Adventure Escape Mysteries: Paradise Mystery Chapter 2 Walkthrough

Paradise Mystery Walkthrough Chapter 2

After showing detective skills and solving the chapter, Kate is ready to embark on the second to face off new challenges. In the next scene, you have to investigate a spa that seems quite peaceful than Zenwell Resort. The difficulty level of the second chapter is advanced; it means, finding hidden objects is tough than Normal or Easy Difficulty. Therefore, you should keep improving your detective and puzzle-solving skills, because the hint system is only available for a limited time and you can’t use it all the time.

Collect shining stars from the scene hidden within objects and use them to buy a hint with the cost of 5 Stars. The hint system doesn’t reveal everything at once, you have to use it 2 to 3 times to reveal a code to open a door or vault. Apart from that, the game brings a beautiful cast of characters, including the detective that we found in Trapmaker Walkthrough. Are you ready to help Kate find troubles? As the protagonist enters the Spa, Coral welcomes her with the words do you have any appointment. Skip the discussion and start finding hidden objects.


  • Get the cushion of green color aside to collect the Wooden Puzzle Piece.
  • Head to the table, tap the book to reveal, and collect a key.
  • Collect a long stick from a plant pot and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the long stick to bring the wooden puzzle piece down from the shelf.
  • Next to that, tap on the vault and tap the second and fourth boxes of the second row, and second and third boxes of the fourth row.
  • Collect a remote control from a vault and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the remote to turn on the TV and hit the relaxing chair where you may find controls. Tap the following buttons, such as first (1st row), second (3rd row), and third (2nd row).
  • Collect the third wooden puzzle piece and add it to your inventory.
  • Now, tap on the table and add puzzle pieces you collected from different places. Keep pieces to the board in a way that together they make the following numbers: 4, 3, 5, and 8.
  • Head to the door and enter the code “REST” to leave the room.

Paradise Mystery Walkthrough – Second Room

You are now in a business class spa where modern machinery available for better treatment. Here, the scene starts with the discussion between Kate and her beloved friend. Follow the Paradise Mystery Walkthrough – 2nd Chapter to learn how to solve all puzzles.

  • In the beginning, collect a trashbin from near the door and add it to your inventory.
  • Get the rock aside to pick up a key.
  • On the right side of the mirror, there is a black stand box holding a nail file.
  • Fill the empty trashbin with water and use the key to open the cupboard on the left side of the mirror to collect a seaweed powder.
  • Put the water into the fountain and count the places wherefrom water is coming out.
  • Head to the vault and enter the code (315) and collect a screwdriver from there.
  • Select the nail file from your inventory to open the aid kit and collect a medical tape.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the screws of the bowl near the fountain and play a mini-game.
  • When playing the game, your goal is to turn all blocks from blue to red.
  • Inside the bath, you will discover a dead body of a man. Here you need to be a cop and investigate the scene to collect clues like fingerprints and other information.
  • Use the seaweed powder you already have into your inventory to reveal the fingerprints and use tape to collect all prints from there.

Once done, you have completed the 2nd chapter, and let’s move toward the Walkthrough of Paradise Mystery Chapter 3.

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