Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 8 Walkthrough


In the previous chapter, we have revealed the hand with tattoos. Now, it is cleared that the suicide note of Nanci had been delivered by a guy with tattoos on his hand. Now, your goal is to find the identity of that guy at any cost to take a step close to the conclusion. Go and visit Nanci’s apartment with your friend named Melissa and search out everything to collect clues.

Paradise Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 8

It is the 2nd last chapter of Paradise Mystery and this time, the protagonist needs to search out the home of Nanci to find clues. She needs your help and you must keep a detective eye on all the scenes that appear on your screen. Before leading you to the main scene, the game offers you a mini-game to play. Drive a vehicle to reach the end within 40 steps. You lose the game if the energy ends. Therefore, follow the path given in the Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 8 Walkthrough to solve the puzzle.

  • Firstly, you should tap near the white flowers to collect a Garden Spade.
  • Now, you should investigate a tree on the left side to collect a branch.
  • Use the Garden Spade to remove the waste near the letterbox and reveal a bone.
  • Make use of a branch to open the door and bring the dog to the next area and repeat the procedure to bring the dog near the food plate where a bone
  • Once more time, you should use the branch to open all doors so you can easily get into the house.

Get into the House

Open the door using the branch and enter the house where you may find almost everything in mess. You don’t need to clean the house, as you aren’t a sweeper here, hone your detective skills and start finding clues without wasting time in learning what to do next. Paradise Mystery Walkthrough helps you reveal everything you need to solve the puzzle.

  • Firstly, collect a seashell and add it to your inventory.
  • Head to the bucket kept on the red sofa, bring all clothes aside to reveal car keys and small keys, and leave the room to come out.
  • Use the small key to open the letterbox and note down the digits it reveals.
  • Open the car’s door using the key and collect two seashells from above the seat.
  • Get into the room and place all missing seashells on a board hanging on the main wall to play a mini-game.

Get into the Room of Right Side

Leave the mini-game for a while to get into the room available on your right side. Remove the scenery placed above the bed to unravel a locker.

  • Head to the wardrobe available next to the bed and type “EMSMU.” The drawer will open and reveal another letter with something written on it.
  • Now, you have three letters and your ultimate goal is to reveal a code to open the locker.
  • Head to the locker and enter the code 873562 to open it.
  • As the locker opens, you get a note revealing that Nanci was paid for creating problems at Zenwell.
  • After reading the note, you must visit Dean and play a mini-game. Finding the solution to the said puzzle may help you reveal the name of the man you are looking for, and the name is Stephen Silvers.

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