Thief Puzzle Walkthrough


As the name implies, Thief Puzzle is a Single-player Puzzle video game developed by Weegoon for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS. The premise of the game revolves around a thief who needs your help to steal dozens of rare objects. Stealing only valuable objects isn’t a rule, you can also help the thief to rob small items like food and other items. There are dozens of challenging levels and each one brings a unique puzzle to your screen to solve. Hone your puzzle-solving skills to mater all levels and without using your brain making a successful heist is almost impossible. During the game, you may have to deal with pirates and security guards too to fulfill your heists; therefore, keep your character prepared for everything.

Furthermore, polish your brain to steal items and treasures you want, while playing for fun. Every level ends with a funny scene that may bring a smile to your face. Hundreds of levels are there and each one is different when it comes to puzzle; however, your ultimate goal is to get the item the level ask to steal. The increasing difficulty level will challenge your mind, as well as train your logic, intelligence, puzzle-solving, creative, and memory skills. Think smartly and guide the thief hand to the target safely. The level ends as you get caught red-handed. It offers easy to play, but hard-to-master gameplay for all ages.

Thief Puzzle Walkthrough

Thief Puzzle video game comes with 130 exciting levels; each one is unique and full of fun. Finding the solution of the Thief Puzzle level is mandatory to unlock the next stages. The game leaves you an option to replay the previously passed stages if you want. All levels aren’t the same when it comes to difficulty; some are easy to beat, while some are tough to understand; therefore, we are here with Thief Puzzle Walkthrough – All Levels Solutions.

Note: Keep in mind that you have to steal only the object that your character is thinking.

Thief Puzzle – Level 1

The first level is a tutorial and designed to make you understand how the game works. Drag the hand of the thief to a briefcase available at the bottom of your screen to complete it. The level 1 completion will unlock the next level to complete.

Thief Puzzle – Level 2

In the next level, your character is sitting with an old lady to steal her bag. This time, you must get help from a hook hanging above the old lady to avoid being detected while stealing the purse.

Thief Puzzle – Level 3

It seems the thief is hungry and wants to steal some vegetables to satisfy his hunger. Help the thief to solve the puzzle and escape. Drag the hand around the hydrant to collect the vegetable bag.

Thief Puzzle – Level 4

This time, your character has reached Paris where he has to loot a person who is taking a selfie. Drag the thief’s hand around the balloon and then the Eiffel Tower to reach the bag.

Thief Puzzle – Level 5

You are in a museum where a thief is already robbing gold coins. Your goal is to rob the gold coins without being notice and escape from the museum. To do so, you have to use a stand kept on your right side.

Thief Puzzle – Level 6

A girl found a pearl but your greedy eyes get stuck on it. Stretch the hand of a thief around the lifesaving tube and then the football to rob a pearl you need.

Thief Puzzle – Level 7

The thief is standing on the other side of the room whose door is locked. He needs a key and you are the only one who can help him. So, you must drag the thief’s hand to the key and open the door.

Thief Puzzle – Level 8

Water is flowing throw the hydrant and a couple is having fun on a bench. Your ultimate job is to rob a diamond ring kept near the lady. Bring your hand below the hydrant and then the bushes, to reach the ring and rob it without being noticed.

Thief Puzzle – Level 9

Thief Puzzle Level 9 isn’t easy as it seems, touching the dynamite drum means the level end. Therefore, you should be careful when trying to rob a treasure box of a pirate. So, drag the hand and use a compass to avoid getting touch the candle that may burn it.

Thief Puzzle – Level 10

Level 10 revolves around a delicious BBQ party where a man is making delicious food, but your character goes mad at the food. He needs your help to rob the food which is a bit difficult because the game features a punching box that won’t cross the hand of the thief; therefore, you should think about going out of the box to find Thief Puzzle Level 10 Solution. To complete the level, you have to notice the punch time and collect a meat piece instantly as the punch goes back to its box.

Thief Puzzle – Level 11

There is a rotating blade that won’t let you collect a gift box and without collecting a box the level won’t be considered as completed. Therefore, you should struggle to bring a solution to the table. Drag the hand across the stand and collect a gift after finding the moving blade on the left side.

Thief Puzzle – Level 12

In Level 12, a man is trying to catch a fish to satisfy his hunger and there is an electric board between the thief and the fish bucket. You must help him to rob the bucket timely. Therefore, you must take your hand from above the football and then turn it to reach the bucket.

Thief Puzzle – Level 13

Robbing a diamond won’t be easy because there is a tight security and laser alarm system. Touching the laser may turn on the alarm and the police will catch you instantly. Therefore, you should find a way to reach the diamond without being noticed. Did you notice a stand connected with laser time? Bring your hand from behind it and collect a diamond.

