Brain Puzzle Adventure Date Walkthrough

Brain Puzzle – Level 6

After robbing a bank, Brain Puzzle takes you to the beautiful room where your date awaits you. Here your ultimate goal is to arrange a perfect date, but first finding at least hidden objects is mandatory. The room is full of objects and finding targeted items would be difficult without having any guide. Therefore, brings Brain Puzzle Adventure Walkthrough – All Level Solutions for you.

Brain Puzzle Walkthrough – Date

As you enter the room, a beautiful lady awaits you. Your ultimate goal is to find the following things, including Glasses, Socks, Bee, Candle, Music Note, Broken Heart, and more.

  • First of all, you should turn off the lights and remove the shirt and pants of your character.
  • Slide the curtain to reveal a flower bookey and drag it to the lady.
  • Bring a bottle out of the bucket and shake it well to remove its cap and fill both empty glasses.
  • Tap on the music recorder to play music and hit the same music note that is also available in your list of hidden objects.
  • Click on candles kept on the floor, above the bed, and on the shelf.
  • Open the drawer to discover a bow tie and wear it to your character.
  • Put the plug into the socket to turn on the decoration lights.
  • A few paintings are hanging on the wall. Slide the painting of the left side to remove the first half part of the broken heart. Drag the cat to find the second half part of the heart.
  • On the right side of the bed, there is a plastic fly trap available that you not only collect but also use to trap a fly.
  • In the last, you have to drag the bedsheet and hide the socks below it.

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