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Lion Studios brings an outstanding mobile video game for fans of classic word games like Crosswords, Scrabble, and Boggle. Dingbats: Word Games and Trivia bring a new way of learning new words and improving your vocabulary. There are hundreds of fun-filled levels and each one rewards you with in-game coins upon getting completed. If you love playing whether Crossword, Scrabble, or Boggle games then you would love to play Dingbats.

Each level comes with a unique puzzle to solve – it doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a professional puzzle solver. There is something for everyone, and the game warns you before starting because once you are in, you will be hooked. Finding solutions of all levels in Dingbats is almost impossible for everyone; therefore, we release solutions at Walkthroughs.net to help you. So, here is a Dingbats Walkthrough – Solutions All Levels:


Each challenge would be tough for you if your vocabulary is a bit weak than average because Dingbats isn’t offering gameplay like other word games where you have to form words using letters. In this case, the game will provide you two words to complete the phrases. Your target is to find clues, use your vocabulary and pattern recognition skills to solve the problem. Besides, it will help you exercise your brain muscles as you play more levels. The prominent features include over 200 Unique Puzzles, Unique Problems to Solve, Improve Your Vocabulary, Enhance Your Skills of Pattern Recognitions, and increase your mobile typing speed. It has five different modes, such as:

  • Word Quiz – 584 Levels
  • Insane Word Quiz – 50 Levels
  • Emoji Quiz – 50 Levels
  • Logo Quiz – 60 Levels
  • Daily Puzzles – 63 Levels

Each game mode comes with a set of levels and each one is unique in itself. Dingbats Game Walkthrough brings you solutions to the first fifty levels. We will release the next update very soon.

Dingbats Game – Solutions Level 1 to 50

Dingbats: World Games and Trivia comes with a friendly user interface and beautiful soft graphics that provide you with relaxing gameplay. Here your ultimate goal is not to declare words using letters instead, your job is to make phrases using the words the game offers at every level. In short, you have to guess what phrase is represented above.

Dingbats Level 1 – Man Moon

At the first level, the game displays two words such as Man and Moon. Although it’s a tutorial level, you still have tried to complete it without any help. The solution of the first level of Dingbats is Man on the Moon.

  • Solution: Man on the Moon

Dingbats Level 2 – Mind Matter

  • Solution: MIND OVER MATTER

Dingbats Level 3 – Wish Star

Like the first and second levels, you have to complete the phrase. It will also help improve your English vocabulary and brainpower.

  • Solution: WISH UPON A STAR

Dingbats Level 4 – Promise

At level 4, Dingbats introduces a single word and assigns you a task to complete the sentence using your wit.

  • Solution: BROKEN PROMISE

Dingbats Level 5 – Touch

Like the fourth level, the game represents only a single word “Touch” and introduces 9 empty spaces, thing what word related to touch would perfectly take place on 9 empty spaces.

  • Solution: TOUCHDOWN

Dingbats Level 6 – Skating Ice

Everyone loves ice-skating, but not all players could make sentences using the same words. Therefore, Dingbats Game Walkthrough helps you solve all challenging levels.


Dingbats Level 7 – Beat Bush

Using only two words, your goal is to make a sentence of four words. Surely it would be “Beat around the Bush.”


Dingbats Level 8 – By Little

Think twice before typing that what you can make using my little – two letters. If you fail to find the answer, then here’s a solution.

  • Solution: LITTLE BY LITTLE

Dingbats Level 9 – Knock Wood

Here you don’t need to think a lot and explore your world of vocabulary, simply type on between “Knock” and “Wood” to answer the following question.

  • Solution: KNOCK ON WOOD

Dingbats Level 10 – Ne pain ck

It seems the game torn a complete word to distribute it into three pieces. Use your wit to reveal what the word would be before cracking.

  • Solution: PAIN IN THE NECK

Dingbats Level 11 – Cha Who Who RGE

Like Dingbats 10 level, it will be solved in the same manner.

  • Solution: WHO’S IN CHARGE

Dingbats Level 12 – Agree Disagree

By merely typing between Agree and Disagree, your puzzle gets solved.


Dingbats Level 13 – Ban ana

After seeing two uncompleted words, no one can guess what they make. Seriously, I was also surprised after discovering these letters on my screen.

  • Solution: BANANA SPLIT

Dingbats Level 14 – Price/2

It seems quite easy, and you can answer the question on your own if there was no Dingbats Level Guide.

  • Solution: HALF PRICE

Dingbats Level 15 – Cherry pie

Yummy, but you aren’t allowed to eat it – just find the solution, solve the level, and move to the next level.

