Cube Escape Paradox Walkthrough


Cube Escape Paradox is an Adventure and Single-player Hidden Objects video game developed by Rusty Lake. The game is released for Mobile Devices, such as Android and iOS, and comes with a twist of Puzzle Genre. A detective named Dale Vandermeer finds himself in an ominous room with no memory about his past. Assuming the role of a detective seems quite impressive who is in trouble because of his former foe. Now, the protagonist must solve challenging puzzles to make sure he escapes; meanwhile, recover his memories. The game features a unique crossover experience that you have never seen before.

Moreover, Cube Escape Paradox is released with only two chapters – the first one is free to play while the second chapter is paid to play. Each chapter comes with multiple endings, depending on choices you make during the gameplay; however, the gameplay would be the same. The graphics are handmade released by Johan Scherft, while the impressive soundtrack is released by Victor Butzelaar. Furthermore, Paradox serves as the 10th marvelous episode of the Cube Escape video game series, serving as the continuation of the Rusty Lake Story.


Cube Escape Paradox revolves around a detective who has no memory and doesn’t know how he reached an unknown place. The storyline seems quite interesting and the graphics are exquisite. Finding the solution may not be easy as it seems; therefore, you should work like a detective who knows how to deal with mysteries. Released in 2018, the game has only two chapters for players; the first is free, and the second is premium. Hone your puzzle-solving skills and embark on a journey to find your memories and reveal the dark secrets.

Using the point-and-click interface, you can interact with the environment to see what it hides for you to reveal. Finding hidden objects isn’t only your aim, as you have to utilize them to solve the puzzle and unravel the dark secrets; meanwhile searching for a way out. You only navigate the scene from a side-view.

How to Play Cube Escape Paradox?

There are four different rooms and each one is fully furnished. You can use arrows to move from one room to another room, while tapping the objects may take you close to it; after that, hitting the down arrow may bring you out of the scene. Move between rooms to find hidden objects and keep adding them to your inventory to use later when need. To learn how to complete Cube Escape Paradox Chapter 1, follow the instruction mentioned in the Walkthrough.

Cube Escape Paradox Walkthrough – Chapter 1

The start scenes are quite disturbing as it seems the detective has been kidnapped and took to a place with whom he isn’t familiar. On the other hand, he has lost his memory and doesn’t know enough about his past, except for his former foe.

Upon waking up when playing, I saw a girl who disappeared with another blink, which was surprising too and making the gameplay suspicious. Asides from the girl, waking up with asking where I am and who the girl was is annoying. Well, let’s get started to figure out what’s happening around with the help of the Cube Escape Paradox Walkthrough.

Firstly, you should go to the third room to discover a dressing table. Tap the table twice to discover two different boxes. Click on the right box and start to play a mini-game to unlock it. In short, the box holds pieces in random locations and your ultimate job is to drag those pieces to their accurate positions to open the box. Once done, the box offers you a photo paper that you can add to your inventory to use later. On the left side, there is another box that holds a key for you to discover.

  • Now, you should move to the next room on the right side to collect a photo piece from behind the painting.

  • Tap the right arrow to visit another room where you discover a wardrobe. Its first drawer reveals scissors, the second will bring a photo piece, while the third one has a pencil. Use a key from your inventory to open the 4th drawer that reveals a wooden cube.

  • Zoom out the scene and collect a jacket hanging on a stand. Go to the dressing room to see how you look like after wearing a jacket. When watching a mirror, suddenly you see a reflection of a girl who is in reality not behind you.
  • Go back to the first room to collect a photo piece. After that, hit the button next to the door and turn it on to light up a lamp of the TV Lounge. Collect a photo piece from there and add it to your inventory.

Complete a Photo

After collecting all the missing pieces of a photo, you should go back to a room where a red sofa is available. On the left side of the sofa, there is a wardrobe that upon tapping may reveal an empty photo frame. Use all pieces from your inventory to complete the photo.

