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Without any doubt, Rusty Lake is delivering a perfect mix of Puzzle and Adventure game elements to amuse puzzle lovers. This time, it presents Samsara Room offering similar gameplay to Strange Case – The Alchemist developed by Labeledman. Assuming a role of a character who lost the memory and has been abducted, wake up in a house with whom he isn’t familiar, is difficult. Surely, you would come to know that I am talking Samsara Room. Yes, here you don’t know where you are and who has brought you here. Only one thing you should keep in mind to escape the house as soon as possible; meanwhile, make your detective skills stronger and figure out the truth behind the scene.

Take control of a protagonist who finds himself in a strange room, where only a few things available, including the following:

  • Telephone
  • Mirror
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Odd Objects

During the exploration of the house, you may discover lots of odd objects you don’t recognize; therefore, you should keep your focus on finding hidden objects, solving puzzles, and unlock new scenes. Samsara Room introduces atmospheric adventure gameplay to experience where players can use a point-and-click interface to control the avatar from a first-person viewpoint. Similar to other games of the same type, you can’t see the hands of the protagonist. Experience the environment from the protagonist’s eye and interact with objects to find the truth. A strange Rusty Lake universe awaits you with brand new puzzles, catchy graphics, a well-written storyline, and fabulous soundtracks introduced by Victor Butzelaar.

Samsara Room (Complete Game) Walkthrough

As the game starts, the protagonist wakes up with no memory, and a question in his mind (Where I am). The starting scene may display you a table, along with a classic telephone, a mirror, and a small cupboard fixed in a wall. Before embarking on a mission to escape the house, you should learn how to play the Samsara Room game.

How to Play Samsara Room?

The game works following the pattern of other Hidden Object games, but it releases with a unique element and 2D graphics. When playing the game, you can move from room to room in search of hidden items and the objects you find in the first room may be used in the second to solve a puzzle. Therefore, you should keep honing your detective skills and figuring out the scenes for objects.

  • Use arrows to move around Rooms
  • Collect hidden objects from different rooms and keep them in your inventory.
  • Use items from your inventory by merely tapping on them.
  • Use the drag & drop feature to deal with boxes and other objects like drawers to open.

Now, you are almost ready to play Samsara Room.

Hint System

Upon finding yourself in any difficulty, use the eye symbol to get help as it is designed to highlight the object you are looking for. Furthermore, you can use the eye symbol for limited times; therefore, be careful when using it.

Samsara Room Achievements

  • Fish
  • Corrupted Soul
  • Gecko
  • Worm
  • Bird
  • Shrimp
  • New Life
  • Window

Samsara Room Walkthrough

If you are new to Samsara Room, you don’t need to worry because Samsara Room Walkthrough is released to help you solve all challenging puzzles and help your character escape the house as soon as possible with no hassle. The thing you have to do is just follow the given steps:

  • Firstly, tap on the plant pot to collect a candle and keep it in your inventory. Hint: You don’t need to drag the object to your inventory, upon tapping the item will be added automatically.
  • Hit the left arrow to visit another room and head to a briefcase locked with a puzzle that you have to solve.
  • Upon tapping the briefcase, the game displays three circles that you can rotate to open the briefcase. The center circle holds two buttons that you must add to surrounding circles and bring the yellow button down to open the case and collect the second candle.
  • Now, you have two candles in your inventory.
  • Next to that, start opening the drawers to find a Fish, a Candle, and a Knife.
  • Go back to the first room to read a letter kept near the classic telephone. But, without using a knife, you can’t open it.
  • Enlighten Me” is written, along with a few images (Achievements) on the letter.
  • Pick up the receiver to let it throw letters on your screen. Arrange the letters in a way that they make the word you have read on letter (Enlighten Me).
  • Completing the letters as I said will drop a matchbox that will be added to your inventory as you tap on it.

Navigate Room on Right Side

Now, you should move to the right move by merely hitting the right arrow and head to a window. Open both doors to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

  • Use a knife from your inventory to cut the painting and it will reveal a puzzle to solve.
  • Keep all candles to their stands and burn them using a matchbox from your inventory.
  • In the third step, you have to keep a fish amidst the candle on a tray and tap the circle recently opened above the fish.
  • Keep tapping the oncoming squares to see yourself standing ahead of a mirror where you may discover a man with a fish head standing inside it. Before interacting with the man, collect a shell from behind the mirror.

