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Solving It is a Puzzle and Single-player video game released by HunDong Studio for Mobile Platforms, such as Android and iOS. The game offers three different modes, such as Easy, Normal, and Hard. There are over 40 levels in Easy Mode, while the Normal mode holds up to 10 challenging levels. Here your ultimate goal should be focused on turning yourself into a master puzzle solver while embarking on a journey to get rid of problems; meanwhile, helping people.

The majority of players love to play Puzzle and Adventure games because such types of games help exercise the brain to make it powerful so they can observe, judge, and inference in a better way. Solving It brings hand-drawn diagrams, along with ingenious puzzles, and breathtaking storylines that everyone loves to unfold. Each level takes place in a unique location where you must tap the screen to move your character to the specific part, interact with objects, and find clues to solve the mystery.

Easy Mode

As mentioned above, the easy mode features over 40 challenging levels and one brings a unique story and puzzles to your table to solve. Interact with a beautiful cast of small characters and help them to become the puzzle-solving master. The prominent levels are the following:

  1. Drake’s Pipe
  2. Super Ray
  3. Poor Drake
  4. Drake’s Box
  5. Portal
  6. Conveyor Belt
  7. Ellie’s Doll
  8. The injured Dog
  9. Ralph’s Treasure
  10. Ralph’s Gift
  11. Drake’s Expedition
  12. Dig Fossils
  13. Rainforest Relic
  14. Little Wish
  15. Fishing Time
  16. Eliy’s Painting
  17. Long Tongues Monkeys
  18. Desert Relic
  19. Where’s the Cats
  20. Disappeared Glasses

Solving It Walkthrough

Although the game hasn’t completely released, it is still running in its beta version. Solving It Walkthrough Guide includes solutions of all challenging levels you are looking for, in a well-structured manner. The easy mode has 43 Chapters and each one put your puzzle-solving skills to test. Let’s started to solve the first Chapter.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Drake’s Pipe

In the first chapter of Solving It, your goal is to help Drake get his pipe back. The game starts within an office where a female character is continuously moving across. Upon tapping the task, the game takes you into Chapter 1 where an Oldman is crying because a monkey has stolen his pipe. To solve the puzzle, follow the instruction mentioned in Solving It Walkthrough Level 1:

  • Tap on the professor who is sitting on the floor and start the conversation regarding what happened with him.
  • As he tells you about his problem, you should move to the bag available on the right side and open it to discover a monkey toy.
  • Next to that, visit the money sitting on the right side of the professor and offer him that toy by merely dragging it from your inventory in exchange for a pipe.
  • Offer the pipe to the professor to get your puzzle solved.

Note: The game completion of the puzzle rewards you 100 in-game cash and 10 trophies.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 2 – Super Ray

The second chapter starts with a doctor who gets too big because of an experiment that goes wrong. Help the female character to start a conversation with the doctor and find a solution to get her back in her former condition. Don’t take any action until the doctor ends what happened with her. At this level, your objective is to bring Dr. SL to normal size.

  • Head to the toolbox kept on the right side of the doctor to collect a battery.
  • Visit the doctor’s invented machine and replace the battery to bring it back to working position.
  • Now, go near the controller and pull the lever to bring the doctor back to her normal size.

Collect another 100 in-game currency and 10 trophies after completing the puzzle.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 3 – Poor Drake

Once again you are in the same location as level one. This time, it seems the professor gets lost and his assistant needs your help to rescue the professor. As the level starts, your first job is to tap the client to start the conversation to know your task. Once the client briefly described the problem, then you should move ahead to take other actions.

  • Get into the ruin and head to the statue on your right side to collect a treasure box from its mouth.
  • Visit the 2nd statue and pull the ring down to dry the water of the pool.
  • After the elimination of the water, the pool reveals a crown holding a red ruby. Collect the ruby and drag it to your inventory to add.

  • Insert the ruby into the door and wait until it opens. Upon getting into it, you find a professor trapped within a case.
  • Let your character walk on three buttons between two torches to remove hurdles and rescue the professor.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 4 – Drake’s Box

Upon visiting the professor, you find him very upset because of a box he dug out of the earth. Tap the professor to talk with him to know what is happening around him. During the conversation, you come to know that the box professor dug out of the earth isn’t opening, although he has used everything from cutter to saw. Objective: Open the Box for the professor:

  • At the start, head to the table below the board to collect a brush and discover a treasure box.
  • Next to that, use the brush to clean the box the professor found and attempt to solve a puzzle.
  • Once done, it will reveal a paper that you can offer to the professor to make him happy.

Don’t forget to grab 100 in-game cash and 10 trophies.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 5 – Portal

The fifth chapter takes place in a lab once again. Upon reaching, you find a completely new lab where the same doctor is standing to welcome you. To complete the puzzle, you have to follow the instructions mentioned in Solving It Walkthrough, but first, go and talk to the client first. Here your objective is to “Find the Cake.”

  • To find the cake, you should use the portal to visit another place where pressing the handle is your task.
  • Use the portal to come back to the initial position and go through the door that was recently opened by hitting the handle.

  • After passing the gate, you may find a portal that you should use to approach the secret location and make use of the door to discover another handle to press.
  • Once done, leave the gate to use the portal and reach the upper location. Use the door on the left side and then move toward the right side to come back to the same location. Discover a portal and use it to reach the location where the cake awaits you.

