Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Paradise Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough

The case becomes complicated once the body was revealed. It puts all characters in the troubles who are involved in the case. Now, everyone is hoping that Kate may soon solve the mystery to get rid of all of them from troubles. The third chapter takes you to Jordan Inventions Showroom where new challenges await you. Investigate the case deeply, tap on hidden objects, and utilize them to solve tricky puzzles.


  • There is a bike pump near the bicycle that you should need to collect.
  • Near the tennis net, there is a shuffleboard stick.
  • Bring a football out of the pool using the shuffleboard stick and fill the air into the football using the pump.
  • After that, collect an inflated Volleyball into your inventory.
  • Head to the table surrounding by chairs to read magazines and reveal the codes you required to open the locker.
  • Tap on the box available on the right side of the box and open the locker entering the code: Red (678), Blue (345), and Silver (132). Once the box gets opened, collect a control panel from there.
  • Select the control panel and add it to the robot standing amidst the ground.
  • Repair the robot and play a volleyball game with it.
  • Before getting into the main door, you need to enter your name by following one of four possible options, Spike.

Jordon Inventions Showroom

Upon getting into the room, Melissa discovers a person who is playing with Virtual Reality; therefore, he didn’t answer the door. After reaching there, you must follow the instructions mentioned in Adventure Escape Mysteries – Paradise Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough.

  • Collect two batteries; one from the cycling machine and the second from the rock-climbing treadmill
  • Add both batteries to the metal detector available on the shelf and add it to your inventory.
  • After that, your goal is to tap the blue board and start tapping the images of the same color the rock-climbing treadmill is displaying.
  • Behind the trackwheel machine, there is a vault that may be opened once you enter the four-digit code. To open the vault, your code is (2645).
  • The vault reveals a mobile where you can read the chat between Jordan and an unknown person.
  • After that, come out from the gym and use the metal detector to search for a key.
  • Once again, get into the gym and open the door to interact with the person who is playing with Virtual Reality glasses.
  • Borrow the glasses from that person for a while to see how it works.
  • Bring all the tennis balls to the circles when playing a mini-game to find more clues. Next to that, you should select the location where you are willing to play tennis.
  • Give the glasses back to Jordon and start your interrogation to get sensitive

Your Paradise Mystery Chapter 3 Walkthrough ends with the interrogation of Jordon.

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