Quest For Eclair Walkthrough


Quest for Eclair is a point and click adventure game created by Carmel Games. You play as Manuel, a man who is trying to find an eclair to eat. the only eclair shop found in this town is out of eggs! Help Manuel on his quest to get an eclair!


  • Get out of the eclair shop.
  • Read the hint. (A)
  • Go inside the eclair shop. Click on the chest. (B)
  • Use the hint outside the shop in order to solve the puzzle. The image shows the correct way to solve the puzzle. Collect the corkscrew. (C)

  • Enter the cheese shop. (D)
  • Collect the key. (E)
  • Collect the cheese sample. (F)
  • Read the number hint. The number is 5873. (G)
  • Get out of the cheese shop. Unlock the box with the key. (H)
  • Collect the hose. (I)
  • Enter the other side of the town. Click on the box. (J)
  • Use the number 5873 to solve the puzzle. You will win a beret. (K)

  • Enter the wine shop. (L)
  • Attack the hose onto the barrel. (M)
  • Click on the barrel tap. (N)
  • Click on the chest that just came into sight. (O)
  • Use the number 24 in order to solve the puzzle. Collect the expensive wine after you solved the puzzle. (P)

  • Give the expensive wine and corkscrew to the wine shop owner. He will give you a drum stick. (Q)
  • Enter the eclair shop. Click on the drums while using the drum stick. (R)
  • Click on the middle drum, then click on the right drum 3 times, after that, click on the middle drum again. A rat will appear. (S)
  • Give the cheese to the rat. He will give you a marker in exchange. (T)
  • Get out of the eclair shop. Go inside the French Toast Shop. (U)

  • Talk to the man. (V)
  • He wants you to create a new mascot for him on the toast board. Use the marker to draw into the board and after that, put the beret above the board, you will create a french mascot. Now the man will give you the eggs you needed for the eclair! (W)
  • Enter the eclair shop and give the eggs to the woman. (X)
  • Congrats! You finished the game!


Quest For Eclair is a really simple and fun addition to the Carmel Games franchise. It is a very nice and relaxing puzzle game. I absolutely adored the stylish art style that the game offered, it is really refreshing to see a town that has character. If you are looking for a simple, high-quality point and click game, Quest For Eclair will not disappoint!

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