Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 2 Walkthrough

Introduction is back with Prison Escape Puzzle Adventure Level 2 Guide, holding all solutions and answers to all puzzles. Prison Escape Puzzle is an Adventure, Hidden Object, and Single-player video game developed by Big Giant Games. Recently, we have published Prison Escape Puzzle Level 1 Walkthrough that you can read following the given link. The plot revolves around a character who finds himself trapped in a prison, situated in an old city in Alcatraz.

There is no way to escape, but one to find hidden objects and utilize them to solve mysteries. The game has multiple chapters available; each one is offering a series of levels set in varied locations. Explore the environment from a side view and tap on objects to collect for the completion of challenging puzzles. To find how to all puzzles, read our Prison Escape Puzzle: Adventure Level 2 Walkthrough set in the Security Cell.

Prison Escape Puzzle Walkthrough – Level 2 (Security Cell)

After escaping the Prison Cell, the character finds him trapped in the Security Cell starts from the same position whereupon the first level ends.

  • Firstly, your goal is to obtain a pebble from the floor and a plank from the right side of the door.

Second Room

  • Get into the second available on the left side to collect a rope and scissors. On the right side, there’s another room where you must go in to find hidden items.

Third Room

  • It seems a security room because lots of LCDs are placed on the wall to check the movement of others. Collect a plank from the floor and a few sticks from the cupboard available on the left side.

  • Head to the Computer and adjust the gauges as shown in the image given below to open the door of the right side of the hall.

Go to the Second Room

  • Go to the second room, head to the table where a piece of wood is available. Keep the sticks and planks to the table and tie them using a rope to prepare the ladder.

  • After collecting both items, you must go back to the hall.


  • After reaching the hall, select the scissor from the inventory and use them to cut the red cloth to unravel a code.
  • We already have opened the door of the left room. So, get into the room to discover more hidden objects.

Fourth Room

  • As you reach the fourth room, you may discover a prison fully secured with a digital locker. Head to the locker and draw the same pattern as you have seen on several LCDs.

  • Upon getting into the prison, select the pebble from the inventory and use it to break the mirror, keep the ladder, and escape the Prison Escape Puzzle Level 2, but before don’t forget to use the red cloth on the window.

Prison Escape Puzzle Level 2 Guide was completed. Click here to read our next Guide of Prison Escape Puzzle Level 3.

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