  • Using all photo pieces from your inventory may reveal the detective standing behind a girl.
  • Come out of the frame to collect a cigar, but don’t forget to remember the words written behind the painting “the Woman” and an image of the typewriter. For sure, you get that there is a connection between the woman and the typewriter.

Find Typewriter

In the next room on the right side, there’s a typewriter. Head to it and type the words you found behind the painting “the women.” After typing, a print comes out that upon getting tapped will assign you a task of filling color using the pencil. Once done, a second print comes out with the image of the main door where you have to escape at any cost, but for now, it is closed. Draw to fill the door and let the third image come out with the following questions: why do I keep thinking of her? I never met this woman, and it was just another murder case.

  • Draw the pencil on the image to reveal what happened with the woman. The next scene is a bit horrible where the game displays to you how the woman was murdered.
  • The next page reveals a key that you need to escape. Upon drawing the pencil, the key turns into a reality that you should keep in your inventory.

Visit the TV Lounge

After getting a key from the paper using the pencil, you should go to the TV lounge and head to the cupboard. Open the cupboard using the key and hit the back button to view all sections of it.

  • Tap the upper section where a file of evidence is kept and open it to reveal clues.
  • Open the file to collect three items: Cassette Tape, Slide, and Newspaper Article.
  • Before leaving the cupboard, don’t forget to collect a grip.

Run Projector

Your next puzzle is to run a projector available in the cupboard to see the clues. To run the project, you have to follow the steps mentioned in Cube Escape: Paradox Walkthrough Guide:

  • Plugin the TV Switch and head to the cupboard.
  • Insert the cassette tape into the projector after opening its tray and close it once you inserted it, and turn it on.
  • After that, head to the room where a red sofa is kept and above it there is a painting. Use the grip from your inventory to bring the curtain down and start revealing codes after sliding it down gradually. The code I found is 54. Before leaving the projector screen, don’t forget to collect a photo.
  • Head to the next room and visit the clock to set the time as 5:20. It will open a secret box holding a matchbox. Collect a matchbox and keep it in your inventory.

Once done, move to the mirror for not seeing how you look like, but to find further clues to solve the mystery.

How to Burn Cigar and reveal clues on Mirror?

Firstly, you should head to the mirror, tap the cigar from your inventory, and hit the detective’s hand. Repeat the same process with the matchbox. Burn the cigar by merely tapping the matchbox and then the cigar after it.

  • Pick up a cigar from your inventory and burn it using a matchbox.
  • Start tapping the detective’s nose to let him make a sign using smoke. Keep all the signs in mind and head to the cupboard. Open its lower left cupboard to discover a locker and set the signs in the same sequence the detective displayed you in a mirror.

  • It reveals a tape that you should add to your inventory.
  • Use the tape to repair the wire and run the TV.
  • Next to that, you must find a tape recorder that is available near the clock. Insert the cassette to listen to the recording carefully because it reveals the channel number that you must set on the TV.
  • Set the TV channel to 012 and hit the play button. Then go with channel 67 and hit the play button. After watching the video, head to the typewriter and type “The Lake” to print out a paper.
  • Use the scissors to cut the paper and bring the first to another one a bit to find the number which is (Call: 14335).

During a phone call, you must listen to the complete conversation and ask questions by merely tapping at the end of the table. In the end, the mysterious man asks you to look through the keyhole.

  • Now you should leave the area and head to the door with a red handle. See-through the keyhole where you discover the same girl and tapping once again may reveal her eye displaying you two needles.
  • Head to the clock and set the accordingly – 11:45 to open another secret box holding triangle box.

  • Move to the mirror and keep the cigar back to your inventory.
  • Now, going to the room of red sofa may help you reveal some other clues. Around the sofa two small wardrobes available that you can easily open using a triangle key.
  • Open drawers of the left wardrobe and search out files you found there. Open the 2nd drawer and start exploring files with Letter “V” where you discover Vanderboom and next to it a prescription that you must add to your inventory.
  • After that, move toward the wardrobe on the right side and open its drawer using the same triangle key. Collect a slide 2 from the first drawer and a handkerchief from the second.

