Prison Escape: Stickman Story Walkthrough


Prison Escape: Stickman Story (also known as Prison Escape) is an Adventure, Puzzle, and Single-player video game developed by OneSoft Global PTE, Ltd for Mobile Devices. Instead of featuring 3D vibrant characters, the game introduces a stickman who is in a prison and needs your help to escape. The plot revolves around a fictional thief named Lupin who aims to master all prisons while adventuring worldwide. The game is full of challenges, deadly obstacles, and several difficulties, but all hurdles are fun to him. There is nothing that can stop Lupin from escaping, but your one mistake may ruin his record.

Moreover, the beautiful blend of Adventure and Puzzle game elements is awesome and may keep you engaged for endless hours of fun. There are dozens of challenging levels and each one will come with a new setup and puzzle to solve. The game increases the difficulty level gradually; therefore, you should keep honing your skills to confront the challenging stages. Lots of prisoners have been introduced in the game; each one comes with unique special abilities, characteristics, and play styles. When playing the game, you should keep making smart choices in mind. Before starting, you should know that the game isn’t intending to bring you special experiences and feelings, unlike other Prison Break Games.

40 Challenging Levels

Prison Escape: Stickman Story has almost 40 levels; each one is promising to give you unique puzzles to solve. All levels are separated into four different categories as follows:

  • First Escape
  • Underwater
  • Chasing
  • The Freedom

Each category comes with 10 levels and you aren’t allowed to move on to the next stage without playing the current one. Besides, you have an option to decorate your prison as per your request. The game introduces dozens of furniture that will unlock once you achieve the milestone or reach the specific level number like modern TV will unlock once you complete the Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 25.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Walkthrough

Prison Escape starts with a character who has been arrested after getting caught red-handed robbing a bank in the USA. Now, he needs your help to escape the prison because Lupin has only 10 days left. As the game starts, you find Lupin alone in a small cell where he is trying to escape by breaking the wall. You must help him choose the right tool so he can damage the wall easily without being noticed and escape. The possibility of making smart choices is very low; therefore, we are here with Prison Escape: Stickman Story Walkthrough to help you.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 1

The first level starts with a basic prison where Lupin is already scratching the wall to make a way to escape. You must help him select the right tool to escape; choosing the wrong tool may not only alert the police but also put Lupin at high risk. Available three options are the following:

  • Punch
  • Head
  • Tray

Using the punch may help Lupin to break the wall and the completion of level leaves you 50 in-game currency that you can spend to buy furniture.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 2

Level 2 comes with a new challenge in the form of a dog who is about to bite your character. Choose one of three items to distract the dog and escape the second level. Available options are the following:

  • Bun
  • Bone
  • Meat

Select the bone to distract the attention of the dog and escape level 2.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 3

Finally, Lupin reaches the rooftop and now he needs your help to jump on another building. Three different choices are there and you have to select one of the following:

  • Rope
  • Ladder
  • Wood

Selecting wood may not be your smart choice because it will break amidst and fall the character. Therefore, you should go on the ladder.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 4

Prison Escape Level 4 is somehow difficult than previous levels; therefore, you should be careful when making a choice. Lupin is now in laundry and needs to cross a security guard without being caught. You have three different options, such as:

  • Clothes
  • Trolley
  • Washing Machine

Hide behind the trolley to cross the area where a security guard is standing, without being noticed.

The game starts to increase the difficulty level after the completion of the third stage. Now, the fourth level has two parts; the first part we have already completed, now moving on to the completion of its second part.

  • Jump
  • Hand
  • Door

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 5

Prison Escape Level 5 takes place in a restaurant where prisoners eat food together at lunchtime. During the escape, Lupin collides with a prisoner more powerful than him and now he needs your help to get rid of that problem. The available options are the following:

  • Mobile
  • Cigarette
  • Punch

Offering a mobile phone to a bad guy may help you escape. In the next step, there is a police officer ahead of you and you must bring the solution fast because he will catch you within no time. You have three options, such as:

  • Ball
  • Button
  • Remote

Turn on the TV to distract the attention of the Police Officer and escape the scene without being noticed.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 6

Get ready to experience the increasing difficulty level because the game has featured three parts in Level 6. First of all, you have to decide whether you love to go to the hospital, church, or a laboratory. Options are given below:

  • Church
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory

Selecting the hospital may save you from being caught a second time. To reach the vent, you have to go through a room where a doctor is available. You can make him fool whether wearing the doctor coat, scary costume, or using a spray to let him asleep.

  • Spray
  • Coat
  • Scary Costume

Using the spray may help you reach the vent without any confusion. Soon, you find Lupin facing new trouble. When he tries to cross the tunnel, a rat comes and stands ahead of him.

  • Hand
  • Stone
  • Cheese

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 7

Level 7 takes you to a restroom where a police officer is reading a book. You can fall asleep by playing soft relaxing music.

  • Music
  • Guitar
  • Disc

In the second round, you have to cross a desk where a police officer is available and won’t let any prisoner cross the area. Therefore, you should think out of the box to find a solution.

  • Fan
  • Cockroach
  • Hands

Turn on the fan to cover the face of the police officer with cloth and escape the room. In the third round, you find another police officer writing something on paper. Choose one of the following options to escape the place.

  • Pot
  • Sling
  • Frame

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 8

Similar to 7 Level, Prison Escape Level 8 has three rounds; each one is offering different options to choose from. After scaring the police officer, Lupin heads to a prison where his friend is captured. Select one of three different options to help:

  • Rod
  • Key
  • Saw

Using a key may help you get free Lupin’s friend. In the second round of Level 8, you discover a lady police officer doing makeup. Your choices are the following:

  • Cockroach
  • Weapon
  • Knife

Leaving the cockroach may help you complete the round. The game introduces three keycards of different colors and asks you to choose one of them.

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 9

I think after reaching level 9, you need to be a ninja to break the door. Let Lupin perform a flying kick to break the door and escape.

  • Vent
  • Tool
  • Ninja

After reaching round 2, Lupin finds himself covered with many blood-thirsty spiders. He needs your help to choose one of three possible options:

  • Face
  • Stick
  • Lighter

Making bad faces will scar the spider and let it clear your way. In the third round, you must help the character to reach the vent, but how.

  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Ladders

Instead of using a ladder to climb up, you should start digging the land to reveal a tunnel.

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 10

Prison Escape: Stickman Story Level 10 has four rounds. The number of rounds is increasing with upcoming levels. Here you have four different items to light up the area, such as:

  • Torch
  • Candle
  • Insect

Insects won’t only light up the area, but also show you the path to escape. After reaching round 2, you have to make the smart choice to get rid of the problem and your options are the following:

  • Dog
  • Tool
  • Bushes

Your character was almost below the clock tower; therefore, Lupin needs to behave like a dog to keep himself saved for a while. The third round is a bit challenging because it features a door with moving spikes. Here your goal is to cut the right wire to stop the door from moving.

  • Green
  • Black
  • Red

After reaching the last round of Prison Escape Level 10, your character is hidden behind the bushes because a police officer is standing a few steps away from him with a gun. Now, your goal is to distract his attention using one of three possible items:

  • Stone
  • Stick
  • Melee Weapon


Prison Escape: Stickman Story comes with four different chapters; each chapter has 10 challenging levels. The graphics and soundtracks are immersive and the developers did a great job when it comes to puzzle-solving elements. The dance move of Lupin is awesome and the addition of decorating the prison cell is great. Earn in-game money to buy furniture and decorate your prison to make it beautiful.

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