  • Solution: CHERRY PIE

Dingbats Level 16 – 1

Showing only “1” does make sense that anyone can answer the question. Surely, the majority of players would be puzzled after watching only 1 on their screens.

  • Solution: HOLE IN ONE

Dingbats Level 17 – po fish nd

Here is a solution of Dingbats Level 17 that is “Big Fish in a Small Pond.”


Dingbats Level 18 – awake

Seriously, I was fell in love after reaching level 18 because the first time I realized my typing speed is becoming better and better.

  • Solution: WIDE AWAKE

Dingbats Level 19 – do do list

To find the solution to Dingbats Level 19, I didn’t have to work hard because I am familiar with the world To-do list because of playing puzzle games.

  • Solution: TO DO LIST

Dingbats Level 20 – Five

Now, here it can make a problem for you because in previous levels you have deal with “One,” and only the game has introduced “5.” Well, you don’t need to worry because the Dingbats Level 20 solution is right below.

  • Solution: High five

Dingbats Level 21 – Jack

Jack is a character and the game won’t let you what to do with it – whether to put it in the box or in a movie the choice is yours. But the answer is “Jack in the Box.”

  • Solution: Jack in the box

Dingbats Level 22 – Cancelled

Cancelled what, no one knows. Complete the phrase to move to the next level.

  • Solution: Cancelled check

Dingbats Level 23 – Ice 3

When I saw the word the first time, I think it could be the movie Ice Age 3, but I was wrong because the answer is Ice Cube.

  • Solution: Ice cube

Dingbats Level 24 – Wear long

Keep reading the words that appear on your screen to type answers.

  • Solution: Long underwear

Dingbats Level 25 – Aid aid aid

Sometimes, I think, the developers might have been drunk when they were developing games, because Aid Aid and Aid don’t mean they make First Aid, kidding. So, ignore it and find the answer below.

  • Solution: First aid

Dingbats Level 26 – Iceberg

Type the answer to fill the blanks and move to the next level.

  • Solution: Tip of the iceberg

Dingbats Level 27 – Dnuorg check

Maybe the first word makes you confused, but the second may bring a solution. Absolutely not, just type the words given below to answer the question.

  • Solution: Background check

Dingbats Level 28 – Gra snake ss

If you connect the first and third words together, then it makes grass and the word between these two is a snake. So, the answer to Dingbats Level 28 is below.

  • Solution: Snake in the grass

Dingbats Level 29 – All= lost

In the question, developers are displaying to you that all is equal to the “Lost”. But guess what – the answer is not lost. Surprise.

  • Solution: All is not lost

Dingbats Level 30 – Rough

To find the solution of Dingbats Level 30, see below.

  • Solution: Diamond in the rough

Dingbats Level 31 – Vicious

  • Solution: Vicious circle

Dingbats Level 32 – Glass

  • Solution: Glass half full

Dingbats Level 33 – Yad eht ni

  • Solution: Back in the day

Dingbats Level 34 – Wrong wrong ≠ right

  • Solution: Two wrongs don’t make a right

Dingbats Level 35 – Arest ur

  • Solution: You’re under arrest

Dingbats Level 36 – Stand I

  • Solution: I understand

Dingbats Level 37 – Pa walk rk

  • Solution: A walk in the park

Dingbats Level 38 – Te i am

  • Solution: There’s no I in team

Dingbats Level 39 – Calm storm

  • Solution: The calm before the storm

Dingbats Level 40 – Apple

  • Solution: The big apple

Dingbats Level 41 – Herring

  • Solution: Red herring

Dingbats Level 42 – Secret secret secret

  • Solution: Top secret

Dingbats Level 43 – Talk

  • Solution: Small talk

Dingbats Level 44 – Close comfort

  • Solution: Too close for comfort

Dingbats Level 45 – Death life

  • Solution: Life after death

Dingbats Level 46 – Somewhere rainbow

  • Solution: Somewhere over the rainbow

Dingbats Level 47 – Mill 1 lion

  • Solution: One in a million

Dingbats Level 48 – Egg egg ham

  • Solution: Green eggs and ham

Dingbats Level 49 – Horobod

  • Solution: Robin hood

Dingbats Level 50 – All one all

  • Solution: All for one and one for all


Playing Dingbats: Word Games and Trivia isn’t easy as you are considering. To find answers, you have to take your thinking out of the box. Therefore, the majority of players are looking for Dingbats Walkthrough Guide. The first article on Dingbats comes with the first 50 Solved Levels, we will release more soon at walkthroughs.net. Besides, the game features five exciting game modes, including Daily Puzzles to see your performance. Keep playing puzzle levels to make your brain even stronger. Furthermore, the graphics are cool and the soundtracks are amazing. You have an option to turn off sound and haptics if you aren’t comfortable with them.





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