Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Paradise Mystery Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Finding two dead bodies in one day can’t be a coincidence. It seems both are related and the victim behind the crime is the same. Embark on another journey to reveal secrets and solve mysteries to become the master. Following the Paradise Mystery Chapter 7 Walkthrough may help you overcome each puzzle within no time. The starting scene may display a cop standing near the vehicle. Deal with puzzles and earn stars that you can use for a hint system.


  • Near the boat, there is a Purple Towel that you must collect, while the second towel is on the stairs.
  • Get into the cabin to collect paper clips and get the boat aside to see what is written behind it.
  • Click on the locker and use the paper clip to open it by pressing the 4, 2, 5, 6, 7, 1, and 3. Once the cupboard gets opened, collect a poster of a security guard.
  • Tap on another locker above below the cupboard and set the codes as follows: 456, 123, and 012. Open the cupboard and collect buggy keys.

  • Use both purple towels to make their flags and connect them with sticks on the shores.
  • Insert the keys to start the buddy and let it move aside to reveal a key.
  • Collect car keys and add them to your inventory.
  • Come out from the main scene and head to the environment where a cop is standing near the vehicle.
  • Open the car using the key you recently collected and pick up a note left by Nanci Baker. The letter reveals the last name of Nanci, which is Baker.
  • On the left side, the game features a security guard room, where need to get into using the poster available in your inventory.

Enter the Office

  • You may now enter the room to discover the raft of Nanci. Upon getting into the office, you discover a photo of the lady you met outside.
  • Head to the drawer and try to bypass the lock using your detective skills. If you don’t know how to bypass the lock, then enter the code (Lani) to open it to discover clues.
  • As the drawer opens, you may discover a piece of paper where different geometric shapes are drawn.

  • Next to that, head to a locker where four arrow keys are available. Hit the keys in the following order to open it: Up, Left, Down, and Right. The door holds a list of employees, along with their first name, last name, title, and ID.
  • Leave the drawer and tap the Employee Tracking Program where you have to enter the code (02-01-11-05-18) to reveal the information of Nanci Baker.
  • After that, you must hit the LED where the screen is displaying you a dial, along with Location Monitoring text on it. Enter the code you (690) to open the executive wing where Nanci dropped a suicide note.

Play a Mini-Game

  • Play a mini-game where you have to tap on blocks according to the pattern the game displays you to clear the image of the hand you have seen after entering the code. The hand doesn’t belong to Nanci, it seems the hand is of a murderer.

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