Thief Puzzle – Level 14

As the new levels are getting unlocked, the difficulty level gradually increasing. You should keep honing your puzzle-solving skills to master all levels. If you fail to find any solution, read our Thief Puzzle Walkthrough Guide to get solutions of all levels. Here you don’t need to turn your hand using any object, drag it down to the cake and rob it without being noticed.

Note: Don’t collect the cake when the moving blade is on your side.

Thief Puzzle – Level 15

Are you ready to collect a football? If so, first you have to deal with hurdles fixed between the football and your hand. When both moving axels are at their initial position, quickly drag your hand to the football and rob it without being noticed.

Thief Puzzle – Level 16

There is a kid on the balcony playing with his yellow-colored car. Robbing a car is your next job, but there is a machine fixed on the left side throwing ball toward the thief after a while. As the ball passes nearby you, drag your hand to the car and bring it back timely before the next ball release.

Thief Puzzle – Level 17

Your character is in any snowy environment where he is almost freezing. In Level 17, two characters are available, one with a coat while the second is without. You must drag the hand to the coat but not straightly because it will breeze your hand too. You must go above the wooden piece.

Thief Puzzle – Level 18

At level 18, the thief is on a stage and wants to rob a crown. You must drag the hand to the crown when the machine releases the smoke, so one can catch you easily.

Thief Puzzle – Level 19

There is a zombie who is looking for a way out. Firstly, you should be kept quiet and try to open the door. Bring your hand beside the grave to the door lock and open it for the zombie.

Thief Puzzle – Level 20

A bag full of gold is available on the other side of the screen where a dog is hired to protect it. You should use your brain to find a solution. There is a lamp nearby you and a pot on the other side, use both items to keep your arms safe from spikes and collect the gold.

Thief Puzzle – Level 21

Once again, the thief feels hungry and he needs your help to rob a delicious cake. You can’t directly catch the cake because there is a fan that may hurt your arm. Therefore, you should take your hand from the right side of the painting and then bring it from upside the purple plant pot to rob a cake.

Thief Puzzle – Level 22

You are standing on a boat where your ultimate goal is to rob a treasure using your stretchable arm. Drag your hand and take it toward the treasure from above the kite and then around the flag.

Thief Puzzle – Level 23

A police officer has caught you red-handed and put you behind the jail. To escape, you have to collect a key but there is a dog who won’t let you go. Drag the hand from above the lamp and then turn it down after crossing a nut. Use the key to escape the Thief Puzzle Level 23.

Thief Puzzle – Level 24

This time, a thief is standing on the road’s corner nearby the traffic light but he has to rob a phone from a person who is available on another side of the road. There is a vehicle that keeps coming after some time. Take the hand to the phone to rob it within no time. Colliding the hand with the vehicle may end the level.

Thief Puzzle – Level 25

A lady is standing next to a tower holding a pink bag. Your goal is to rob after overcoming a hydrant and an electric board. Drag the hand from below the hydrant and aside from the dustbin, to collect a bag.

Thief Puzzle – Level 26

A man is watching TV holding a bag of gold coins. Your character is hanging with a rope and his ultimate goal is to collect a bag at any cost. Bring your hand aside from a statue and collect a bag after taking it from the backside of the sofa.

Thief Puzzle – Level 27

A dog has been caught in a cage and you must bring it out. You can’t directly drag the hand of the thief to the cage because there is a security guard who won’t let you complete the objective. Therefore, you should use a ball to lead your hand to the cage.

Thief Puzzle – Level 28

Your character is feeling jealous because, on the other side of the park, a boy is proposing to a girl. The game features a barrier between the couple and you; therefore, you should drag the thief’s hand from the right side of both pears and then turn it down to the flower after crossing an apple.

Thief Puzzle – Level 29

This time, the thief is in an office and planning to rob a mobile phone of his clique. Dragging the hand straightly isn’t possible because of a pedestrian fan. So, drag the hand from the side of the plant pot to the phone.

Thief Puzzle – Level 30

A celebrity is on a red carpet wearing a diamond ring. You should wait for a smoke before taking any action and then lead your arm between the smokes to catch the ring.

Thief Puzzle – Level 31

You should keep honing your puzzle-solving puzzles to win all levels. The game features a cannon to throw ice upon detecting any object. So, you should bring the thief’s hand from above the ice pieces available in the sea to the pot.

