Tiny Room Stories Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Walkthrough Tiny Room Stories – Chapter 1

Surely, the completion of Tiny Room Stories: Prologue has taught you how to solve puzzles. Like other hidden object games, Tiny Room Stories features the easiest level for you, but now the game won’t show any mercy; therefore, you should keep honing your detective skills to master all levels without any hassle. The Tiny Room Stories – Chapter 1 is set in the protagonist’s father’s house. Investigate the house to find clues and solve mysteries, but the first search for a way to get into the house which is locked. Here’s Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough.

Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough guide is designed to help you learn how to play the game and solve puzzles while interacting with the environment. Taping an object or area will let you get in, and to leave the area you must hit the back button featured at the left-bottom corner of the screen. Furthermore, keep investigating the scene for clues and items that you need to solve a tricky puzzle. Each Tint Room Stories Chapter comes with a new location and a series of tasks; therefore, you should keep ready to confront all types of challenges.

Tiny Room Stories Walkthrough – Chapter 1 (Father’s House)

As mentioned above, the first chapter takes place in the father’s house where the player may face lots of difficulties. Upon reaching, you may discover that there is nothing inside the house and the door is locked. You don’t have any key to open the door; so, you should think out of the box to find a solution. Feeling difficulty when playing Hidden Objects, Adventure, and Puzzle games, keep following Walkthroughs.net to get rid of all problems found in challenging games.

  • Collect a ladder from the yard and keep it in your inventory.
  • Use the ladder to climb and reach the roof where you may discover a letterbox holding a key to the door.
  • Now, use the key to open the door and get into the house.

Main Room

After getting into the house, you come to know what something suspicious has happened over here because everything is available upside down.

  • Collect a book from under the table and add it to your inventory. The 2nd book is in the drawer of the first wardrobe available on the left side.
  • Discover a bowl above the wardrobe holding a key for you.

  • Use the key to open the door next to the wardrobe and get into it.
  • Tap on the third drawer of the first wardrobe where you discover buttons. Set them as follows (Left, Right, Down, and Left) to get a note.
  • Go to visit the cupboard and open its doors to collect another book.


On the right side of the wardrobe, there is a door that you can open using the key from your inventory. The room has a cupboard, a bucket, and a bed. You must start your investigation to find clues and hidden objects to proceed with the storyline.

  • Get the bucket aside to reveal a book and open the cupboard to collect another book. Don’t forget to collect a book from the bed.

  • Collect a TV Remove from under the bed and open the drawers of a wardrobe kept near the bed to collect a screwdriver.

  • Use the screwdriver to open the screws of the bulb fixed on the wall. Remove the blub and head to the TV.

  • Use the remote to set the channel (234) and see what drawers will open. Click on the laptop that you will collect from the kitchen and set the signs following the drawers that open.


  • Get into the kitchen and collect a book and a knife from near the basin. Furthermore, you can use a knife to cut the sofa in the main room to reveal another book from there.
  • Collect a laptop from the table and add it to investigate later after finding clues.

Go back to the Main room

After getting to know how a bookshelf can help you open a secret door, you must visit the main room, tap the cupboard, keep all books you collected from different places, and arrange them following the image you found on a Laptop.


  • Get into the corridor to collect the crowbar.

  • Come out of the corridor and the house, climb the ladder, and use a crowbar to open the window to get into the Attic.
  • After collecting an image from the corridor, you should come back to the corridor following a passageway as mentioned above under Attic.
  • Set all images to open a secret door that takes you to a basement.


Here you only have to collect an image, tap the box to open the trapdoor, and go back to the corridor following the passageway you revealed.


Tiny Room Stories Chapter 1 has four different rooms to explore; each one has something new to discover. Now, you are in the basement where you discover the following hidden objects:

  • First of all, you should tap the red button to light up the room and click on the handle to stop the water leakage.

  • Find a locker by merely rotating a wrench and enter the code (190183) that you would reveal after taping an image kept on the table of the workshop. The locker holds a key for the detective.

  • Now, you should get out of the house to complete the 2nd chapter.

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