Visit the TV Lounge

After collecting information regarding Vanderboom and items like a handkerchief and slide 2, go back to the TV lounge. There is a cupboard near the TV and you must click on the bookshelf over there to set their positions. You have to set the books in the following orders:

  • Robert Hill
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Vanderboom
  • Eilander – My Family
  • Ida Reiziger
  • And Dark Grey Book

Open the dark book to read and find clues. On the third page of the book, you may collect a glass eye, while on the last page there is an iron cube to collect.

  • Leave the second shelf to tap on the file (Case: 23) and open it to add clues you gathered like a prescription.
  • Next to the file case, a projector is available and your job is to remove the slide you have had inserted before to insert slide 2.
  • Above the TV, the game features an animal head with no eyes. Add the glass eye to its right side and go back to the dressing table.
  • Keep the iron cube in a box between blue and red cases. Now, head to the projector screen to find more clues you need to escape.
  • Visit the TV and play channel 588 to see the footage.
  • After watching the footage, you should move toward the cupboard and set the signs following the pattern you found projector paper to discover a globe key.

Discover the global map stand and use the key to open the global map stand. To complete the puzzle, draw a line from the start to the end and connect the areas using the small device fixed on the right side of the screen.

  • The completion of the puzzle opens the map to reveal a newspaper article. You also need to gather a glass cup and head to the rest of the bottles.
  • Put the match stick to the first bottle and twig to the second bottle, but first, you should use scissors to cut it from the plant pot.
  • Wait until the first bottle breaks to collect a fishing hook.
  • Your next objective is to open case file no 23 and add a newspaper article you found on the page of “Evidence D contest Rusty Lake.”
  • Select the empty glass from your inventory and fill it from the bottle available on the top section of the cupboard.

Collect String from a Red Sofa

Leave the TV Lounge and head to the room where a sofa and classic telephone are kept. Now, click the sofa to collect the string using the scissors.

Once again, head to the global map stand where you found glasses. Tap on those glasses and attempt to bring a glass eye out from the third bottle using your wit. Here is a solution to how to bring Glass Eye from a Bottle following Cube Escape Paradox Walkthrough Guide:

  • Fill the bottle with water by selecting the glass from your inventory.
  • Connect a string with the fishing hook and put it into the bottle.
  • Bring the glass eye from the bottle and add it to your inventory.
  • Click on the animal’s head available above the TV and add the second glass eye to release the evil energy.

The released evil energy starts making shadows of items that you must guess to proceed with the plot. The shapes it makes are the following: Animal Head itself, Animal Face, Clock, Typewriter, TV, Door, and Mirror. Next to that, you must watch the detective in the mirror and tap dark spots by merely tapping on them one by one.

Arrange Memories

In this scene, the game introduces a maze-like environment fixed into a human face. It displays a dark character standing on the first floor. As mentioned above, you find yourself standing within your mind and your ultimate task is to arrange memories to learn who are you and how you reached over here. There are different blocks available and each one displays you specific path and a painting to come out of the room. Drag blocks make a way for the detective to investigate other rooms and solve the puzzle to reach the nose and escape.

  • Firstly, you should go near the man’s shadow and tap on the button that appears on the screen.
  • Next to that, you should visit the room where an old pair is sitting on chairs. Go near them and tap the button to let a mysterious man appears on the screen from behind the curtain.
  • After that, drag your room to a place where a glass of water is available. Pull the handle to drop the water to its lower section and connect it to a room where pipes are featured along with a motor pump that you can use to transfer the water to another room.
  • Find a way to reach that room and get into an elevator to go down. Next to that, take the room near the nose and escape using an elevator.

Once you come out of the nose, you feel a headache and it seems your memory is about to come. Keep solving tricky puzzles to reveal the dark secrets and learn who killed the innocent girl and how you reached here.

