Rooms and Exits Level 16 Walkthrough


Rooms and Exits Level 16 takes place in a room which is under construction and its opening is about to come. Recently, we have successfully escaped Rooms and Exits Level 15 and now we are in a room where light is limited. In short, you can’t see your surrounding until you repair the circuit board. Repairing the circuit is almost impossible because you don’t have any tools and gloves as well. Therefore, you should follow our Rooms and Exits Level 16 Walkthrough Guide to learn how to repair the sparking wires.

Rooms and Exits Level 16 Walkthrough – Opening Soon

Although you don’t have the required tools to light up the environment, using your detective skills you should find hidden objects first to keep exploring the room instead. Follow the steps given below to find out how to complete Level 16.

  • Tap on the glowing area to collect gloves and keep them in your inventory.
  • Lots of sacks are kept on the left side and your first hidden object item is a board that you must collect from there.
  • Open the blue workshop table’s cupboard to collect another item.
  • Click on the table’s drawer to discover a knife and keep it in your inventory to use later.
  • Use the knife to cut boxes kept on the right side to collect a lighter.
  • Tap on the workshop table to reveal a code (51432) and collect a nozzle from there.
  • Choose a flashlight from your inventory and take it close to the workshop board that will display you the following numbers: 42130.
  • Now, open your inventory to select a knife and use it to cut the curtain. Click on the blue wardrobe kept near the door. The wardrobe has five yellow-colored buttons that you must tap in a sequence to open. Here is a hint 51432. Once the drawer opens, it will give you a hammer.
  • Now, you must click on the brick as shown in the image to reveal a locker and break the wall using a hammer available in your inventory.
  • Click on the locker and enter the code 42130 to open it. It gives you a small cylinder that will be added to your inventory automatically.
  • Tap on your bag to select a yellow-colored cylinder and combine it with a nozzle, and then burn it with a lighter.
  • Select both a gas cylinder and board, and hit the combine button to break the board into two pieces.
  • Near the table, there is a trapdoor on the floor that you must remove using a gas cylinder.
  • Below the table, the game hides a half-part of the hangover. Open your bag and dismantle the hangover to turn it into a hook that you need to collect a key from the trapdoor.
  • Use the key to open the wardrobe’s drawer available on the left side of the room near the door.
  • Collect a key and another object from the drawer. Use the key to open the door that leads you to a new room.

Unlock a New Room

As you cross the door, the game displays you another room fully loaded with additional stuff. Here you may discover a ladder and other items that you can use to solve a puzzle.

  • Collect a ladder from the room and keep it in your inventory.
  • Open your bag to select both ladder and boards, and hit the dismantle button to bring the ladder in its proper shape.
  • Place the stairs near the rack and climb it up to collect a rod.

  • Leave the room and head to a table kept outside the room. Bring a rod out of your bag and use it to play with maps kept on the table to reveal a code “GDC.”
  • Go back to the small room and tap on the toolbox that requires a three-digit code to be opened. Enter the code “GDC” to open it and collect a crowbar from there.

Main Room

Leave the small room and enter the main room where you may discover some wooden boards on the floor.

  • Head to the wooden pieces when holding a crowbar in your hand, pull its nails to reveal a rod, and keep it in your inventory after collecting.
  • Click on your bag and choose the rod to dismantle. Head to the table and keep the paper on it to reveal another code that you need to open a vault available in the second room.

Head to a Locker

As you get into the second room, the game displays you a locker fixed on the front wall. Head to the locker but first, you need to get a code to open it.

  • Tap on the locker and enter the code “954” to open it.
  • Go out of the room and head to the table and investigate papers to keep the directions of the red lines in mind.
  • Go back to the locker and set the handle following the directions you found on the blueprints.
  • Leave the area, tap on the door to open it, and escape.

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