Rooms and Exits Level 11 Walkthrough


Rooms and Exits Level 11 is set in a candy shop where not only sweet candies, but lots of challenging puzzles also await you. Like you did in previous levels, your goal is to find hidden objects and add them to your bag to use later. Interact with objects and use items from your inventory to solve tricky puzzles. The game has over 25 challenging rooms to escape; each one comes with a different theme, hidden objects, and immersive sound effects. Keep finding hidden items to make in-game gold. You have limited hints; therefore, avoid wasting them on those items that you can find easily after exploring the room. Furthermore, here is a Rooms and Exits Level 11 Walkthrough to help you find all hidden items.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 11

As mentioned above, level 11 takes place in a candy shop where your ultimate goal is to hone your detective skills and search for hidden objects after finding clues. Searching for objects that aren’t listed anywhere is quite difficult; therefore, we bring you the Rooms and Exits Guide to help. The candy shop has three racks kept in a line, a reception desk, and other objects as follows:

  • Dustbin
  • Cylinder
  • Chips Rack
  • Balloons
  • Candy
  • Coin Machine

How to Complete Rooms and Exits Level 11?

  • Firstly, you should open the first drawer of the first cupboard to collect an object that will be added to your bag as you tap on it.
  • Tap on the reception desk to collect candy with the letter “H” and add it to your inventory.
  • Collect a wallet from near the computer and a cup of ice cream from chips stand kept on the left side of the main door.
  • Click on the second rack holding candies and tap on its first ground floor to collect a purple candy with the number “8.”

Open Your Inventory

After collected all objects mentioned above, you must head to your inventory to open it.

  • Select the wallet and dismantle it to collect a coin.
  • Now, select cupcakes and hit the dismantle button to get a plate.

After that, leave your back and start exploring the room once again. Head to the reception desk and click on the weight machine.

  • Open your bag and select the plate to use. Keep the plate on the digital weight machine.
  • Head to a machine available on the left side, insert the coin to get a red candy that will be added to your inventory.
  • Click on the orange box available on the second cupboard to play a mini-game. Before starting the game, you should keep all images and their position in mind and then start exposing two images of a similar type to win the game. You are supposed to play the game two times. Once done, the game will reward you with a balloon.

  • Now, select a nozzle from your inventory and connect it with the cylinder pipe. Turn the cylinder button on to release the gas.
  • Collect candy from near the coin machine and use it to hit the horse dummy hanging next to the balloons. After falling, it will leave you several pieces of strings with beautiful patterns.
  • Head to the cupboard kept amidst the room and click on the chocolate box that contains another puzzle to solve. Draw the pattern of each string on the square boxes the chocolate box carries on. Collect candies from inside the box as it gets opened.
  • Head to your inventory, select the pink candy, and hit the dismantle button to bring it out from the wrapper. Once again hit the dismantle button to get a chewed gum that you can use to stop the leakage happening in the cylinder’s pipe.
  • Fill the gas into the balloon and keep it along with another balloon using a string. As the balloons fly and open the lid of the jar, you can collect three candies from there that you need to solve a puzzle. But don’t forget to dismantle the jar in your inventory to bring all candies out of the jar.
  • Now open your bag and dismantle the candy to get its top. Next to that, click on the first rack and start playing a mini-game, but don’t forget to add the top from your inventory over here.

Third Cupboard

Moreover, head to the third cupboard after selecting the jar from your inventory and fill it with candies of different colors.

  • Keep the jar on the weight machine and note its weight (6841).
  • Now, head to a rack on the left side of the main door and insert the code (6841) to get a box and a blue candy.

Head to the Computer and Open Your Inventory

Furthermore, click on the computer screen and draw some objects over there as you can see in the image given below. It opens a drawer to reveal scissors.

  • Open your inventory, select scissor and toffee with wrapper, and then hit the combine button to get a purple candy.
  • Use a biscuit box from your inventory and keep it on the rack available on the right of the cylinder. Set them properly as the game demands to solve the puzzle.

First Cupboard

Now, it’s time to head to the first cupboard where you have to solve a puzzle. Bring all button-like candies out and fix them to the cupboard to start a mini-game, but before you have to find a green button that can be done following the given steps:

  • After that, click on the first cupboard and open its third drawer where you may find five buttons in a circular shape. Draw a specific pattern on each button as shown in the image to open the drawer. Collect a green button-like candy from there and add it to your inventory. And don’t forget to collect gold coins.

  • Select the gold coin after opening your inventory and hit the dismantle button to turn them into two coins.
  • Use the machine and insert coins one by one to get candy balls that you must dismantle in your inventory to change their colors.
  • Add all buttons to the mini-game and try to solve the puzzle. Your ultimate goal is to see the glowing lights carefully and repeat the same pattern. It will leave you a yellow candy.
  • Now, head to a trash bin and add all the candy balls you found from different places there.

  • Head to the main door and enter the code as follows to open the door: G6H8

Rooms and Exits Level 11 has been completed.

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