  • After coming out, you see blood spread on the floor near the main door. Select the handkerchief from your inventory and clean the blood.
  • Once the blood gets cleaned, a removable piece of wood appears that you should get aside to discover a part of the flyer.
  • Visit the telephone to explore the card kept nearby it. Put the part of the flyer on it to reveal the word “Burn.”
  • Head to the typewriter and press the keys “Burn” to get a print on a paper.
  • Tapping on the paper may reveal some notes and different shapes. Use scissors to cut the paper into two pieces and keep on each other; meanwhile, use a cigar to burn the following objects on the paper: Dynamite, Candle, Cigar, and Matchbox. Burning the said items may reveal the following letters: L, I, F, and E.
  • Once again, use a typewriter and hit the button you found on the paper (Life).
  • Cut the paper using the scissors and put the last part of the paper on the first one. Burn the following objects: Fish, Bug, and Sea Creature to reveal more letters like R, E, and D.
  • Type Red using the typewriter and burn once again objects that are red using the cigar: Flower, pomegranate, strawberry, lip, and heart.
  • Reach the TV and run Channel 910 to see the cut-scene.
  • After watching the cut-scene, go near the folding screen and remove it to see what it hides. Removing the folding screen reveals a victim girl who upon getting tapped asks you to move her face. Moving the face brings a shadow out of the girl with glowing eyes. Get out of the scene and collect a dress patch from above the folding screen.

Explore the Cupboard

Now, you must visit the Cupboard and a case file within it. Open the file and start turning its pages to find empty spaces.

  • Add the dress patch to the file on the page where “Evidence E Piece of dress” is written.
  • Close the file and head to a locker where you have to set different signs following the clues: Triangle, Upside down T, Circle, S, and Square to open the box and collect a Harvey’s Song Cassette.

Having a new cassette means you should move to a recorder to listen to the recording and it is available next to the clock.

  • Open the case, insert the cassette, and hit the play button. Listening to the song, the parrot flies from the cage available in the dressing room.
  • Visit the cage to collect a glass cube and add it to your inventory. Tap on the dressing table and add the glass cube to the box available between blue and red cases. Open the doors of the same dressing table to collect a red vial.
  • Head to the mirror and offer the red vial to the detective and let him drink to discover a key that you can use to open the main door and escape from the house.

Escape the Jungle Guide

  • Come out from the home and start following the parrot to reach the end. You should tap the screen following the parrot’s direction and it takes you close to a man with a crow head who offers you a map.
  • Tap the arrows using the path the map shows you to reach the end. Here is a guide on how to escape the Jungle in Cube Escape Paradox: Left (2x), Down (1x), Left (2x), and Down (1x). Here you discover a shadow that disappears once you tap on it.
  • Turn Right (1), Down (2), Right (2), Down (2), and Left (1). Here you find the first crow statue that you need to open the main gate.
  • Turn Right, Up, Right (2), Down, Right (3), Down (2), and then turn Left to discover the shadow once again.
  • Now, you should move in the following directions, Left, Down, and Left to discover a stone displaying you rest of the location.
  • Keep moving in Right, Up, Right (2), Up (2), Left, Up (2), and then turn right to collect the woman statue. Next to that, you should start moving in the left direction and then move toward Down (2), Right, Down (2), Right (2), Up, Right, and then go up to discover a hurdle the black shadow has created for you. Tap the hurdle to remove it and start moving in the following direction: Up (3), Right, Down (2), Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Right, Down, and then move to Right (2) to gather the man statue.
  • Add the man statue to your inventory and take two steps in the left direction, one step up, and the rest of like that Left (3), Up, Left, Right (3x), Down (2x), Right (2x), Up (1x), Right (1x), Up (4x), Left (1x), and then up.

Finally, you reached the main gate. Place all collected statues over there to open the gate and escape. In the ending scene, you see the victim is brutally killed by a shadow, and then suddenly the detective wakes up and it seems he was experiencing a nightmare.

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