Rooms and Exits Level 10 Walkthrough


Rooms and Exits: Escape Games is offering you Hidden Object and Single-player video game released by Webelinx Games for Mobile Devices like Android and iOS. Walkthroughs of the first 9 levels of Rooms and Exits are already published on and more are coming soon. Like other Hidden Object games, you aren’t supposed to deal with the environment from a first-person viewpoint; instead of that, the game displays you the scene from an isometric view. Tap on anywhere across the room to search out hidden objects in detail.

Moreover, the game features a bag holding your inventory. Tap on the bag whenever you need any object to use. Upon opening your inventory, the game shows you three to four possible options such as Use, Combine, and Dismantle. The first level is relatively short and easy as compared to other upcoming levels; similarly, Room and Exits Level 10 is easy than upcoming levels; however, doesn’t it take easy as you have to find a lot of hidden objects and you don’t have any idea what to find and where to start first. Therefore, is publishing guides to help players find solutions within no time. Here is the Rooms and Exits Level 10 Walkthrough.

Rooms and Exits Walkthrough – Level 10

Your next room to explore is a gym and is fully loaded with equipment and many other things. We previously searched out a furniture shop and found hidden objects to unlock level 10. This time, it seems we will easily complete the level without any delay. The room has two doors, such as Exit and Shower. To complete Rooms and Exits Level 10, you have to follow the steps given below in the guide:

  • At the very start, you should keep the numbers in mind written on yellow mats ahead of a cycling machine.
  • Tap on the cupboard and click on the first locker. Enter the code (6098) to open its door and collect an object. Open your inventory, choose the object, and hit the dismantle button to collect a rod.
  • Find a rack below the painting and collect an orange-weight plate.
  • Now, head to the second cupboard’s door and enter the passcode (165) to open it. Collect paddle from inside the door.
  • Open your inventory, select both rod and paddle, and hit the combine button.
  • Next to that, you must tap on the cycling machine, fix the paddle there, and rotate it until the meter turns green.
  • Now, you should count the plates available on a rack following their colors and back to the cycling machine to enter the code on the respective colors (3516). The screen will display your arrows in different directions that you must keep in your mind to use later.
  • After watching the direction of the arrow, click on the treadmill and hit the button following the direction that arrows had shown you on a device (Up: 3x, Down, Left: 2x, Down, and Up). After that, don’t forget to keep dancing positions in mind because they are required to open the third door of the cupboard.
  • Click on the cupboard’s third door and set the dancing position as you found on a screen of the treadmill to open it. Collect a key from there and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the key to open the shower room and get into it.

Use the key to enter the Shower Room

Now, you are in a shower room where lots of cupboards available on the left side and a room to take a bath on the right side.

  • Use the weight plate and fix it with a pipe. Rotate the plate to disconnect the water connection and collect a key hanged with a shower.
  • Open your inventory and dismantle all keys to find two keys of the same type, displayed you in opposite directions.

After that, go back to the gym and open the fourth door using the key you built after using the dismantle button.

  • Collect a rod from the cupboard and add it to your inventory.
  • Use the rid to drop the boxing gloves from the cupboard’s top and add it to your bag.
  • Select the glove from your inventory and hit the punching bag to collect a bag with the powder.
  • Click on the wooden sheet next to the cupboard and drop the power on it to highlight the specific bolts.
  • Head to the main door and draw the same pattern you found on the wooden sheet to open the door.

Rooms and Exits Level 10 Walkthrough has been completed. Leave your problem in comment section if you have regarding level 10, so we can help you.

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