Rooms and Exits Level 12 Walkthrough


Once again we are back with a new Walkthrough of Rooms and Exits: Room Escape Adventure Level 12. aims to keep helping users to solve tricky puzzles. We are here with another Rooms and Exits Guide that will reveal how to solve the puzzles of the Food Court. To read our previous walkthrough, click on the given link, as well as you can also jump to the main post by merely clicking on Rooms and Exits Walkthrough.

Rooms and Exits Level 12 is set in a “Food Court” where your ultimate goal is to find hidden objects and use them to solve puzzles. During the game, you may discover several mini-game that upon getting completed may leave you items you are searching for. Follow the steps given in the Rooms and Exits Level 12 Walkthrough to solve all puzzles.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 12

The food court comes with lots of counters, tables & chairs, and many other pieces of furniture. An exit door is also placed on the left side of the room, but before crossing the door you have to fulfill your goals by finding hidden objects.

Dish and Glass (Tables)

  • Tap on the second table to collect a delicious dish and on the first table to collect a glass of drink. Keep both items in your inventory to use later.

Coin and Name (Cash Counter)

  • Now, head to the counter and collect a coin. Near the rack, you can see a bag of grey color. Tap on it to collect a nameplate and keep it in your bag.


  • Open your inventory, select the drink you have collected from a table, and hit the use button. Keep the drink on the rack and leave the area.
  • Find a plant pot on the table and try to discover a painting above it. Keep the combination of drinks in mind and go back to the rack where you have set glasses to solve the puzzle.
  • Once the puzzle gets solved, a secret box opens to reveal a handle.
  • On the left side of the glass rack, there is another rack holding a mini-game with flowers to play with.

Find Spoons

  • When playing the mini-game, your goal is to keep flowers of the same color on the same side. Doing as I said will help you get a spoon.
  • After getting the first spoon, you have to find the next four spoons. The second spoon is available on a cash counter available on your right side, while the third spoon and a pizza cutter machine are on a counter available near the exit door. Open a refrigerator to collect a bottle from there.

Second Room

After gathering all items mentioned above, you should move to the second room where you will discover two counters, a few sets of tables, and a beautiful plant pot.

  • Tap on the counter of your left side and head to a rack of bread. Near the rack, there is a section of tiles whom colors are almost similar to the bread. Your ultimate goal is to set the tiles in a way that no one can distinguish between break and tile colors. Upon completion, collect a plate and the fourth spoon and add them to your inventory.

  • Now, click on the second counter available in the same room and head to a blue box that holds another mini-game for you to play and solve puzzles. The mini-game has only one rule: match two tiles of the same color and pattern.
  • Once you solve the puzzle, the box opens to grant you a coin and a cup.
  • Click on the same food counter to collect a plate full of meal, a cable, a coin, and a purple spoon from inside the counter.
  • Now, head to the computer on the same counter and select a cable from your inventory to connect the machine with the PC.
  • After that, select a food plate from your inventory and keep it on the weight machine (30g).

First Room

After collecting all spoons and other objects, you should go back to the first room and head to the drawer available below the glass rack.

  • Open the drawer and keep all spoons from your inventory to the drawer and adjust them according to their shapes. Once all spoons are adjusted properly, count their lines and keep them in mind because it is a code that may be you need to open a locker.

  • Tap on the Computer available on the same counter and turn it on. The computer will ask you to enter the “username” and “password.” The username is already available in your bag “NIK” and the password is “54302.” Once you successfully log in to the PC, it will show you a hint.
  • Following the hint, you need to make a drink by keeping a cup below the coffee machine after selecting it from your inventory.
  • Select the handle from your inventory and fix it with the coffee machine. Tap on the handle to get a coffee in the cup you placed below the machine.

  • Now, head to your inventory and select both the coffee and cream bottle you collected from a fridge, and hit the combine button to make it the same as you found it on PC.
  • There is a first aid box on the left side of the computer where you need to donate all of your coins available to your inventor.

Juice Counter

  • After donating three coins, you should head to a juice counter but first, tap on the first table with green chairs and cut the pizza into slices using a cutter machine available in your inventory. Tap on each slide to pick it up to reveal a card.

  • Now, head to the juice counter where a computer is available, and right below it, there is a mini-game to play. To solve the puzzle, you have to discover five juice glasses available on the rack and count the lines each glass has. Draw the same lines on the same color of the bar to solve it: Brown (4), Green (2), Yellow (6), Red (3), and Purple (7). Once it is done, don’t forget to collect a carrot and a strawberry.

Open Inventory

  • Click on the bag to open your inventory and hit the dismantle button after choosing the plate. It will help you separate blue and red berries from the cake.

Tap on Juicer Machine

Click on the juicer machine and put all ingredients available in your bag, such as Blue and Red Berries, Strawberry-like fruit, and carrot. Next to that, open the fridge to collect the rest of the items you need to make a milkshake such as strawberries and milk.

  • Put all ingredients to the jug and keep tapping the button until it won’t reach 300.
  • After that, tap on the PC and enter the number (350) to open a cashier drawer. Collect a fourth coin and a credit card from there and add them to your bag.
  • Put the fourth coin into the first aid box and collect a bulb from there.
  • Place the bulb into the holder placed above the first aid box and collect a delicious pink-colored pastry.
  • Select the pastry from your inventory and keep it on the first table with green chairs.

Second Room

Go back to the second room following the door and head to the counter where a computer is available.

  • Select a master card from your inventory and pay for the plate you kept on the weight machine.
  • Collect a receipt and go back to the first room. Head to a counter where delicious pizzas are available and arrange the pizzas following the colors available on a receipt you have in your bag.

  • Get an item that you have to combine with a cup of coffee.

Now, head to the first table with green chairs and keep both a cup of coffee and a plate of food there to complete the order. With the completion of the order, your puzzle has been solved.

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