Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Paradise Mystery Chapter 5 Walkthrough

Exploration of the 4th Chapter reveals that Kai was forced to report Renzo, a professional surfer, for using power-improving drugs. It seems, Renzo can’t go so far as to keep Kai quiet; therefore, both characters need to investigate the case deeply to collect some clues from the Surf Shop and bring Renzo to custody for interrogation. When start playing the game, you must keep the advanced difficulty in mind.


  • At the start, the game displays you a beautiful Kai’s Surf Shop near the beach. The first hidden object you have to find is bungee cords that you can discover on orange boats.
  • Use the cords to climb the 2nd floor of the house.
  • Open the cupboard to discover and collect surf wax, Power Sander, Keys, and Straight Razor.

  • Use the surf wax, untie the bolt, and collect the orange surfboard.
  • Connect the power sander with the plug and leave it for a while.
  • Go down using the cords and cut the ropes attached with the bus with the help of a straight razor to collect the 2nd
  • Use the key to open the bus doors and get into it. Get the doll aside to discover a key and add it to your inventory.
  • Open the dashboard drawer using the key and collect a remote control from there.
  • Leave the car and select the remote control to open the garage and collect the third surfboard.
  • Inside the garage, you have to play a mini-game wherein you need to connect two dots of the same by merely drawing a line.

  • Go to the 2nd floor and keep the power sander away from the surface.
  • Head to the surfboard case and add all surfboards you collected from different places over there.

  • Set all the surfboards in the following order: Big Orange, Green, Small Blue, Purple, Red, Normal Blue, Small Orange, Big Blue, Dark Blue, and Dragon.
  • Near the door of the house, the game features a small lock that you must bypass by merely solving the puzzle. Set all parameters to open the door and get into it.

  • Inside the shop, you may discover a variety of items related to surfing.

Explore the Second Room

As you get into the house, the first thing you have to discover is the needle available on the rug. For further steps, follow Paradise Mystery Chapter 5 Guide.

  • Tap on the clock kept above the table, fix the needle you found within the first one.
  • Head to the locker that is asking you to enter a four-digit code to open the drawer. Your code is (1254) to open the drawer.
  • The drawer holds a suntan oil that you must collect and use to spray on a wild statue standing amidst the room.
  • After that, you must set the colors of boxes above the wild statue according to the colors of the shirts hanging behind the statue to get a gold key.
  • Bring the gold key to the 2nd floor and open the drawer to collect puzzle pieces.
  • Head to the frame next to the door, add puzzle pieces and start playing a mini-game.
  • It is a block-based puzzle that upon getting completed may leave you a key.
  • Use the key to open the drawer in Kai’s Shop and collect some documents.

Like previous chapters, Paradise Mystery Chapter 5 ends with the discussion between Kate and Kai.

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