Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 6 Walkthrough

Paradise Mystery Chapter 6 Walkthrough

As the discussion with Kai ends, the next chapter starts that released with keeping Advanced Difficulty in mind. Chapters with normal difficulty can be easy to complete without getting help, but when the same chapter comes with an advanced difficulty level then completion of it without watching any walkthrough sometimes relatively difficult.

Therefore, we jump in to help you solve all puzzles and mysteries that may stop you from reaching and capturing the criminal mind by offering you Paradise Mystery Walkthrough – Chapter 6. After investigation, it seems the weak heart Kai is a culprit; however, Melissa convinces Kate to drop the case and let’s go to grab lunch while hitting the beach.


  • Collect a phone from the table close to the screen’s bottom.
  • Pick up a fork from the same table and add it to your inventory.
  • On the left side of the table, you discover a crime novel.
  • Discover and collect a Red Drink from a table next to the sofa.
  • Searching for a towel, it is available on a small table near the gate.
  • Select the crime novel and offer it to the lady who is taking a sunbath on a bench.
  • Use the fork and remove the lid of the small box available amidst the area. Turn down the first four buttons and bring the last button to the right side to let the customers escape and leave the table.
  • Use the mobile phone from your inventory to see what Mr. Silverz and Sarena on the table are discussing.
  • Collect a blue drink from their table and add it to your inventory.
  • Pick up a beach ball from near the gate.
  • A kid is playing with a bucket and your goal is to trade a beach football for a bucket.
  • Use the bucket to fill water from the fountain and put both red and blue juices in it.
  • Now, you must select the towel from the inventory and dip it into the bucket. The white towel turns purple and opens the gate to access another part of the area.

Explore the Second Area

After unlocking the door, you find yourself standing ahead of the snorkel cupboard. Here you must find hidden objects; meanwhile, struggling to solve tricky puzzles to find the culprit. Follow the instructions mentioned in Walkthrough of Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery – Chapter 6.

  • Collect a sand shovel from the sand and a fishing pole from the wooden path.
  • Use the shovel to dig the sand a few steps on the right side of a warning board and collect a sand crab.
  • To bring the paper down from a tree, you have to use a fishing pile already available in your inventory.
  • Offer the sand crab to the pigeon and collect the second piece of paper once the paper was dropped.
  • Now, head to the machine to repair but administrator login is required to repair it. Enter code 3250 to login into the account.

  • The game starts a mini-game where the numbers show how many masks of each color should be in each column or row. However, tapping two masks may swap their positions.
  • Select both white papers and insert them into the machine to obtain snorkel on rent.

Dive into the Water

After getting guides and snorkel, you should dive into the water and follow the directions printed on a guide to explore the underwater world. Follow the instruction properly to avoid touching or following any fish that may harmful to you. Soon, Melissa will find another dead body floating in the water. Both recognized that the dead body was of their housekeeper, Nancy.

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