  • Once you collect the shell, everyone surrounding you will start to fly as there is no gravity around you.
  • Find a flying bottle near the clock in the next room and break it by tapping to collect the second shell.
  • After that, you should move to the right room where tapping on the pickle is mandatory.
  • Pickle has many buttons and you have to tap some specific to get the third shell.
  • Once done, leave the area by hitting the down button and click on the floating briefcase holding another shell.

  • Leave the room and move on to the main area where you have found a classic telephone. Pick up the receiver once again and let it throw bubbles. Tap all bubbles one by one in ascending order and tap on the oncoming paper to get a key.
  • Use a key to open the door of a small cupboard fixed above the phone to collect a jar.
  • Now, you must head to a clock and keep tapping on its right side until a hand appears. Select the knife from your inventory and offer it to the hand in return of a heart.
  • After that, head to the windows and open their doors. Keep all shells you have collected from different places, and exchange the fish with a heart. Hit the small portal and keep tapping the square.
  • Go back to near the window, use the jar to capture a lizard in it.
  • Pick up the heart from the window and keep a lizard over there to see what will happen next.
  • This time, everything comes upside down and you discover a marble from the plant pot.
  • Move to the next room where a window is placed. Head to the candle stand and burn all candles using a matchbox to collect the second marble piece.
  • Above the clock, three paintings are available. Head to the first painting, remove the scenery to collect a marble, interact with the second painting to keep the time in mind (03:55), and at the third step, visit the clock and set the time as you have watched on a painting.
  • Once you set the time, the game will give you a triangle key.
  • Head to the room where a wardrobe is available in upside-down condition. Above the wardrobe, there is a bookshelf and you can interact with it to solve a tricky puzzle. The bookshelf seems like a Tetris-like video game that everyone loves to play.

Head to the Window

Once again, you are supposed to go near the window and open it. Place all marbles from your inventory to their places and keep the heart, but before don’t forget to collect a lizard.

  • Tap on the portal and make everything to its initial position.
  • Next to that, you find yourself in the same room. Head to the window and investigate the book kept below it.
  • Explore the book and keep all shapes and time in mind to solve upcoming challenging puzzles.
  • Leave the area to head to the clock and set the time accordingly to the book. Once it is done, the game grants you a triangle key.

After picking up the key, you must head to the window once again, pick up a heart from there, and keep a fish to see what will happen next. As the game throws you back to the main room, you find a few books floating in the air.

  • Tap on an orange book to reveal the time and head to the clock to set it over there (2:15) and get a triangle key.
  • Next to that, head to the window and exchange the heart with the fish, and tap on the portal to see what effects it may bring to your game.
  • This time, you must head to a clock and use all three triangle keys to open it.
  • As the door opens, you may find the dead body of someone. Tap on its hand to collect a seed that you should keep in your inventory.
  • Find a plant pot and sow the seed over there.
  • Once again, head to the window and exchange the heart with the fish to see the reaction.
  • This time, you find the house floating in the water. Select the jar from your inventory and tap on the floor to collect some water.
  • Now, head to the window and exchange the fish with your heart to restore the earlier environment.
  • Give the water to the plant pot and see how the plant grows.
  • Go back to the window and keep the lizard after collecting a fish.

Congratulation: you have successfully unlocked the Gecko achievement.

As you might know that there are four different objects available that you are using throughout the gameplay, such as Fish, Heart, Worm, and Lizard. Each one has a unique impact on the scene as follows:

Lizard: Keeping the lizard on the window may bring everything upside down.

Fish: The house gets filled with water.

Heart: Objects start to float in the air.

Worm: Discover ground closely.

Use Lizard

  • Keep lizard to bring everything upside down; so, you can easily see the color of flowers. Remove all flower petals to collect a worm.
  • Visit the window and keep the worm after collecting a lizard to see everything in more detail.
  • Next to that, the game takes you back to the main area and your goal is to visit the window to discover a book below it. Tap the upcoming leaf until it reaches the next room where you found a dead body.
  • Collect the petal as it falls and add it to your inventory.
  • Move back to the previous room on your left side and head to the cupboard where you may discover a knife. Keep all pieces aside to find a petal that you may need for the completion of the puzzle.
  • After that, go back to the room where a window is featured. Head to a book and use a matchbox to keep it open. Collect the third petal and add it to your inventory.
  • Tap on the classic telephone and click on its receiver a few times to drop it.
  • Use a knife from your inventory to open the screws of the receiver and solve a puzzle by rotating and moving circuits.
  • Once it is done, the game will reveal the fourth petal that you can collect to take further action.
  • Open the dead body’s mouth and see inside it. There is a huge world inside the mouth wherein your objective is to collect orange orbs.
  • Come out of the mouth and head to the window to keep petals on all four sections to open the portal. Pick up a lizard from the location and add a heart there.

