post where the receptionist is written.
  • From inside the locker, bring a teddy bear out to remove another item from your list of hidden objects.
  • Remove the cushion from the sofa to discover a screwdriver that you must drag to the security locker and reveal a diamond.

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