  • Collect the cake and go back to the doctor.
  • Offer the cake to the doctor by merely dragging it from your inventory to the doctor and solve the puzzle.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 6 – Conveyor Belt

Once again, Doctor has invented something strange and gets trapped in a problem. Last time, the doctor has invented a massage chair that was almost near to kill the female character. This time, the doctor has invented a conveyor belt and lost her ice cream. Now, you should find hidden objects to solve the puzzle and help the doctor get her ice cream back.

  • Use the conveyor belt on your right side to get into the second room where you find lots of others.
  • You have to visit the third room using the conveyor belts that are moving randomly and reach the end place where you find ice cream.

  • Keep the ice cream in your inventory and come back to the doctor to find a way to her.
  • The way back to the doctor is much easier than your thoughts.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 7 – Elli’s Doll

The next level is set in a beautiful room where a kid awaits you. Make the little girl happy by merely making a rabbit doll for the little girl, your task at level 7. The screen divides into two parts, the first part displays the character and the room while the second part shows you the object you may interact with. For the completion of the puzzle, follow the steps given at the Walkthrough of Solving It Guide.

  • After interacting with the girl, you should move toward the table and attempt to connect pieces of the rabbit doll. During the process, you find a piece of rabbit is missing.
  • Turn around to interact with the sofa where you discover a box holding a rabbit bow. Collect the bow and a candy.
  • Leave the table and head to a wardrobe where you will discover a missing part of a rabbit doll. Add that piece to your inventory and back to the little girl. Offer the candy to the rat who is in the plant pot and head to the table to add the missing part of the rabbit doll. Connect both the bow and the leg with the rabbit doll and take it to the upper floor.

  • Visit the bed to see the rabbit painting and move to the table where you discover three different colors.
  • Fill the colors to the rabbit doll following the image to make it ready and take it back to the girl to make it happy.

Following the given steps may help you solve another case.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 8 – Injured Dog

Although the number of the Chapter has changed, you are still in the same room with the same little girl. This time, the girl needs your help because her puppy is in pain. You must find a way to heal the injured puppy.

  • Firstly, you must open the box kept on the sofa to collect a bandage and then move back to the table near the main door.
  • Open the drawer to collect a bottle of alcohol and the treasure box. Before opening the drawer, you have to collect a magnifying glass from near the dog and investigate the image above the wardrobe where you will find a code: 8765. Enter the code to open the drawer and collect the stuff you need.
  • After that, visit the puppy and bring the spike out of its feet. Use alcohol to clean the injury, and bandage it.

Like previously completed levels, the game rewards you with 100 in-game cash and 10 trophies.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 9 – Ralph’s Treasure

As the name implies, it seems the ninth level is set in a museum where ancient relics and other things available. In the game, your ultimate target is to crack the vault and find the client’s pocket watch.

  • Visit the blue pot to collect a red button and head to the cupboard on the left side of the main door.
  • Tap to zoom in the cupboard and click a statue carrying a global map to reveal a button. Pick up a treasure box and add it to your inventory.
  • Go to the main door and add the red button you have collected from the blue pot and hit it.
  • As you press the button, “BRAVO” would be written on the showcase table.
  • Interact with the painting on the left side of the main door and get it aside to reveal letters.

  • Adjust the letters according to the word written on the showcase table to reveal a secret passageway.
  • Go to the basement and head to the box kept on the table. Tap the red button to reveal the security locker and type “1900” to get a screwdriver.
  • Use the screwdriver to open the case below the red button and press each button as many times as follows: 1324. It will open the secret box containing a pocket watch.
  • Offer the watch to the little girl and Solving it Level 9 is solved.

Solving it Walkthrough Chapter 10 – Ralph’s Gift

After reaching Solving it level 10, you come to know that Mr. Rafe has sent you a safe without any key to open it. Therefore, your target is to find a way how to open the safe and solve the level. This time, you find yourself in a familiar location where you may have already completed a level. Start searching for hidden objects and finding clues or any tools to open the safe.

  • To open the safe, firstly you should head to the paintings hanging on the wall. Note their colors and directions.
  • Now, you should move back to the safe where you must adjust the lock following the color and direction you have seen on paintings.

The first ten levels in easy mode have been solved.

Solving It Guide – Tips and Tricks

Solving It is a beautiful Puzzle game that has three different modes, such as Easy, Normal, and Hand. Only the first level is unlocked, while for others you have to complete the first one. Along with hidden object scenes, the game has featured a drag system – it means for the completion of a puzzle you have to drag the item from your inventory and drop it to your client. Furthermore, it features pretty simple graphics and two screens; first for the movement of character while the second screen is to display your items and conversation between the girl and clients.

Here are a few tips you should keep in mind:

  • At the start, you don’t need to interact with any object, except for the client. Go to talk with your client and ask for your goal.
  • Never interact with those objects that display you some text in return upon tapping. Always prefer to tap clickable objects for the completion of the puzzle.
  • Some levels will appear on your screen that may unlock as you watch ads.
  • Collect treasure box as it will bring lots of in-game currency for you.
  • The game features a hint system to help you find the solution instantly.
  • Levels in Normal and Hard modes are relatively tough and longer than Easy Mode. Therefore, you should learn as much as possible how to solve puzzles when playing in Easy Mode.


The majority of players from worldwide love to play Hidden Object games with story elements; on the other hand, many players consider such types of games not more than a headache. However, playing puzzle games is always fun and the best source of brain exercise. HunDong Studio brings their fabulous creation holding more than forty challenging levels in one single mode. In case you are considering yourself more than an average player, then still you have to complete the Easy mode to unlock the levels with normal difficulty. Besides, you can find solutions of all levels at, and we will keep updating the article regularly.

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