Use Fish

  • After that, go and see the mirror to reveal a clue. Once again, visit the window to exchange the items, and this time you should keep a fish over there to reveal another sign.

Use Lizard

  • Now, it’s time to keep a lizard in a tray and see a sign in the mirror for a sign.

Use Worm

  • Keeping the worm on the same spot will reveal a new sign.
  • Once you keep all signs in mind, open the dead body’s mouth and head to a puzzle requiring you to adjust its needles for completion.
  • After adjusting all needles, the game will provide you with an egg that you must keep in the place of the worm to see what it comes next to experience.

  • Keeping the egg to the window will change the background and it seems the house is flying in the clouds.
  • Pick up the egg from the window and keep it in the nest available in the next room.
  • Hatch all eggs and play a mini-game to tap the right objects timely to get a feather.
  • Find clouds and deal with them to make the following objects: Shark, Worm, Lizard, and Egg. The next upcoming cloud may reveal a clock and before leaving the area, you should keep the time in mind.
  • Leave the room and head to the clock, set the time as you have seen in the cloud to change the background.
  • Visit the room where a wardrobe is available and discover a flying paper plane. Open the paper plane to find a clue and collect a feather from inside it.
  • Pick up the receiver of classic telephone and play with letters to make “Rise Up.”
  • With the completion of the word puzzle, an air balloon appears. Leave the room and head to the clock where the same balloon will appear bigger.
  • Click the balloon, turn the button on, and use the matchbox to burn fire. Use a knife from your inventory to cut the bag.
  • Open the bag to discover the following things, such as Sand, Box, and Scales.
  • Tap on a strange table available on the left side of the clock and collect a sunflower from there.
  • Find the wardrobe in the next room where the game keeps a pot. Put the sand in the plant pot and place the sunflower. Don’t forget to move the sun to get the flower down, leaving you a seed.
  • Open the first drawer to find clues and read the notes.

Head to the Clock

After finding notes, you should go back to the clock and set the time as you have seen on the paper (2:00) to turn the background in the daytime.

  • Now, move back to the room you saw a wardrobe and tap its left side to discover a tree with a squirrel holding a feather. Collect the feather from its hand in exchange for sunflower seed and add it to your inventory.
  • Open all drawers of the wardrobe to collect a weight.
  • Head to the next room and fix both scales to hooks.
  • Click on the clock and set the time to (4:15). After that, visit the next room and tap on the owl to let it fly.
  • Open the third drawer to discover a book and it’s all pages out to read the content.
  • Tap on the clock and discover a white owl. Rotate its mouth in the following directions: Left, Right, and Back to collect a feather.

  • Click on the moon and use the knife to cut. Soon, the moon will open an eye as it receives a cut from you.
  • Hold an eye and rotate it in all directions following the box you unraveled after opening a bag and keep all images in mind the game displays you using stars.
  • Now, click on the box and set the shapes you found after rotating the moon eye.
  • As the box opens, it reveals a clock holding lots of toothed gears. Here your goal is to bring all gears to their proper position to run the clock and note the time when it stops rotating.
  • Now, move to the massive clock and set the time you found on a small one to let the sunrise.

  • Next to the clock, there is a bird whom you have to eat all things, including worm, heart, worm, and lizard to let it emit a baby.
  • Collect a baby and add it to your inventory to use later. After that, head to the window and place all feathers in their position, and keep the baby on a tray.
  • Click on the portal as it opens and taps on the oncoming box. Remove all walls of the box and tap on all objects to get yourself into the sky where you find a mom carrying a baby.

Samsara Room Walkthrough has been completed.


Samsara Room offers you thrilling gameplay full of suspense and tricky puzzles. Although it offers similar gameplay to Cube Escape Paradox, it releases with more twists. The graphics and gameplay are addictive and enough to keep you engaged until the story ends. Command a character who has lost his memory and is in search of a hero who could save him. It has four different rooms and each one holds something new for you to discover. would love to give Samsara Room 8 out of 10 Stars.

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