Rooms and Exits Level 15 Walkthrough


Rooms and Exits Level 15 takes place in a Restaurant where you are stuck and need to find a way out. We have already covered Rooms and Exits first 14 challenging rooms and are back with a solution for the next level. The completion of each room rewards you with in-game coins that you can use to get hints, as each hint will cost you 50 coins. Unlike many other Hidden object games, it features your inventory within a bag that upon tapping will expand to display what items you have to use for the completion of puzzles. In contrast to the first level, Rooms and Exits Level 15 is quite challenging and includes a variety of new objects to discover and utilize to solve tricky puzzles.

Moreover, finding the solution to tricky puzzles isn’t an easy task; therefore, is here with Rooms and Exits Level 15 Walkthrough Guide. Usually, you explore the environment from an isometric perspective, but it can be switched to a first-person viewpoint as you tap on the specific area. The unavailability of an item list makes the gameplay tough to play and many players get confused at the start about where to start playing the Rooms and Exits video game and how to find items because they don’t know what to find. Therefore, we are releasing walkthroughs of each room in detail to make you understand what to find and how to use them to solve puzzles.

Rooms and Exits Level 15 Walkthrough – Restaurant

Before start finding hidden objects, you should explore the area deeply and keep investigating your bag to see what it has for you. For the completion of puzzles, read our Rooms and Exits Level 15 Walkthrough.


  • Firstly, you have to tap on the first table to collect a flask.
  • Tap on the second table to collect seeds and keep them in your inventory.
  • Now, click on the table near the purple curtain to collect a bowl.
  • After that, tap on the first table of the second row to collect the meat.
  • Don’t forget to collect a bowl from the kitchen table. Above the bowl you recently collected, there is a poster displaying the rates of all drinks. You should keep the rate and color of drinks in mind.
  • To collect a plate of chocolate, you should get into the kitchen and open its cupboard where images of drinks are also drawn.
  • There is a briefcase below the table that you have to open by entering the following: 6743. It reveals an image of a fruit that you must keep in your inventory.
  • Now, you have lots of items in your inventory; therefore, you should open your bag to set all collected items first.
  • Select the flask and enter the dismantle button to get a new item.
  • Choose the bowl of fruit and tap the dismantle button to separate fruits from each other.
  • Once all done, click on the strawberry and hit the use button. Head to a counter place near the kitchen table and keep the strawberry on the pink ice cream.
  • Do the same with other fruits too, as you just need to keep their colors in mind when placing them on ice-creams.
  • As you keep all fruits, a secret box will open containing a knife and a button that you must collect and add to your inventory for later use.
  • At the cupboard’s end on the right side, the game features a mini-game for you to play. Some images are available in your inventory that you must bring on the board fixed at the end of the cupboard.
  • Properly set them as shown in the image and enter the code to a newly appeared locker “18” to get a key.

  • Use the key from your inventory and open the door to the kitchen, but before you must head to the counter and collect the following things: Handle, Red Chili, and Leafs.


The kitchen door available next to the mini-game where you collected a key. As you enter the kitchen, you find yourself covered with smoke.

  • To get rid of the smoke, you have to find and open the window. Open your inventory to select the handle and fix it with the window’s door to open it.

  • Once the room gets cleared, you can easily find the rest of your hidden objects. Amidst the kitchen, the game features a table holding lots of stuff. You must interact with it and open its drawers to find a Grater. Near the drawer, you may discover a plate and folding stairs from behind it.
  • Open the doors of the wardrobe kept near the left side of the main door to discover a box.
  • To discover a lid, you must open the drawers of the same wardrobe.
  • Head to the cupboard and try to open it by setting the directions of its arrows. To find the direction of arrows, you have to visit the restaurant hall once again to head to a table where four fishes are kept on the table in different directions.

  • Once you set the directions, the drawer will open by revealing a trophy.
  • There another cupboard on the right side of the kitchen that will open only in one condition if you set the lines properly. To find the solution to the puzzle, you have to go to the restaurant hall and head the curtains. Counter their layers in mind and go back to the kitchen where you must place them accurately to open them.

  • Once the cupboard gets opened, collect an onion and pieces of meat from inside it.
  • Click on the table kept amidst the kitchen and tap on the cupboard of the right side to play a pipeline mini-game to connect pipes to keep the water flowing.

Restaurant Hall

Leave the kitchen for a while after collecting all said objects and go back to the hall and attempt to find a way out at any cost.

  • Open your bag and choose the folding stairs that you need to place near the kitchen door so you can easily climb it to reach the cupboard’s top to collect a pot.
  • Get into the kitchen and keep the pot on the basin to fill it with water. On the left side of the basin, you can discover a recipe to make a delicious dish.
  • Now, collect the pot from the basin and keep it on the stove. Open your bag to find ingredients (Onion, Leafs, and Meat) and put them into the pot, but the carrot is missing.

  • To find a carrot, you have to find a spoon first.
  • Tap on a box kept on the right of the main door and play a jigsaw game wherein your goal is to connect all broken pieces to complete the image.
  • Go to the main hall and head to the plant pots kept on the left bottom corner. Use the spoon you have in your inventory to bring a carrot out of the pot and take it to the kitchen to complete your ingredients.

  • Put the carrot to the pot and cover it using a lid available in your inventory and wait for a while until you can play another jigsaw puzzle game placed on the left side of the window. Complete the jigsaw puzzle to reveal another riddle to solve.
  • This time, the game displays you a few buttons with different images and your ultimate goal is to set them properly following the badges hanging out in the hall.

  • Set the images as shown in the image given below to get a tomato. Click on the painting hanging out above the locker to get the number 45.

  • Head to the pot kept on the stove and set the temperature at 7 and 45. Wait for a while until something gets appeared on the pot’s lid “YZ”.
  • Open your bag to choose plate and tomato, and hit the combine button to add catchup on the bread. Hit the combine button after selecting red chili and a knife.
  • Combine the meat with catchup to get a new item and later on mix chili pieces into it using the Combine button.
  • Next to that, you need to head to the window to discover a spoon stand and collect tongs from there. Head to your inventory, select the box and the tongs to get cheese.
  • Now, select the grater and choose to get a mixture of it. Put the cheese on the pizza you baking in your inventory and put it into the oven, but don’t forget to spread olives on it before placing it into the oven.
  • Bring a button out of your inventory and fix it to its proper place to turn on the oven.
  • Once done, it will display you two letters (AS).

Open the Door and Escape

  • Leave the kitchen and head to the cupboard kept behind the table where you have collected red chili, leaves, and other things.
  • Select the trophy from your inventory and keep it on the shelf and enter the letters YSAS to get a key to your freedom.
  • Use the key to open the door and escape the Rooms and Exits Level 15.

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