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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery is a Puzzle, Hidden Objects, and Single-player video game developed by Kiary Games for Mobile Platforms. Instead of featuring 2D scenes, Tiny Room Stories brings a 3D environment to explore and puts you in the role of a detective. Having detective skills may go in your favor because the game isn’t like other ordinary Hidden Objects. When playing the game, you have to slide the scene to see it from another perspective and find hidden objects to solve challenging puzzles. Solving mysteries isn’t easy; therefore, we bring you a Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough.

Moreover, the game features a stunning plot revolving around a detective who received a call from his father, asking for help. After that, he embarks on a journey to visit the small town of Redcliff. Upon reaching, the protagonist found the city empty and it seems everyone has gone. No one knows what has happened there, even the protagonist’s father is missing. This time to hone your detective skills and start collecting clues to find out the missing father and dark secrets behind the scenes. Therefore, the game involves you exploring the city to find clues, solve tricky puzzles, open doors to each house, and proceed with the plot.

15 Challenging Chapters

Tiny Room Stories spans 15 exciting chapters and each one holds a new mystery for you to solve. Whether you love playing Hidden Object games or not, Tiny Room Stories would engage you for endless hours of fun. The polite, soft, and relaxing music won’t let you exit the game. Before starting the game, you should keep in mind that Tiny Room Stories’ First 6 Chapters are free to play, while the rest of the chapters are paid to play. Furthermore, the chapters’ names are the following:

  • Chapter 1 – Father’s House
  • Chapter 2 – Making a Withdrawal
  • Chapter 3 – The Empty Church
  • Chapter 4 – The Tunnels Below
  • Chapter 5 – Secrets in the Mountain
  • Chapter 6 – The Olympus Project

How to play Tiny Room Stories?

There is no rocket science that you can’t learn. Like other games, you are thrown into a scene where interacting with the environment to find hidden objects is your ultimate task. Besides, you have some special powers that you can use to get into any house you find and slide the scene to investigate other sides. As mentioned above, only the first six chapters are free to play, and the game won’t display you the chapters at the start though. In settings, you have an option of selecting one of three possible graphic options, such as Low, Medium, and High.

Apart from that, when you visit the store it displays three options such as No Ads, Second Act, and Third Act. The second act of Tiny Room Stories holds the next five chapters, while the third act comes with four chapters to explore. You can’t enjoy ad-free gameplay until you make a purchase. Purchase the premium package to enjoy all chapters with no hassle. Keep a few things in mind before starting the game: Tap the object to interact with or collect, click on the item from your inventory to use, and slide your finger aside to change the room direction.

Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough Guide

After learning how the game works, you should concentrate on learning how to solve tricky puzzles. Lots of hidden objects are available in each room and only players with detective’s eyes can find those. Therefore, we are releasing Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough Guide to help you solve all tricky mysteries to figure out what has happened behind you. As mentioned above, only the first 6 Chapters of Tiny Room Stories are free to play, while the rest of the chapters will unlock as you buy a premium package.

Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough Act 1 – Entrance to the City

As we told you above, the story revolves around a detective who comes to see his beloved father who has been lost. When driving through the city, the protagonist hasn’t met a single person. It seems there is no one surrounding you and something suspicious has happened just before your arrival. Soon, the car stops near a house and your journey starts. You will learn in Act 1 how to play the game and make use of items to solve tricky puzzles. The game itself will reveal the way to find items. Besides, follow the given instruction below to complete the Prologue in Tiny Room Stories:

  • Go near the house to pick up a pipe and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the selected item to open the door and use the navigation icon to get into the house.

Note: When playing the game, you can rotate the locations by merely swiping your screen from left to right or vice versa.

  • Open the cupboard on the right side of the ladder to collect a cutter and tape after opening the toolbox.

  • Use the collected items to repair the busting circuit and pull its handle to turn on lights.

  • Tap on the table and open the first drawer to collect a key.

  • Head to the computer table to collect a note that you can inspect using the note features available next to your inventory.
  • Upon inspecting, you get a code (2134).

  • Bring the keyboard next to the monitor to enter the code, but before you must read the note that may reveal the code once you move the keyboard, (1423) and read a message from Mr. Rats; meanwhile, don’t forget to open the notepad file that contains a passcode (3569).

  • Swipe your finger from right to left to rotate the room and find a ladder. Climb it to discover a padlock and enter the passcode you found on a PC.

  • It opens a way to the roof where you can use a key from your inventory to open the generator’s door to fix a wire.

  • Next to that, you should hit the traffic-control barrier icon after heading to a PC and tap to open it.

Leave the room and head to the Tiny Room Stories – Chapter 1.


Tiny Room Stories brings a series of challenging puzzles to your fingertips. The perfect blend of Hidden Objects, Puzzles, and Adventure game elements promises to offer you stunning gameplay that you have never experienced before. With the swipe of the finger, you can rotate rooms to see more hidden objects that you need to unlock more chapters to play. Tiny Room Stories doesn’t feature any hint systems that you can use to highlight the object, though you are allowed to watch Walkthroughs of Tiny Room Chapters by merely seeing a video ad.

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