Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 4

Paradise Chapter 4 comes with a new location and the addition of new characters for interrogation. The new unlocked chapter sends both Kate and Melissa undercover. During the mission, their aim to investigate a tattoo artist who is mad at the wife of Kai. It could be a solid reason behind the murder of Kai; therefore, both characters reach the tattoo parlor to investigate Kai.


  • Get into the Tattoo Parlor and start your investigation. Firstly, collect a circle template from below the cushion of the sofa.
  • Move to the photo album and use a circle template to reveal the codes you need to open the locker of the cupboard.
  • Type (EVIL) to open the locker on the left side and type (NICE) to the right side locker to open it.
  • You can collect the blue knob from the left side and an image of Kai with Dean’s ex-wife.

Second Room

  • On the left side, there is a room where you may find Kai and Melissa.
  • Near Melissa, a bucket is kept holding a purple knob that you must collect and add to your inventory.

  • Behind Melissa’s chair, a wardrobe is available. From above the wardrobe, you can collect a key.
  • Use the key to open the drawer on the right side that reveals some images with tattoos. Collect all photos of text tattoos.
  • Head to the cupboard where you may discover a mini-game holding six buttons where you must bring the particular image as follows: Hook, Fairy, Skull, Heart, Bird, and Star. Collect a yellow knob from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Move back to the main room and get an image aside to reveal a mini-game above the table. Add all knobs and bring all to their respective color to open the vault holding drug supplies.
  • Back to Kai and start an investigation. Show Kai all drugs you collected and images you picked up from a drawer when asking questions. Apart from that, you must collect Bright Red Tattoo Ink and Blue Tattoo Ink from the trolley standing near Melissa. Don’t forget to pick up Bold Pink Tattoo Ink from the scene.

Third Room

After investigating Kai, you should move to the room available on your left-side where you may discover a bed and a wardrobe. Completion of hidden object scenes isn’t easy; therefore, we bring you Paradise Mystery Chapter 4 Walkthrough with all possible solutions and a proper guide.

  • Firstly, pick up a key from below the bed and use it to open the first drawer of the wardrobe to reveal a tablet.
  • Above the wardrobe, the game keeps a variety of cups holding different colors and some papers with numbers. Your goal is to adjust all numbers according to the cups and their sizes to solve the puzzle.
  • Head to the shelf and keep all bottles from your inventory to the said place and give them numbers accordingly: White (10), Yellow (48), Red (26), Green (54), Blue (73), Pink (32), and Turquoise (61).

  • Now, the game tasks you with filling the empty cups with colors by watching the respective numbers written ahead of the cup and on the bottle.
  • Head to the tablet and draw a line by merely connecting the third dot of the first column with the 2nd dot of the 2nd column, and then with the first dot of the third column.
  • Once the screen gets unlocked, it will display a message send from Kai Waters to Dean Marks.

Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 4 ends with the interrogation of Kai.

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