Thief Puzzle – Level 32

Do you love playing tennis? If so, then you need a racket to start play. Your competitor has both rackets and your goal is to rob one from him. Drag your hand to the rocket after finding the path cleared.

Thief Puzzle – Level 33

An alien ship is approaching to abduct a girl. You have a golden chance to be a hero, but lots of hurdles are featured on the way. Drag the thief’s hand from around the moon and bring the girl down to save it.

Thief Puzzle – Level 34

It’s Christmas time and a room is full of gifts. The thief has just reached the room to steal some gifts and he needs your help to fulfill his plan. Drag his hand from beside the sofa and take it from above the sock and turn your hand toward the gift after reaching the star fixed on a tree.

Thief Puzzle – Level 35

The character is in a car and can’t pass through the check post without pressing the red button. Drag the hand from above the machine and lead it to the button to open the way and escape.

Thief Puzzle – Level 36

Thief Puzzle Level 36 takes place in a graveyard where your goal is to rescue a girl who is being pulled down. There are lots of zombies’ hands whom you can’t touch to keep progressing through the game. Therefore, see the image given below in Thief Puzzle Level 36 Walkthrough.

Thief Puzzle – Level 37

Are you ready to rob a valuable painting from tight security? Level 37 takes place in a painting shop where you come to rob a painting. To find the solution, see the image given below.

Thief Puzzle – Level 38

You are angry at a man standing on the other side of the road. The road is busy and vehicles are coming after some time. You should react quickly and drag the man toward you upon finding the road empty.

Thief Puzzle – Level 39

A man is beating another one with a baseball bat. You have to rescue the innocent person by merely snatching the baseball bat that is only possible by dragging the hand straight in an upward direction but avoid touching the targeted person.

Thief Puzzle – Level 40

The thief is in danger because a vampire appears suddenly from somewhere else ahead of him. In short, the thief needs your help to collect garlic to get rid of the vampire. Drag the hand from above the tower and collect garlic.

Thief Puzzle – Level 41

This time, the thief is in an examination hall and he needs a paper sheet to cheat in the exam. Lots of fans are featured between tables and you must find a solution to get him a paper. Drag the hand from below the chairs to snatch a paper.

Thief Puzzle – Level 42

Level 42 requires you to rob a key and steal a sports car. The man who has a key is standing on the top of the level between the two dogs won’t let your hand reach the person. You should move the thief’s hand between platforms carefully and reach the person to collect a key.

Thief Puzzle – Level 43

Lots of explosive drums are kept amidst level 43 and your ultimate job is to reach the treasure box at any cost. There are two empty boxes available that help you reach the treasure without being touched by the thief’s hand to the drums.

Thief Puzzle – Level 44

Level 44 takes place in a bar where a girl is mad at a person wearing a wig. It seems the thief is feeling jealous; therefore, he needs your help to expose the man by removing the wig. An image is given below with a solution.

Thief Puzzle – Level 45

A man is in a pool and you must steal his clothes after finding a solution. There is a dog taking care of clothes. See the image below to rob the clothes.

Thief Puzzle – Level 46

Once again, the police put the thief behind the bars and he is looking for a key. This time, the police have kept him in tight security where moving blades may kill the person who comes into their contacts. So, drag the hand from below the chair to collect a key.

Thief Puzzle – Level 47

The game takes the thief to a painting show where lots of people are watching images. Your ultimate job is to rob all paintings and escape. Drag the thief’s hand from the left side and collect all paint to escape.

Thief Puzzle – Level 48

Thief Puzzle Level 48 takes place in a snowy environment where two cannons are fixed to freeze objects they detect moving. You must be careful when helping out the thief to get a coat. Drag the hand from the left side of the blocks and then lead it on the right-side blocks to get a coat.

Thief Puzzle – Level 49

The thief is sitting on the 2nd floor while a person is singing a song in a bad voice on first floor. He needs your help to get rid of this problem by snatching the mic. Therefore, drag the hand on the right side and lead it below the speakers to reach the music light and turn it right to rob a mic.

Thief Puzzle – Level 50

In the fiftieth level of Thief Puzzle, the character reaches a beach where he needs an umbrella to survive the hot day. Drag the thief’s hand and turn it around from the pearl and then turn it around a football to get an umbrella.


Thief Puzzle is a fun-filled video game where you steal objects and valuable items to solve challenging puzzles. The introduction of brand-new gameplay is appreciated and like many other games, you have to think first before making your next move. You can drag the thief’s hand as much as you need to collect an object. Keep in mind that each level is full of hurdles and challenging obstacles that you must overcome to progress through the level. The game gradually increases the difficulty level to maintain the fun and exciting gameplay.

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